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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: 3 Current States You Need To Know! - Gameplay, Community & Gold Farming

Posted: Jun 29, 2023

Today we’re taking an in-depth look at the current state of the game we all know and love, WOTLK Classic Phase 3. And things we need to know, like gameplay, community, and gold farming. We have lots of other little things to talk about, but I settled on these 3, so let’s get started.


The first part I want to talk about is the gameplay and content phases of WOTLK Classic. We are currently in Phase 3 of Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia, and Tier 9 gear sets.

In my opinion, Ulduar is great. It’s a bit long in duration, but it’s entertaining anyway because it seems to be a recurring theme. All in all, I think it’s because Blizzard is trying everything for a real WOTLK Classic, since they’re not sure if players will play Cataclysm Classic, but that’s another topic.

Like I said, Ulduar Phase 2 has been around long enough. The content phases have been long and far apart so far. So for Phase 3, I especially hope something changes. After experiencing the new Phase 3 raids and other content, I already feel like this is going to dry up pretty quickly. Especially since a lot of the gear almost feels like filler gear for parts, I can’t get in Ulduar.

WOTLK Classic: The Current State of Phase 3

Aside from the fact that the stages are rather lengthy, I think I’ve reached a point where the upgrade process becomes painful. If Blizzard team is going to squeeze profits through the stages, then I think they should really adjust back and keep the 50% XP gain they put in between stages. At least this way, players can call up more boosts more quickly so they can get into the current content.

Content stage, gameplay, everything is in a “good” place. It’s tolerable, but not ideal.

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Next, I want to talk about community and playerbase. In my opinion, this community is still very elitist. Gear, scores, journals, and many other things that many players cling to like lifelines while playing the game, still haven’t changed.

I personally just deal with this most of the time. But when Green parse DPS checks other people’s logs and says “they’re not good enough”, this kind of thing makes me cringe.

So as far as community and playerbase is concerned, there will always be some who will be cooler and some who will be more hardcore, that’s a given. So it really depends on finding a small community in your field that fits your style of play.

WotLK Classic: Gold Farming

Gold Farming

Finally, we’ll talk about gold farming, botting, and other things like WoW Tokens. The problem with bots and gold farming is still pretty prominent on my server, and I’m sure it is on other servers as well.

You’ll find, especially in GDKP, that many players have seemingly endless amounts of WOTLK Classic Gold. The botting of account transactions still exists. You can see the chaos of Multiboxing in action. Because they can’t get promoted through dungeons. This ultimately results in players playing with their classes inexperienced and they don’t have a chance to learn through leveling up.

I know I didn’t go into too much detail in this section, but I wanted to at least ask you guys a question. About what you guys think about gold farming and botting and all that stuff and where it’s at right now.

There are obviously some issues with WOTLK Classic, but nothing is perfect. There are always rule breakers or inappropriate game mechanics in every game, and WOTLK Classic is no exception. But there are still some things that we as players will certainly enjoy. All in all, if you have any comments on the current state of WOTLK Classic, feel free to share them. Let’s start our Phase 3 adventure.


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