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News Tag: WOTLK Classic

  • WOTLK Classic: How To Prepare For Phase 4 Icecrown Citadel? - Investing & Goldmaking Guide

    Posted: Aug 07, 2023

    Today we are talking about WOTLK Classic Phase 4 and how you can prepare for it now, especially in terms of Goldmaking and Investing. It has earned most of my Gold in WOTLK Classic so far through investments.

    So, in this guide, we’ll take a look at commodities you can invest in right now. I think it is a good chance that prices for these items will increase in Phase 4 due to increased demand.

    This guide covers months of investing, the best Gold Farming and many of the secrets and strategies I’ve used to earn 1.5 million Gold so far. So, let’s talk about good investment items in Phase 4!

    Eternal Shadows

    This has the potential to skyrocket in price throughout the rest of WOTLK Classic Phase 4, mainly due to one important factor: an enormous increase in demand. So far, the demand for these is very low to almost non-existent. But their demand will continue to grow thanks to Phase 4’s upcoming Iceblade Arrow.

    Another factor driving these demand increases is that many of Phase 4’s crafting recipes require many Eternal Shadows to craft. Here are some notable recipes that require Eternal Shadows. It is up to you to decide whether to acquire these recipes based on the stats of these crafted items.

    Another thing to note here is that Eternal Shadows are pretty cheap right now. In Phase 3, they’ve dropped to 1 Gold each on my server. So even if they go up to 2 Gold each, that means your WOTLK Classic Gold gains are doubled. Plus, you can get 3% off with the code “Lich.” As far as Phase 4 investing is concerned, this is probably the safest and less risky project to make a decent profit.

    Eternal Earth

    This is mainly because it is used to make Shatter Rounds, aka Bullets of Icecrown Citadel. It is also a highly demanded item through WOTLK. Because of inflation, prices keep going up.

    So based on a slight increase in demand and factoring in inflation, it should be a pretty wonderful investment. Although it might not pay you off like some other items.

    Epic Gems

    Once the price drops enough, Epic Gems will appear. This investment is based on the new gear people get when new raids open, and new gear also means people will need more Epic Gems.

    We’ve seen this happen at every stage of WOW Classic. Whether it’s Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK, once the content is outdated, the price of such items will drop, then skyrocket when new raids appear. And that’s usually just because people don’t bother to stock up on stuff like this beforehand.

    Because players rarely spend 200 Gold to get a Cardinal Ruby in one month. Then keep it in their bag for a few months to wait for Phase 4. Instead, they will actively get Cardinal Ruby when the task in Icecrown Citadel requires it.

    If Cardinal Ruby is now worth 400 Gold. As long as you can get the market timing right here, you can get Cardinal Ruby and King’s Amber by getting them on the cheap. And trade them in the first few weeks of Phase 4 to double your Gold. If I had to guess when the right time to get these Epic Gems is, I’d say within a month or two.

    Titanium Ore

    Once the price drops far enough, Titanium Ore will appear. This is the same principle as Epic Gems. The price of Titanium Ore will fluctuate up and down with the price of Epic Gems, because people will use Titanium Ore to find Epic Gems.

    However, the price of Titanium Ore may also increase because of the demand for Titanium Bar. They also related titanium Bar to making Titansteel Bar.

    Titansteel Bar

    They originally removed the cooldown for crafting Titansteel Bar in patch 3.3.3 of WOTLK Classic. I think it’s worth mentioning that if this cooldown lasts, we could see Titansteel Bar price drop in Phase 3 and then bounce back in Phase 4.

    Here, you can expect a price increase of between 50% and 100%. But if the cooldown is removed, the profit margin is almost non-existent. So there’s definitely a risk versus reward factor to consider here, so again remember to delete, and keep an eye out for it when the public test area launches.

    That’s it for my WOTLK Classic Phase 4 investment guide. Hope it helps you make some money in Phase 4. If you have any further investment suggestions, you are also welcome to share your thoughts. Looking forward to seeing you again in the game soon!

  • WOTLK Classic: Discussion Of DPS Specs That Require Buffs In Phase 3 - DPS Tier List

    Posted: Aug 04, 2023

    At present, we have all completed the tasks of WOTLK Classic Phase 3. We’ve also become very clear about which DPS Specs are overperforming and which DPS Specs are underperforming. That means it’s time to discuss and sort the 8 DPS Specs that buffs can be used in Phase 3.

    8. Elemental Shaman

    First let’s skip to number eight, Elemental Shaman. They have a high skill floor and do competitive damage. Every Shaman I’ve encountered casts Bloodlust and keeps popping their spells, like Fire Elemental and Lightning Bolt.

    I’m also aware they’re completely insane in PVP and probably shouldn’t even be allowed in Wrath Arena. But that doesn’t mean Titanium Ore around them isn’t activated.

    The first red flag I want to raise is that a lot of Icecrown Citadel Raids last about three to five minutes. That means you’ll lose a lot of Fire Elemental’s uptime, and not even glyphs will save you.

    The second red flag is that Elemental Shaman isn’t really being stacked in raids. You need to restore Shaman’s completely insane part in Icecrown Citadel Raid. Also, raid leader will definitely push Elemental Shaman to Dual Spec Healer at this stage.

    7. Marksmanship Hunters

    The seventh class that needs a buff is Marksmanship Hunters. Because Hunter Sims is several hundred DPS behind Survival Hunter. So the general wisdom is that a MM with armor will be a few hundred DPS behind Survival Hunter. That would put them comfortably in the middle after ICC is over.

    I think we can all agree that there are a lot of problems with Hunter Sims. Because Sims doesn’t really think about moving or adding. For example, Sims expects perfect movement in most situations.

    But players sometimes have to remove inefficiently and lose some shots, resulting in a DPS loss. There are also some annoying bugs to deal with, like not being able to use Explosive Trap in Twin Valkyr Raids.

    Another big problem is that Sims doesn’t do a good job of addressing the mana issues that Hunter usually has. Hunter’s mana would be better in ICC with better gear. But there are still many ways to restore mana, such as Snowball or Innervate.

    6. Blood Death Knight

    The sixth class that needs to be strengthened is Blood Death Knight. Blood Death Knight even deserves more of Shadow’s potential. But let’s take a step back, unless you have a raid without Enhancement Shaman.

    Does it really make sense to do a DPS Specs rating with Blood DK before they finally have enough gear to start competing? Maybe it makes more sense to take Frost and Unholy and equip them. But for higher DPS, they’ll take Unholy Frenzy from Feral Druids and pass it on to themselves.

    5. Boomkin

    The fifth profession that needs to be strengthened is Boomkin. Almost all Sims will say that Boomkin is great and does better in ICC. All will tell you how powerful Boomkin are in combat and how powerful their Innervate is.

    But the data will tell you that Boomkin is mediocre. Some even re-roll completely into Feral Druid or other categories. The main reason is that the more Sims move around, the less utility skills they actually use.

    4. Enhancement Shaman

    The fourth Specs that needs to be strengthened is Enhancement Shaman. Phase 4 Sims put DPS classes and ICC in the lower third. The big three of Pharaoh, Fire Mage and Fury Warrior constantly surpassed them, and even entered Phase 5.

    One of the biggest concerns for Enhancement Shaman in ICC was the amount of movement in combat with PTR exploit. So we had to challenge some bosses like Lady Deathwhisper.

    Plus Enhancement Shaman’s HP is around 10,000 lower than Warriors or even Death Knights, so it’s also severely lacking in survivability. You can use WOTLK Classic Gold to get some healing potions or defensive gear before a fight to boost your Shaman’s survivability. Just to note, you can also get 3% off with the code “Lich.”

    3. Arcane Mage

    The third class that needs to be enhanced is Arcane Mage. Mage is probably the most iconic class in WOTLK Classic. Fire Mage is currently the only viable PVE Specs. Even in Phase 3, Arcane Mage is harder to play and less rewarding than Fire Mage.

    In addition to serious scaling issues compared to Fire Mage, there is also a bottom-line skill issue. If you make a mistake during the rotation, your mana will suffer and your performance will drop. Because mod Sims don’t really take into account Nightmare Scenario.

    Arcane Mage needs more support, like Innervate. And Fire Mage doesn’t require mana, which just makes Arcane Mage worse by default no matter what class you play.

    2. Arms Warrior

    The second class that needs to be enhanced is Arms Warrior. They didn’t help much with the raid. Because other classes with high damage specs can provide their buffs. Meanwhile, their opponent Fury Warrior’s specs are getting better and better, with some Sims even listing Fury as the first DPS at the end of ICC.

    1. Beast Mastery Hunter

    Let’s take a look at the Specs that need to be strengthened the most in the third stage, Beast Mastery Hunter. It only has a 3% damage buff and really solid damage, so they are the worst class to have in Sims. Currently, playing BM Hunter does more than 1500 less damage than Survival Hunter. It’s really hard to justify doing raids. Even the most powerful class design is pointless.

    The above is DPS Specs that I need to buff in Phase 3. If you want to be as prepared as possible for Phase 4 ahead of its release, you can’t miss this guide. Let’s see you in the game.

  • WOTLK Classic: 10 Exciting Updates That Will Be Added To Phase 4

    Posted: Jul 31, 2023

    Phase 4 isn’t just the biggest patch in Wrath of the Lich King. It’s one of the biggest patches in WoW history. There are huge upgrades coming to nearly every system in Wrath from the new rep grinds to the new dungeons and raids to an entirely new weekly quest system.

    I’ll cover all the biggest upgrades coming in Phase 4 you need to know about.

    10. Quel’Delar Questline

    At number 10, we have the Quel’Delar Questline

    The upgrade we’re talking about here is the actual Quel’Delar itself. But I’m definitely excited for the epic 12 part questline, full of lore, adventure and, of course, that weird part where you wash gnome clothes.

    But I’m even more excited because this is also the best way in the game to get a 251 item level weapon with zero requirements. The Battered Hilt item that starts the quest chain is a BoE drop from the three new Icecrown dungeons. That means as a fresh 80, you could just buy the Battered Hilt from the Auction House and quickly get a 657 Spell Power main hand sword or mace. 

    This will be a huge game changer considering the biggest bottleneck for the new level 80s is a lack of high item level bite and equipped weapons.

    9. Ashen Verdict Vendor

    At number nine, we have the Ashen Verdict Vendor

    The next big upgrade we’ll be getting in Phase 4 is the new Ashen Verdict reputation system. Running through Icecrown will give you reputation similar to Karazhan back in TBC.

    There’s an upgradable ring which goes from 251 item level at friendly all the way to 277 and Exalted. I know I’ll be trying to max out my rep as soon as possible with trash farming methods. There are also new leg and boot recipes, which means more BoE upgrades for fresh characters and mains as well.

    I’m also particularly excited about the new arrow and bullet recipes that require Gnomish and Goblin Engineering, respectively. These will be great gold makers, especially if Blizard gives us a well-deserved Hunter buff in time for the phase. 

    8. New Dungeons

    The number eight biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new dungeons for catchup gear. The three new dungeons are arguably the best catchup mechanic we’ve seen in Wrath so far. And unlike other dungeons in Wrath, there is an attunement process that basically requires you to run through Forge of Souls, which leads to the pit of Sauron and then finally holds the reflection.

    Don’t worry. The questline involved is really easy and you’ll be given plenty of good Lich King related lore. These dungeons throw 232 item level gear at you like candy and there’s a possibility of getting a Battered Hilt drop with into the Quel’Delar Questline. Not only is this the best way to catch up with new alts, but you can also sell the Battered Hilts on the Auction House for bonus gold, too.

    7. New NPCs

    The number seven biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new NPCs

    You may have heard that the new NPC Frozo is coming, and he exists to destroy your Frozen Orbs. You can turn one Frozen Orb into an eternal of your choice, which means Eternal Fire prices should come way down.

    There is also another NPC I’m even more excited for, though, which is Brazie Getz. He’s hanging out an ICC near the Gunship Battle and originally sold a highly inappropriate gnome book, which is Brazie’s Black Book of Secrets. Though suspiciously in the last few years, the stock has been changed to be much more like a generic vendor.

    6. New Wintersgrasp Gear

    The number six biggest upgrade in Phase 4 is the new Wintersgrasp gear. This is a short and sweet one. But we’ll be getting brand new Wintergrasp gear from the new vendor, Champion Ros’slai

    There are new 245 cloaks, shoulders, and necklaces available. This will be great for catching up your cloak slot if you never got that tribute chest cloak. This also may very well be the final time in your life you get to do Wintergrasp, so you’ll definitely want to grab those upgrades for both PVE and PVP.

    Also on the Wintergrasp topic, we get a tour of on the final VOA boss who drops Tier 10 legs and gloves as well as Wrathful Gladiator Gear

    5. Weekly Quests

    At number five, we have Weekly Quests.

    Weekly Quests are a huge upgrade for Phase 4 since we’ll be moving away from the daily system towards a more manageable and rewarding random quest system each week.

    The first thing we get is the new weekly raid kill quest. This quest sends you to a random raid to kill a boss (Sartharion) and your reward is five Emblems of Frost and five Emblems of Triumph.

    The other new set of weekly quests comes directly from the ICC. When you’re clearing Icecrown, one of five quests will randomly be available. Once you finish the quest, the reward will be a Sack of Frosty Treasures, containing five Emblems of Frost and random Epic Gems.

    Also, sometimes the bag will contain a 264 item level trash BoE (Ikfirus’s Sack of Wonder) from the raid, which you can sell for huge profit. 

    4. New Rings

    At number 4, we have the Final Kirin’Tor Rings.

    This is a welcome upgrade. If you’ve been home holding onto your Kirin’Tor Rings this whole time, Harold Winston in Dalaran will give you your final upgrade, which is 251 item level for 12.50 WOTLK Classic Gold. Please note: If you use the coupon code “Lich” here, you can also get a 3% discount.

    All in all, maybe it would have been worth buying a Kirin’ Tor Ring eight months ago.

    3. ICC Raid

    At number three, we have the Icecrown Citadel.

    Talking about the ICC raid, this may very well be the biggest upgrade in Phase 4. We get 12 bosses with some of the most epic and memorable fights in WoW history. This is a harder and longer raid than even Ulduar.

    Luckily, your time won’t be wasted though since the gear is out of this world compared to the first three phases. We’ll be getting extremely contested. This drops up to 284 item level. The Raid is also directly tied in with the brand new Ashen Verdict reputation system and the buyable rewards.

    Of course, when you talk about rewards, you can’t forget about raid drops, like Invincible, which will be jealousy inducing for years to come. The real treasure here, though, is the best legendary in the game since Thunderfury

    2. Shadowmourne 

    That leads us to the second biggest upgrade in Phase 4, which is Shadowmourne.

    Shadowmourne is such a big upgrade. It’ll undoubtedly have half the game re-rolling to Warriors, Death Knights, and Paladins. This is the most difficult legendary to acquire with a nine-part quest chain. Not only will you have to kill bosses in the raid in specific ways, like Sindragosa, but you’ll also have to collect 50 Shadowfrost Shards. 

    Retail data puts Shadowfrost Shards at around a 75% drop rate on heroic, which means it’ll take five to seven weeks of full rates to complete each Shadowmourne. That is, of course, unless your guild disbands due to Shadowmourne drama. 

    1. Biggest Phase 4 Upgrade - Random Dungeon Finder 

    Let’s get to number one. The likely biggest upgrade in Phase 4 we have is the Random Dungeon Finder, also known as RDF.

    This is a cross realm system that cues up five players automatically for groups based on roll. If you’re thinking back to that Blizzard interview, they said RDF wouldn’t be coming to Wrath. 

    Let me pitch you on why it’s likely to happen. The way Phase 4 is designed in original wrath is directly tied to RDF. The best example of this is the random dungeon option, which lets you earn extra rewards like two Emblems of Frost per day and bonus gold. If Blizzard wants to skip RDF, they’ll have to introduce a new NPC with daily quests all over again. Also, towards the end of the expansion, groups do tend to dry up.

    By not adding RDF, they’d be purposely causing fewer groups to form, which just doesn’t make any sense. With RDF, you can queue up for specific dungeons as well and it overall makes the process of getting into groups took a small fraction of what it currently takes. And of course, there’s the downside of everything being randomized and the personal connections between players being almost completely lost. 

    But the upside is that if you group with 100 random players you get access to perky pug who might just be the cutest pet in WoW history. 

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Complete Trial Of The Crusader Raid With 50 Remaining Attempts? - 5 Tips & Tricks

    Posted: Jul 08, 2023

    Are your Guilds struggling with the remaining 50 attempts in their Trial of the Crusader Raid? I’ll give you the tricks top Guilds are using and the tools to analyze your team’s performance and get you through levels.

    You have 50 attempts to kill the boss, and the more you try, the more bonus gear you’ll have left. As a general rule, most Guilds want at least 45 attempts remaining to maximize all possible loot. Of course, this is just a consolation prize. The best way is still to get 272 item level Cloaks with zero Wipe and 50 remaining attempts.

    There are some really quick and easy things you can do to make sure your team is more consistent with 50 attempts on Max gear. Let’s take a look at five ways to guarantee success with Argent Crusade Tribute Chest and Trial of the Crusader.

    Do 10-Man Raids

    The first is that you do more 10-Man Raids. Everyone in WOTLK Classic should do 10-Man Hard Mode Raids, because that’s the fastest way we can get more Reputations.

    I also got a way from original characters to accumulate Reputations during the most dangerous part of the raid, which is Anub’arak Simulator.

    Also, 10-Man Raids teach me more tricks than those hectic 25-Man Raids. This is another reason TOC is the best phase to practice alts. The more I experiment with TOC, the better it works.

    Bring An Extra Healer

    The second hint is that you need to bring an additional healer. Because of TOC, almost every fight you should use at least five healers, maybe even a maximum of six. So you now want to focus on DPS of the healer, whether it is extra Paladin, Druid, or Shaman.

    In my first week, my Paladin gear was terrible. Because once we added the extra Resto Druids, I had a hard time putting out enough damage on Twin Valkyr Raid to finish the fight.

    So you have to bring an extra healer or spend more WOTLK Classic Gold to upgrade Paladin equipment. Only in this way can you guarantee a stable damage output. Luckily, you can also use the coupon code “Lich” to get you 3% off.

    As difficult as this fight is, the rewards that Barak Kodobane brings to you are always worth it.

    Don’t Ignore Any Fight

    My third piece of advice is not to ignore any battle that requires your all-out effort. If you lose your tank or all DPS in Hard Mode Raids. You should take every battle more seriously. Because it’s a prerequisite for clear communication, buffs for your team, Healing Assignments, Positioning Assignments, and everything else.

    Although I know a lot of DPS have swapped their glyphs in a lot of different fights. But there’s no reason the healer shouldn’t do the same for my Resto Druids. Because replacing Glyph of Wild Growth with Glyph of Rejuvenation is a big difference for players not in Uber.

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    Use Your Tools

    My fourth best advice for TOC is to use every tool available. Mainly because the add-on will make it easier for you to get Argent Crusade Tribute Chest. I’ve compiled some of the best tools I’ve found to keep you looking your best.

    The first add-on I recommend is Plater. If someone on your team doesn’t have Nameplates plugin, then you should fix that ASAP. Plater has been a significant change for me. And it helps me win in Faction Champions Raid. More importantly, it makes casting Bloodlust a lot easier.

    My second additional recommendation is Method Raid Tools. I really feel like people keep forgetting how powerful Method Raid Tools are at tracking cooldowns. Lots of raid leaders use it, but normal raiders should use it too. Because it maximizes your healing mana instead of frantically demanding players get Faction Champions.

    I’ve also noticed that most bugs have little to do with Divine Sacrifice or Mastery, like they do in Ulduar. So I highly recommend you to use some external tool to set rotation for each battle and minimize team damage. You can also analyze every death in a fight and see exactly what player cooldowns are on, which is very useful.

    Maximize Your Enchant Chest

    One ultimate trick is maxing out your Enchant Chest. This trick is also the best way to fix your healer. Unfortunately, your team will eliminate healers in TLC. This is the ultimate healer raid, and one mistake will cost you 272 item level Cloaks.

    I also recommend that you go through phase three of the new Brack and really plan out the rotations each healer will make on their Penetrating Cold targets. Once we started doing this, we never lost Penetrating Cold targets again.

    All in all, the above five tips should all help you successfully complete Trial of the Crusader Raid in the remaining 50 attempts. You even get an outstanding item level 272 Cloaks from it. So, hurry up and try it out.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: 3 Current States You Need To Know! - Gameplay, Community & Gold Farming

    Posted: Jun 29, 2023

    Today we’re taking an in-depth look at the current state of the game we all know and love, WOTLK Classic Phase 3. And things we need to know, like gameplay, community, and gold farming. We have lots of other little things to talk about, but I settled on these 3, so let’s get started.


    The first part I want to talk about is the gameplay and content phases of WOTLK Classic. We are currently in Phase 3 of Trial of the Crusader, Onyxia, and Tier 9 gear sets.

    In my opinion, Ulduar is great. It’s a bit long in duration, but it’s entertaining anyway because it seems to be a recurring theme. All in all, I think it’s because Blizzard is trying everything for a real WOTLK Classic, since they’re not sure if players will play Cataclysm Classic, but that’s another topic.

    Like I said, Ulduar Phase 2 has been around long enough. The content phases have been long and far apart so far. So for Phase 3, I especially hope something changes. After experiencing the new Phase 3 raids and other content, I already feel like this is going to dry up pretty quickly. Especially since a lot of the gear almost feels like filler gear for parts, I can’t get in Ulduar.

    Aside from the fact that the stages are rather lengthy, I think I’ve reached a point where the upgrade process becomes painful. If Blizzard team is going to squeeze profits through the stages, then I think they should really adjust back and keep the 50% XP gain they put in between stages. At least this way, players can call up more boosts more quickly so they can get into the current content.

    Content stage, gameplay, everything is in a “good” place. It’s tolerable, but not ideal.

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    Next, I want to talk about community and playerbase. In my opinion, this community is still very elitist. Gear, scores, journals, and many other things that many players cling to like lifelines while playing the game, still haven’t changed.

    I personally just deal with this most of the time. But when Green parse DPS checks other people’s logs and says “they’re not good enough”, this kind of thing makes me cringe.

    So as far as community and playerbase is concerned, there will always be some who will be cooler and some who will be more hardcore, that’s a given. So it really depends on finding a small community in your field that fits your style of play.

    Gold Farming

    Finally, we’ll talk about gold farming, botting, and other things like WoW Tokens. The problem with bots and gold farming is still pretty prominent on my server, and I’m sure it is on other servers as well.

    You’ll find, especially in GDKP, that many players have seemingly endless amounts of WOTLK Classic Gold. The botting of account transactions still exists. You can see the chaos of Multiboxing in action. Because they can’t get promoted through dungeons. This ultimately results in players playing with their classes inexperienced and they don’t have a chance to learn through leveling up.

    I know I didn’t go into too much detail in this section, but I wanted to at least ask you guys a question. About what you guys think about gold farming and botting and all that stuff and where it’s at right now.

    There are obviously some issues with WOTLK Classic, but nothing is perfect. There are always rule breakers or inappropriate game mechanics in every game, and WOTLK Classic is no exception. But there are still some things that we as players will certainly enjoy. All in all, if you have any comments on the current state of WOTLK Classic, feel free to share them. Let’s start our Phase 3 adventure.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get WoW Tokens For Free? - Gold Farming Methods

    Posted: Jun 27, 2023

    WOTLK Classic Phase 3 has just landed on the server. Now is a good time to farm coins. Many players want to know how many gold coins we need to swipe at least every day to get free WoW Tokens. Therefore, I will share with you my detailed method of farming gold.

    WoW Tokens are known to provide 30 days of in-game time and are available at WOTLK Classic auction house. Currently, its price fluctuates between 7K-9K, and weekday afternoon is the best time to trade, because then the price will never exceed 8K.

    Now, 8000 gold divided by 30 days, we need to farm at least 267 WOTLK Classic Gold per day so we can play for free. So I tried five different ways of gold farm, which anyone can do.

    Daily Quests

    The first way to farm gold is by doing daily quests. Although daily quests are last on this list regarding gold crafting potential, they are simple enough to be completed by almost anyone. Each daily quests rewards approximately 20 Gold, so currently you need to complete at least 14 Missions to reach your goal of 267 WOTLK Classic Gold.

    Right now I don’t really like the daily quests, and they’re incredibly slow to complete. I start with Argent Tournament Grounds, then move on to Icecrown Citadel, and before my time is up, I head back to Dalaran to complete the daily cooking quests.

    Now I have over 280 gold in one hour. But if you practice better, I believe you can earn over 300 gold per hour.

    Wintergrasp Eternal Fire Farming

    This is followed by Wintergrasp Eternal Fire Farming. The price of Eternal Fire has really increased significantly since the release of Phase 3, so I decided to plant Fire Elemental in Wintergrasp. Anyone of any profession can do this farm. But if you’re an engineer with a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you can take full advantage of it.

    Cinder Cloud often spawns in this area, so extracting those Crystallized Fire will really boost your Eternal count. The major downside of this location is that it can get very crowded during peak hours. If the area is packed, then I would recommend moving to another farm higher up on this list.

    At this location, I harvested 16 Eternal Fire, 4 Green Gems, and 34 WOTLK Classic Gold worth of Scrap in less than an hour of farming.


    The third place where gold is grown is in Botanica. Botanica is located in Burning Crusade dungeon in Eastern Netherstorm, inhabited by elites from level 69 to 72. It only takes about 15 minutes to run steadily. Any level can do this. Of course, the better your gear, the faster you can run.

    After running this dungeon for an hour, I had about 195 gold from Scrap and some random auctions, totaling 70 gold. My total income for the hour is 515 gold, but I think with practice I can farm over 600 gold an hour.


    Then there’s Stratholme. As I was farming with Paladin, I thought it was worth going to Stratholme to give it a try. Stratholme is located in Eastern Plaguelands and is full of mobs from level 54 to 60.

    Stratholme’s raw gold potential makes it a great farm anytime, but with Runecloth prices currently skyrocketing, the income potential is even higher. I decided to only farm on the active side of the dungeon and got a run done in about 15 minutes.

    An hour later, I had spawned 769 pieces of Runecloth, which were completely bought out on the auction house for 230 gold. All of this adds up to 685 gold for me on a simple one hour farm. And the price of ALT continues to rise, so I predict that Stratholme will remain a stable form of gold farming for some time.

    Wintergrasp Mining

    The last gold farm is in Wintergrasp Mining. Ore and Gems are in high demand right now, so I started a basic cycle to see how much I could farm.

    After I decided to stay away from everything but Titanium Ore, I found that the loot came quickly. Unfortunately, my farming session was interrupted after only 39 minutes. However, I planted so much material that I figured I should go back to Dalaran and trade with others.

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    I then crafted Titansteel and auctioned it off with all my raw Titanium, Saronite Ore, Gems and Eternals for 664 coins. If I run for an hour, I can cruise 1000 coins here, which is absolutely insane.

    So, based on these results, you can earn free WoW Tokens for just spending 20 minutes a day farming gold. I hope you found this interesting. Finally, I wish you a great time at Azeroth.

  • WOTLK Classic: 5 Tips You Need To Know In Raids! - Trinkets, DK, Yogg-Saron, Flight durations & Buff

    Posted: Jun 20, 2023

    I recently found some very useful WOTLK Classic raid tips from a Speedrunning guide that can help you better parse Ulduar’s final stage. Also, these methods may help you in your raids in Trial of the Crusader, as these tips apply to any raid.

    Proc Trinkets

    First off, the first tip is about your Proc Trinkets, and what you need to know about how to make better use of them in some fights. For example, if you want the burst to last 30 seconds while fighting XT-002 Deconstructor or Icecrown Citadel.

    The way to do this is to randomly swap a Macro with two Trinkets. Then swap back to your normal Trinkets with a different Macro so you can be sure they will pop up for 30 seconds in combat.

    Death Knight

    The second tip that follows is tailored specifically for Death Knights, but other classes can benefit from it as well. In General Vezax, many players will spend almost 2 minutes doing nothing. Note that this is an ideal time to build Runic Power.

    So you need to use Horn of Winter on cooldown. And use Death and Decay on cooldown. So once the boss shows up, after you hit add, you’ll get full Runic Power. You’ll even have a chance of dropping WOTLK Classic Gold rewards after defeating the boss.


    The third trick is for Yogg-Saron and many classes that can’t get close to Giant Claw Tentacle. Of course, this is also the perfect place to use DND for a little extra damage. I mean, every little thing matters in your parsing.

    Also, if your Sanity is high enough, remember to keep looking at the boss. But in 10 man raids, you probably don’t even need to look back if you haven’t screwed up before.

    Follow Flight Durations

    Tip four is that you need to always check your Flight durations, as some fights last longer than 5 minutes. This means that if you use them early enough, you can use the five-minute cooldown twice in the same fight.

    Especially when you are fighting Mimiron, Yogg-Saron and General Vezax. This trick will be very useful. But definitely don’t forget to check your guild time, as you might be faster than that.

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    The last tip is about bosses that provide buffs. If you spot a specific effect, such as Hodir’s Light, Mushrooms on Freya, or Blue Circle in Icecrown Citadel. What you’re sure to find is that when you sit inside them, you get buffs.

    But what you may often forget is that your pets also get the same buffs. So it’s either your Gargoyle, or your hunter’s pet, or your Demon, or whatever they can put down there. Because if it’s in that area, it benefits too.

    Also, you’ll want to watch out for Death Knight and Rogue in Icecrown Citadel Blue Circle. If you use Anti-Magic Shell at this point, you will lose the buff. So you should aim before AOE hits you, then use Cancel Macro like on the screen. I think the same thing applies to Cloak of Shadows or Rogue.

    All in all, these are WOTLK Classic raid tips I’ve found and summarized, along with detailed parsing guides for Trial of the Grand Crusader and Ulduar. Hope these tips help you. Good luck.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get Reins Of The Onyxian Drake?

    Posted: Jun 05, 2023

    Recently, Phase 3 had a brand new raid, and basically no one was talking about it. So stay tuned as we head out to Dream Dust in the Swamp to slay dragons and get Reins of the Onyxian Drake.

    Onyxia’s Backstory

    There was a big celebration on the game’s fifth anniversary, and part of the celebration was a new Nixie array for level 80 characters. 

    Blizzard offers both 10-player and 25-player modes, and of course there’s a lot of nostalgia-inducing item drops. They even added a 2% item drop in Reins of the Onyxian Drake. We’ll be able to go back to Great Wall of Mars and fight Nixie.

    How To Get To Onyxia?

    The fastest way to get to Onyxia is to fly over to Mudsprocket, or you can just fly down on Orgrimmar. You’ll notice brand new NPCs due to Horde privilege outside the entrance the next day. This NPC gives you a buff that allows you to reach level 60.

    Is Onyxia Difficult?

    The raid comes 49 days after Trial of the Crusader. This is why you will see a lot of loot that is the same or better than TOC loot. Although in 2023, in my testing, this raid is closer in difficulty to Vault of Archavon than Trial of the Crusader on PTR. 

    But we could randomly place Aldor and new guild players together for this raid, which makes Onyxia perfect for class check runs. I can honestly see less than 20 players farming Onyxia to maximize loot and mounts.

    Onyxia Raid Comp

    We have to cover Raid Comp. It is important that the 10-player and 25-player have at least two tanks and two healers. If you also want to mix physical and area DPS, it’s better to jump into the fight with a longer range than melee.

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    Onyxia Phase 2

    Once Onyxia reaches 65% health, she takes to the air to begin Phase 2. A key thing to watch out for in Phase 2 is avoiding damage from Flame Breath. Basically, every shot Flame Breath path is based on the direction Nixie is facing. 

    You should move together as a group, but remain slightly dispersed. That’s because Nixie also casts a fireball with a radius of 10 yards around the affected target every two seconds.

    Onyxia Phase 3

    Once you get to Nixie at 40, Phase 3 will start and Onyxia will land. The main tank should immediately catch Nixie and the locator near the back wall, just like Phase 1 Nixia would cast Roar, which is a three-second field. I would definitely recommend Fear Ward against the tank to avoid facing the red Nixie after the first Roar. This is the perfect time to cast Bloodlust and unleash a big cooldown.

    Reins Of The Onyxian Drake

    The piece of loot everyone wants is Reins of the Onyxian Drake, but it only has a 2% drop chance. You’ll see it throughout WOTLK Classic. At the same time, it can increase your speed by 310%. If you miss your Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake, this is your best replacement mount.

    Onyxia Loot

    Let’s check out the rest of the gear. There is a 232 item level and 245 item level cloak available to the caster. This raid has a lot of options and weapons. You’ll also get a bag of chests containing one to three Epic Gems and some drops of WOTLK Classic Gold. You get some very useful 245 item level jewels, which can go a long way toward leveling up and restoring your Druid.

    All in all, if you are also interested, you might as well try this raid activity, which may bring you excellent results.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: New Discovery In The Loot System! - Tribute Chest System And More

    Posted: May 31, 2023

    Do you want to learn all about Trial of the Crusader’s loot system? From Argent Crusade Tribute Chest to Crusader Orb, I have the most complete information for you, including all brand recent changes.

    New Function

    Plus, we’ll discuss why you need a plan now. That way, you don’t waste hours growing the wrong gear. So on June 22nd, we’re launching a brand new Raid. There are four different modes here.

    Among them, the normal mode 10-man will drop 232-level equipment, while the 25-man will drop 245-level equipment. In Heroic mode, 10-man will drop 245-level equipment, while 25-man will drop 258-level new equipment.

    You can actually switch between Heroic mode and Normal mode, which is great for progress. For example, your Perky Pug Tan Man Group makes fighting things like Beasts of Northrend and Heroic modes easier. Then they can also switch to Twin Valkyr and a new, harder Brack.

    Heroic Mode

    It’s also important to note that Heroic mode will be available on day one. This is a recent change, which means you don’t have to do the normal 25 moves to unlock the best loot. And the key to getting non-ranked loot is that your entire guild should submit their best lists ahead of time.

    New Emblem Of Triumph

    You’ll also get Emblem of Triumph from every boss in the 25-man. I got 25 Emblems, and you can get 20 from the 10-man mode Emblem of Triumph. It can be used to obtain level 9 gear at item level 232.

    Each spec actually has three separate tier line sets, with 232, 245, and 258 item levels. These all share the same set bonus, even the 232 bonus at some of the lower tiers is worth it. Depending on WOTLK Classic Gold value of these gears.

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    If you really don’t want to waste Emblems, an effective way for you to decide which level 232 gear to get is to plan ahead with your guild to get the gear you want.

    I estimate that roughly four sets of level 9 gear will cost 160 to 180 Emblems. Depending on which parts you want to acquire, you can earn 104 Emblems per week. So you can get a complete 4-pack in two weeks.

    But before you grab anything, you really need to understand the benefits of these items. If you know you’ll get a level 245 chest the first week, you don’t want to end up with worthless duplication of level 232 items. Because level 232 is hardly an upgrade for most players.

    So how to do higher project level settings? There is also level 9.25 gear, which is item level 245, and it costs 1.5 times as much as level 232 gear. That means it will cost anywhere from 240 to 270 Emblems, depending on the parts you need for the four-pack.

    Tribute Chest System Explained

    Now Blizzard gave us an extra Trophy for boss. We can get level 9.5 gear at item level 258. This can only be obtained from Tribute Chest at the end of Hardmode 25 raids.

    Tribute Chest is a new loot system that rewards you based on the number of attempts you have remaining out of the 50 attempts at the end of the range. If you can complete the raid with one or more attempts remaining. You’ll get two Regalias or Trophy of the Crusade in 25-man.

    What Are Regalias?

    As we mentioned before, we also need to go back to Regalias. Regalias are rank tokens that are locked to a specific set of classes, but they are not locked. If I’m lucky enough to get four pieces of Regalias in my first week of Druid, I can cash them in immediately for my four-pack. This means that in addition to all the loot, planning your distribution of Trophy and Regalias is also very important.

    Crusader Orbs

    We’ve already discussed Crusader Orbs, which usually drop from 10-man Heroic as well as 25-man raids. These Orbs can be used to craft 245 item-level gear, just like Runed Orbs. These crafted gear are currently in the top three for your specs.

    You should prioritize slots for Crusade weapons. Let’s take a Mage as an example. You can use your guild bank to get Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers, get them down to minimum gear on day one, and discuss plans and minimum gear with your guild.

    I’m really starting to see the value in Trial of the Crusader. If you’re part of a relatively serious guild, raids are only 40 minutes long. I highly recommend starting a second or third raid group. Even just for this patch, it will really increase your gear acquisition.

    Overall, you still have time to hit level 80, and don’t forget to take advantage of Phase 3’s unique mechanics. Hopefully, these explanations of the loot system will give you a better understanding of how WOTLK Classic Phase 3 works. Good luck.

  • WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Honor Points & Titanium Ore & Consumables & Gold & Good Gear

    Posted: May 22, 2023

    Today I will be talking about different things I have prepared for WOTLK Classic Phase 3.

    Honor Points

    In WOTLK Classic, there is one very important thing. If you want to encounter Apex as soon as possible, you must first ensure that you have certain Honor Points. The first way to get Honor Points is to do window grasp, which you can do every three hours.

    You can also do some weekly pre-questions here to earn Honor Points and Stone Keeper’s Shard as rewards. You’ll also be rewarded with window Quest Marks whenever you lose or win a battleground, and these Marks are also useful in Phase 3. So be sure to get plenty of Stone Keeper’s Shard and window Quest Marks.

    You can even do this until Phase 3 starts. Because Wintergrasp has a window, you can use some Tokens or Stone Keeper’s Shard and window Quest Mark to get Honor’s Tomb here.

    The baffling thing about this project is that it is an Account Bound. So you can send these to your other characters, so you have a lot of Honor Points ready for the upcoming Phase 3.

    Titanium Ore

    What many people have been looking forward to is the possibility of view Tailoring more as double crafting. So if you haven’t reached level 450 yet. Then make sure to level up your class that way.

    You will need to mine your Titanium Ore in various ways. Meanwhile, you now have a chance to get different Epic Gems. You’ll be able to trade these Epic Gems on Auction House for quite a bit of money.

    But we will also implement now a building with level 80 items and another new rate in Trial of the Crusader raids. So you can do 10 and 25 men raids here. You can get a lot of new loot.

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    Trial of the Crusader raids are pretty quick. There are no junk monsters here, just 5 different levels, so understanding the tactics will be easy. Therefore, I also strongly recommend that you learn about them first.

    Then remember to grab some of the consumables you need right away. For example, your Flask, or even your Mana potions or Healing potions. Because when the new price is released, the price of these potions will definitely increase. So it’s definitely a wonderful decision.


    Chances are you’ll get Epic Patterns here. These will allow you to craft items that can be traded at the auction house. Maybe you’ll also be very interested in some of Epic Patterns on Auction House, so be sure to have enough WOTLK Classic Gold ready that you can get them on Auction House.

    You can also prepare some of the rest of the materials needed for Trial of the Crusader so that you don’t need to acquire expensive materials temporarily. Because I expect the price of many materials in Phase 3 will increase. So make sure to have plenty of Gold.

    Get Good Gear From Phase 2

    One of the most important things is getting the best gear from Phase 2. If you’re just getting back to WOTLK Classic, then remember to check out the many items at Auction House. These items are either crafted from old items, or are items that can be acquired directly at the auction house.

    So, wrapping it all up, make sure you have all your items ready. You can get a Relentless Gladiator’s Battlegear to make sure to upgrade your dual crafting to level 450. You can also continue to explore Titanium Ore and prepare enough Gold. We should note that don’t forget to prepare in advance, which may help you get twice the result with half the effort in Phase 3.

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