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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: How To Get WoW Tokens For Free? - Gold Farming Methods

Posted: Jun 27, 2023

WOTLK Classic Phase 3 has just landed on the server. Now is a good time to farm coins. Many players want to know how many gold coins we need to swipe at least every day to get free WoW Tokens. Therefore, I will share with you my detailed method of farming gold.

WoW Tokens are known to provide 30 days of in-game time and are available at WOTLK Classic auction house. Currently, its price fluctuates between 7K-9K, and weekday afternoon is the best time to trade, because then the price will never exceed 8K.

Now, 8000 gold divided by 30 days, we need to farm at least 267 WOTLK Classic Gold per day so we can play for free. So I tried five different ways of gold farm, which anyone can do.

WOTLK Classic: How To Get WoW Tokens For Free?

Daily Quests

The first way to farm gold is by doing daily quests. Although daily quests are last on this list regarding gold crafting potential, they are simple enough to be completed by almost anyone. Each daily quests rewards approximately 20 Gold, so currently you need to complete at least 14 Missions to reach your goal of 267 WOTLK Classic Gold.

Right now I don’t really like the daily quests, and they’re incredibly slow to complete. I start with Argent Tournament Grounds, then move on to Icecrown Citadel, and before my time is up, I head back to Dalaran to complete the daily cooking quests.

Now I have over 280 gold in one hour. But if you practice better, I believe you can earn over 300 gold per hour.

WOTLK Classic: Daily Quests

Wintergrasp Eternal Fire Farming

This is followed by Wintergrasp Eternal Fire Farming. The price of Eternal Fire has really increased significantly since the release of Phase 3, so I decided to plant Fire Elemental in Wintergrasp. Anyone of any profession can do this farm. But if you’re an engineer with a Zapthrottle Mote Extractor, you can take full advantage of it.

Cinder Cloud often spawns in this area, so extracting those Crystallized Fire will really boost your Eternal count. The major downside of this location is that it can get very crowded during peak hours. If the area is packed, then I would recommend moving to another farm higher up on this list.

At this location, I harvested 16 Eternal Fire, 4 Green Gems, and 34 WOTLK Classic Gold worth of Scrap in less than an hour of farming.

WOTLK Classic: Wintergrasp Eternal Fire Farming


The third place where gold is grown is in Botanica. Botanica is located in Burning Crusade dungeon in Eastern Netherstorm, inhabited by elites from level 69 to 72. It only takes about 15 minutes to run steadily. Any level can do this. Of course, the better your gear, the faster you can run.

After running this dungeon for an hour, I had about 195 gold from Scrap and some random auctions, totaling 70 gold. My total income for the hour is 515 gold, but I think with practice I can farm over 600 gold an hour.

WOTLK Classic: Botanica


Then there’s Stratholme. As I was farming with Paladin, I thought it was worth going to Stratholme to give it a try. Stratholme is located in Eastern Plaguelands and is full of mobs from level 54 to 60.

Stratholme’s raw gold potential makes it a great farm anytime, but with Runecloth prices currently skyrocketing, the income potential is even higher. I decided to only farm on the active side of the dungeon and got a run done in about 15 minutes.

An hour later, I had spawned 769 pieces of Runecloth, which were completely bought out on the auction house for 230 gold. All of this adds up to 685 gold for me on a simple one hour farm. And the price of ALT continues to rise, so I predict that Stratholme will remain a stable form of gold farming for some time.

WOTLK Classic: Heroic Culling Of Stratholme Guide

Wintergrasp Mining

The last gold farm is in Wintergrasp Mining. Ore and Gems are in high demand right now, so I started a basic cycle to see how much I could farm.

After I decided to stay away from everything but Titanium Ore, I found that the loot came quickly. Unfortunately, my farming session was interrupted after only 39 minutes. However, I planted so much material that I figured I should go back to Dalaran and trade with others.

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I then crafted Titansteel and auctioned it off with all my raw Titanium, Saronite Ore, Gems and Eternals for 664 coins. If I run for an hour, I can cruise 1000 coins here, which is absolutely insane.

So, based on these results, you can earn free WoW Tokens for just spending 20 minutes a day farming gold. I hope you found this interesting. Finally, I wish you a great time at Azeroth.


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