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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: What New Dailies Will Be Added To The Argent Tournament?

Posted: Jun 15, 2023

If you want to do the insanely easy and rewarding new Argent Tournament dailies, you’ve come to the right place. If you want to earn the Argent Squire, the teleport Tabard, the Champion Seals and gold really fast, this is the guide for you. I’ll give you the best strategy for each quest, as well as new tricks for every quest you didn’t know yet.

Updates Coming To The Argent Tournament

With the Phase 3 launched June 22nd, we get a lot of new rewards from the Argent tournament. New items include the Arjent Warhorse as well as the Pony Bridal remote bank. There’s also the Argent Crusader’s Tabard that teleports you to the Arjent Pavilion next to the raid. And you won’t want to miss out on the new Sunreavers and Silver Covenant Dragonhawks. They’re just really pretty to look at.

To earn all these new rewards, you’re going to need a lot of Champion Seals. But that’s just perfect. Because Phase 3 is packed with new daily quests. There are eight new daily quests for the newly added Sunreavers or Silver Covenant factions. You’ll also have access to six new quests from the Crusader NPCs in the western Pavilion. All of these rewards give 21 gold and a Champion Seal. They’re definitely a must if you want to get rewards from the Argent Tournament as quickly as possible. 

Before we get to the quest though, I did set my Hearthstone of the Tournament, I flew into the wall and used interact with target to save my Hearthstone in a better location. The main reasons I like my Hearthstone at the Argent Tournament are the food and drink vendors, the reagent vendors, and the repair vendors. Plus, I can always fly back to Dalaran via the Flight Master whenever I need to. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: What New Dailies Will Be Added To The Argent Tournament?

Quest Givers

Moving into the Sunreavers and Silver Covenant dailies, these do require you to be Exalted with the Sunreavers or the Silver Covenant.

You’ll also need to be a Champion of at least one city. After getting Exalted, you can finally talk to Savinia Loresong or Tylos Dawnrunner, depending on if you’re Alliance or Horde. They are located in the eastern tents where you do the Valiant quests. 

Breakfast Of Champions

These NPCs will offer one quest for a day of three possible options.

Option one is Breakfast of Champions. This quest throws in a nice Dune reverence and it’s simple enough. We just have to use the Earthshaker Drum near a Mysterious Snow Mound in the Foot Steppes. Jormungar will spawn and you’ll have to kill them for their egg sacs.

Sometimes, though, mole machines will spawn as Saturn. You have to get into the habit of immediately flying after using the drum. That way, you won’t get stuck in combat with them.

The other big tip is that there’s a Universal Macro that works for all the quests. It’ll try to use every item you get. So, you never have to drag items into your action bar.

Gormok Wants His Snobolds

Another possible quest you could get is Gormok Wants His Snobolds.

For this quest, we have to restock snowballs so that they can wipe us during the Northrend beast fight. I recommend using my targeting macro: tar snow & use Weighted Net. Also, you can use the net while moving, which makes this even easier.

I personally recommend combining this quest with the nearby overstock from K3 for more WOTLK Classic Gold

What Do You Feed A Yeti Anyways

The last of the possible three daily quests from these NPCs is What Do You Feed A Yeti Anyways.

Just fly up to the boats, which are very close to the Argent Tournament Camp. loot the buckets of chum and jump in the water. Then I just Spam my Universal Macro and I kill the Sharks and Cavaliers as they come in. Once you get three shark meat, you’re good to go.

One unfortunate note on this quest is that you can’t bring the buck as the chum to the dollar and found anymore.

More Dailies

There’s another NPC in both the Sunreavers and Silver Covenant tents that’ll give you more quests.

Two different NPCs will give you two additional quests per day. 

Save Kul The Reckless

The first quest is always to Save Kul the Reckless. 

For this quest, you’ll be heading to the newly added Cultist area west of of the Argent Tournament Camp. Just AOE down the Cultists and loot them for five Black Cage Keys

WOTLK Classic Black Cage Keys

Then, open up four cages on the ground level and fly up to open Cultists’ cage. I recommend combining this quest with taking the battle of the enemy since killing 15 of these Cultists is very convenient.

A Leg Up

The second possible quest you can get, one of four possible options.

Option one is a leg up. Just kill Kvaldir and loot additional Stolen Tallstrider Legs on the ground. While you kill the Kvaldir, you’re very likely to get a drop called the Kvaldir Attack Plans. This is a one-time bonus quest that will give you 20 more gold. You just have to go to the cave on the western side of the island and click on the blue crystal. Then turn this quest in at Mariel Trueheart in the Argent Pavilion.

Rescue At Sea

Another possible quest you might get is Rescue at Sea.

The key here is to land on the correct boat. Alliance is on the right and Horde is on the left. The way this quest works is that the Kvaldir board from their boat on the side and then you can just pick them off or just get in there and starfall everything at once. It’s up to you.

One big recommendation is Elixir of Water Walking. That way, you can jump off the boat and then fly from the water without ever getting stuck in combat. You could also be given the Light's Mercy quest. You’ll have to put the slain test guard to rest by using the Confessor’s Prayer Book on the slain two Elite villagers. The villagers are all around the southern part of the island. 

While I’m locating the villagers, I try to avoid combat as much as possible. Then, I have a macro for this quest that I can just spam that makes it effortless.

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Stop The Aggressors

The fourth and final possible Sunreavers and Silver Covenant quest is Stop the Aggressors. 

This is a really simple kill quest and I recommend grouping up for it.

Also, the mobs on the boats don’t count. It has to be on the island.

Crusader Dailies

On top of the new Sunreavers and Silver Covenant quest, we have the new Crusader Dailies as well.

The requirement for the Crusader Dailies is really steep since you have to reach the Crusader rank first. We have six possible new quests.

Get Kraken

The first set is one of two possible options from Crusader Silverdawn. One quest he can give you is Get Kraken. 

This is a bombing run quest that puts you on a flying mount for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I use a fancy macro with an Alt modifier to target both the Kraken and the Kvaldirs, which makes this quest super easy. 

If you’re lucky enough to kill the Kraken during your flight, you’ll also be given a Kraken Tooth. That tooth can be turned in everyday for 13 bonus goals. 

The Fate Of The Fallen 

The other possible quest Crusader Silverdawn can give us is the Fate of the Fallen.

You’ll have to fly southeast of Aldur’thar and loot the purple boxes on the ground. Then, I target the Fallen Hero’s Spirits and I use my Universal Macro, which uses the Light-Blessed Relic for me.

WOTLK Classic The Fate Of Fallen

High Crusader Adelard Quests

On top of those quests, High Crusader Adelard also offers one of four possible quests per day. 

These are all kill quests of name mobs near the Argent Tournament and the Hrothgar island. The first possibility is Misscaller Yngvar. He’s located in the cave on the western side of Hrothgar.

The second option is Ornolf the Scarred. this guard he’s hanging out on the ship on the Southeastern side of Hrothgar.

The third assassination target is Drottinn Hrothgar. You can find him on the north side of the Hrothgar island. There is also Deathspeaker Kharos chilling at the same camp where you save call The Reckless all the quest mobs, except chaos, will require using the given quest item to summon them.

Black Knight’s Questchain 

Although this is the daily guide, everybody should be doing the Black Knight’s Questchain as well for three bonus seals.

The beginning of this question is really easy. The new additions to the questchain are also really simple. You just have to go to Crusader Rhydalla in the western Pavilion to pick up the Black Knight’s Curse. Then, go directly east to the tournament grounds to the sparkling grave. Once the Cultists stop talking, the Assassin will attack you. After you kill him, you’ll get the quest complete.

Heading back to Crusader right now, you’ll get the follow of the Black Knight’s Fate and that quest sends you west to kill Doctor Kohler. The doctor is passing around near the Black Knight bubble up on the platform. Once you kill him, just loot him for his orders and head back to finish the questline and get your three bonus seals.


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