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WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Best Gold Farming Strategy Right Now! - Runecloth Farming

Posted: Jun 12, 2023

What if I told you Runecloth was becoming so expensive, you could make 600 gold per hour farming it or that you could farm over 900  Runecloth per hour to keep for your own reputations? Even better, you could snag one of the rarest Mountain wrath while the Runecloth profit rolls in.

But this method won’t be nearly as good after Phase 3, so you need to take advantage right now. 

WOTLK Classic Phase 3 Changes

In Phase 3, we have two big pieces of content. There’s Trial of the Crusader, the raid with the giant Scarab boss on top of the raid. There’s also the Argent Tournament 3.0 update

The thing nobody mentions about the Argent Tournament is that most of the new dailies in Phase 3 require the Crusader title. From the new dailies to the Argent Squire Bank, you really can’t do much without being Exalted reputation with all the major cities.

WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Best Gold Farming Strategy Right Now! - Runecloth Farming

Since Trial of the Crusader comes out June 22nd, a lot of players will be rushing to max out reputations last minute. There’s really only one last-minute option, which is Runecloth turn-ins. Those Runecloth turn-ins give 75 reputation with a major city for 20 Runecloth. From Friendly to Exalted with five cities is 195,000 reputation or up to 52,000 Runecloth per player.

The demand for Runecloth is guaranteed to rise and prices are already almost 30 silver each on my server. So with the theory, Runecloth is going to be really expensive in Phase 3. I decided to put my idea to the test. I spent a day farming five of the most popular Runecloth farming spots to determine the best possible location for gold and reputation.

5. BRD Gold Farming (Blackrock Depths)

So, let’s jump into the five best locations to farm Runecloth in Wrath of the Lich King.

WOTLK Classic Blackrock Depths

At number five, we have BRD. The BRD farming route is basically to loop around the outer edges of the area near the entrance. You could optionally add in more mobs if you had the Shadowforge Key.

One of my efficiency tricks was to teleport directly into using the direver remote and then I could log out for five minutes to save flight time. I will say one positive thing, which is that most of the mobs are melee. So, it was the breeze gathering them up for Hurricanes on my Boomkin.

Unfortunately, though, my goal tracker wasn’t accurate here. Pretty much all the drops except the Runecloth have to be vendored for silver. I was getting only about 350 gold per hour in vendor items and 550 Runecloth. I just can’t recommend this farm with better alternatives out there.

4. Tyr’s Hand

At number 4, we have Tyr’s Hand.

For Tyr’s Hand, I always like to start at the Western gate and clear all the way East and then repeat. The buildings have a lot more mobs than you might think. So, don’t forget about them either. 

WOTLK Classic Tyr’s Hand

I had always recommended Tyr’s Hand farming in the past. But I hadn’t done it in a few months. The biggest reason I hadn’t been here lately is that the mobs are kind of all over the place and you have to wait for a response, too. That being said, you do get a lot of Runecloth and you get a chance at the Crusader recipe.

On my server, the Crusader recipe has been jacked up to over a thousand WOTLK Classic Gold. That’s because of the Joyous Journeys buff, since everybody wants Crusader for leveling and for selling for vellums for profit. 

Doing Tyr’s Hand farming will net you 325 gold and 450 Runecloth per hour. But of course, it could be way more if you get lucky with Crusader. 

3. Silithus Cultist Farming

At number three, we have Silithus Cultist farming.

The best route for cultist farming is to go between the east and west camp since the mobs spawn so fast. But I do plan to hit this spot way more throughout Phase 3. 

WOTLK Classic Twilight Cultist Robes

The first reason this spot owns is the Twilight Cultist Robes. They drop the Encrypted Twilight Text, which can be turned in for repeatable Cenarion Circle Reputation. As long as a few people on your server are excited about completionism, you can milk them for two to four gold per page. And don’t miss the patrol, who drops an extra 10 pages for a big gold boost.

The second reason Silithus Cultist farming is so good as all the bonus Runecloth. I got 450 Runecloth per hour for a total of 650 gold per hour.

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2. Stratholme Route

At number two, we have Stratholme.

This Stratholme route is really simple. I start at the service gate, and I do a counterclockwise loop around the live area. And then optionally, you could add in the dead side if you want to farm Deathcharger’s Reins.

I do highly recommend that since the mount is so rare, I used to do Stratholme boosts and TBC. So, I was fairly sure this would be an insane Runecloth farm. I even dusted off my Paladin and bought her a full set of Deadly and BOE gear just to see how big I can make the poles. But things feel a lot different in Stratome now. Because the mobs start to chain stun you after a minute. 

Also, there aren’t even any Mages outside anymore. So, I had to cook a bunch of Barrelhead Goby from the Auction House to use as a Health and Mana combo food. I still had my triple pull live side strategy somewhat nailed down, so you could do way smaller or medium pulls on any class with no problem. I also dusted off Speedy AutoLoot to make looting way faster, and I kept it all outside to save Runecloth. 

WOTLK Classic Deathcharger Mount

With just an efficient live side route, you can make over 500 gold per hour currently in raw gold. That does include the staggering 900 Runecloth per hour you’ll get. I decided to add in the dead side as well today since I wanted to farm the Deathcharger Mount at the same time. I would basically pull all the mobs in the area up to the boss as well as the bot. And then, I would line outside and nuke the boss down while pumping AOE. The mob’s done so much. You really can’t get away with pulling too much.

Adding in the Baron Rivendare farming sent me back to about 375 gold per hour. But I think the five chances of the mount per hour make this very worth it. Imagine making tens of thousands of gold farming amount people are really impressed by. That sounds like a good deal to me.

1. Lower Blackrock Spire

At number one, we have Lower Blackrock Spire.

WOTLK Classic Lower Blackrock Spire

The LBRS route is basically just to do Lower Blackrock Spire like normal. And then, you could jump off the bridge when you get to the Ogres. This is really an incredible gold farm for any character you could do this on a Rogue, a Boomkin, a Warrior and so on.

Although there are guys out there that do this in less than 10 pulls. On my Boomkin, it made sense to do the dungeon in smaller chunks. Some of the packs have annoying interrupts. Some of the facts of annoying spellcasters. But ultimately everything melts like butter at 80. 

I managed to really relaxed 600 gold per hour in raw gold and vendorables that does also include 650 Runecloth per hour. As good as that is, I’m sure this could be optimized 20 or 30 percent better.


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