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WOTLK Classic: How To Play For Free Through Goldmaking & Goldfarming? - Earn WoW Token

Posted: Jun 16, 2023

I wanted to take a moment today to talk about Goldmaking and Goldfarming in WOTLK Classic, and how I personally play WOTLK Classic for free.

This guide will be based on Goldmaking with the goal of earning enough Gold. Earn at least 1 WoW Token per month, and you can also expand these strategies to earn more Gold. So this guide is for those who can earn Gold in the game and be able to turn that fun into being able to play the game for free to save some money.

Today I will show you how I earn Gold in WOTLK Classic in order to have enough Gold to earn WoW Tokens. I’m going to break it down into a few different categories to accommodate as many people as possible. So let’s get started.


For Goldfarming, I personally mainly have 3 different types of farms. Let’s go through them one by one.

WOTLK Classic: How To Play For Free Through Goldmaking & Goldfarming?

Steady Wrath Material Farms Type

First up is Steady Wrath Material Farms type. There you can find farm materials found in Northrend. For me personally, it’s either Mining, Herbalism or Skinning Farms.

I have a couple of routes that I use that go up and down Gold price per hour depending on when you do it. For example, when Darkmoon Faire arrives, the price of Herbalism increases by a little every hour. And when new patches come out due to people needing more materials to craft items, Mining also increases. Even Herbalism material prices go up a bit when new content comes out thanks to the use of Flasks and Potions.

Here are some of my favorite places to grow WOTLK Classic materials, including Herbalism, Mining Routes, and Mining High Density Semi-Hyperspawn locations. You can stand in one place and wait for the materials to generate. Due to the high density of spawn locations, they tend to spawn here more often than you might think.

We also have a couple of Skinning Farms, and I personally try to combine Skinning with Farming Meat to increase the hourly WOTLK Classic Gold.

Steady Gold Farm Type

This should give you a few examples of where to farm if you want Steady Gold.

Personally, if I’m looking for Steady Gold, my first choice is TBC Dungeon Farms. If I want to get those Mining Nodes and Gems from the second boss via Mining, my choices are usually Mana Tombs, or Vanilla Dungeons for Cataclysm’s Transmog Items.

WOTLK Classic: Steady Gold Farm

TBC Dungeon is very profitable, especially if you have Enchanting. Because TBC Enchanting Materials are actually very expensive and very popular. In this case, you can get more Gold from either the green or the blue items you get just by going through the dungeon.

At the same time, you can also get more raw gold and trash items, which you can trade to get more raw gold. This is a fairly Steady Gold Farm that will give you enough of a combination of raw gold and auctionable materials.

You also have Vanilla Dungeons. From my personal experience, on average I can get around 800 Gold per hour from many Vanilla Dungeons. But items you farm take a long time to trade successfully. So if you want to get gold quickly, this is not a suitable way to farm.

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Once Per Day Farm Type

For me personally, it’s mostly from the 4 different pets I keep in the old Vanilla Zones. These pets are so popular that I usually trade at least 2 of them per week for between 200 and 700 Gold each. This is the perfect type of farm for those who don’t have the time to play for hours a day but still want to earn Gold.

WOTLK Classic: The Best Goldfarms

Goldmaking - Investments

In this Goldmaking guide, I mainly want to tell you a kind of Auction House Strategy that I personally used to earn hundreds of thousands of Gold: Investments, also known as Long-Term Investments.

This is great if you’ve racked up a lot of playtime and want to set yourself up for greater success in order to earn more WoW Tokens later. However, as we continue into Wrath and possibly Cataclysm, you need to make sure your investment profits exceed inflation of WoW Token price.

For example, let’s say WoW Token is now 5k Gold. You spend 5k Gold on your Phase 5 Wrath investment. But when Phase 5 Wrath came out, WoW Token suddenly became 8k Gold. Your investment is worth more than 8k Gold, then if you consider it from the perspective of WoW Token Value, you will earn. But thankfully, most investments have more than doubled in price, so you should be pretty safe here.

WOTLK Classic: Goldmaking - Investments

So we can make Long-Term Investments knowing what’s coming. Thus providing us with an important indicator of which goods will increase in price based on upcoming demand.

Either way, that’s all I have for you today. I just wanted to stop and talk about how to use Goldmaking and Goldfarming to play games for free. Because that’s what I’m doing myself, and I think gold is interesting, and it’s a win-win for us.


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