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WOTLK Classic: 10 Last Minute Tips To Prepare For Phase 3 Call Of The Crusade

Posted: Jun 19, 2023

Are you as prepared as possible to dominate travel the Crusader even if you have every consumable farmed, every reputation maxed and every this piece of gear required, you aren't as ready as you think you are. I've got 10 last minute tips to get the most out of Phase 3 and I guarantee you don't know several of them. 

10. Heroic Plus Dungeons

With the Phase 3 launch on June 20th, we're getting tons of new content in the form of the Argent Tournament dailies, the Epic Gems, and the new Heroic Plus Dungeons. This leads us perfectly into the 10th most important thing to prep for Phase 3, which is those Heroic Plus Dungeons

Doing Heroic World tourists will net you that 232 gear, the five Emblems of Triumph from the daily quest. You'll also be getting a new currency called Sidereal Essence from the last boss in every dungeon, which you can use for Hard Mode gear

Heroic Plus Dungeons are finally on the group finder in Phase 3, so take advantage to make your groups quickly. I also recommend bringing full consumes and fish fees for your group since the dungeons could be really hard with fresh geared characters.

WOTLK Classic 10 Last Minute Tips To Prepare For Phase 3 Call Of The Crusade

9. Set Your Hearthstone Here

At number 9, you need to set your Hearthstone to the Argent Tournament.

This is a tip I especially recommend for alts. Setting your Hearthstone to the Argent Tournament means instant access to the raid in the new day release. You'll also have access to practically every vendor in the game from a reagent vendor to a drink vendor to repair vendors. There's even a flight master that will take you directly to Dalaran in about two minutes. So, you're never trapped up here.

The way I set up my Hearthstone was to fly directly into the wall at my faction's Argent Dawn. Then, I targeted the Innkeeper and pressed my Interact with Target button to set my Hearthstone in a better location.

8. Engineering And Jewelcrafting

At number eight, we have getting Engineering and Jewelcrafting 450 engineering and Jewelcrafting.

Nobody seems to talk about this. But you need 450 Engineering for the new Jeeves recipe. You also need 450 Jewelcrafting to craft the new Epic Gem patterns. Here is a list of the 10 most relevant gem recipes to buy.

Ten Jewelcrafting Recipes to Prioritize:

  • Rigid King's Amber
  • Purified Dreadstone
  • Brilliant King’s Amber
  • Fractured Cardinal Ruby
  • Quick King's Amber
  • Solid Majestic Zircon
  • Reckless Ametrine
  • Mystic King's Amber
  • Bold Cardinal Ruby
  • Runed Cardinal Ruby

A TLDR of that list is that you should get a popular cut of every major gem type. My shopping list includes the Runed Cardinal Ruby recipe the Mystic King's Amber and the Solid Majestic Zircon. 

If you don't have enough Jewelcrafting tokens to get the new recipes, you could get damaged necklaces though I recommend waiting for the face to drop to buy recipes with the new Titanium Powder.

7. Plan your Raids

At number seven, you need to plan your raids. 

Since ToC is such an alt-friendly raid, you'll likely end up with multiple characters hitting up the 10 mans the 25 mans on Naxxramas and Vault of Archavon. Something as simple as doing Vault of Archavon for a free 245 glove or leg base could really put you ahead in the first month. 

So, make that raid calendar for all your characters for the next month and stick to it to maximize gear.

6. Crusader Rank

At number six, you need to get the Crusader Rank

If you want to do the new Crusader dailies and get your Remote Bank Squire, you have to be a champion of all five major cities and Exalted with all five as well. With the phase already here, the fastest route to get Exalted with all the major cities is Runecloth Turn-ins.

But you could always buy Runecloth on the Auction House, too. I like to buy and interact with target and combine it with Leatrix Plus to do my turn-ins as fast as possible.

Also Read: WOTLK Classic Phase 3: Best Gold Farming Strategy Right Now! - Runecloth Farming

5. BIS List

At number five, you need to make your BIS list.

If you haven’t gone on 80 upgrades and made your business yet, there is still time having a business. And understanding the alternatives for every slot is very important for becoming as strong as possible. It’s also important for raid enjoyment since you’ll actually be excited about gear drops.

If you don’t know where to start your class, Discord is a great place. 

4. Jeeves Tip 

At number four, you need to farm Jeeves.

WOTLK Classic Jeeves

If you want the best Remote Bank in Phase 3, you’ll have to farm Jeeves as soon as possible. Head out to the Library Guardians and Storm Peaks and get farming. You need to salvage the gardens. You kill and it could take over 100 kills depending on RNG.

Also, don’t forget to stockpile the laundry list of required materials, including the two King’s Amber.

3. Epic Gems Tip

Speaking of King’s Amber, at number three, you need to take stock of all your different Epic Gem currencies.

By now, you probably know that Epic Gems can be obtained from several sources in Phase 3. You likely have tons of currencies sitting around on old Vanilla characters you rarely play.

I went on some of my old classic characters recently and had over 300 battleground marks. Converting these to Honor using a macro will net me thousands of extra WOTLK Classic Gold during the patch launch.

2. Get Consumes

At number two, you need to get your consumes in order.

Consumable prices always spike on patch day, so you should be stocked up on every relevant consumable you can think of. On top of the classics like Mana Injectors and Fish Feasts. I also recommend is like resist flask for Twin Val’kyr.

One relatively unknown consumable everybody’s going to want is Mighty Frost Protection Potion. Using this potion with a macro makes Anub’arak way safer, so I stockpiled a few hundred.

1. Emblems Tip

At number one, you need to convert all your emblems now. If you’ve got as many alts as I do, you’ve probably got a lot of emblems all over the place. 

Converting them to Heroism to get Epic Gems can take a really long time. That’s why doing the conversion step right now is highly recommended. So, you don’t stand there for 45 minutes on raid day. Not only will this wear out your mouse, but the profit window for Epic Gems will shrink really fast as more and more enter the economy.

I want to make enough profit to pay for all my consumes with Epic Gems for the whole phase. So, I need to act as fast as possible. 


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