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WOTLK Classic: 5 Tips You Need To Know In Raids! - Trinkets, DK, Yogg-Saron, Flight durations & Buff

Posted: Jun 20, 2023

I recently found some very useful WOTLK Classic raid tips from a Speedrunning guide that can help you better parse Ulduar’s final stage. Also, these methods may help you in your raids in Trial of the Crusader, as these tips apply to any raid.

Proc Trinkets

First off, the first tip is about your Proc Trinkets, and what you need to know about how to make better use of them in some fights. For example, if you want the burst to last 30 seconds while fighting XT-002 Deconstructor or Icecrown Citadel.

The way to do this is to randomly swap a Macro with two Trinkets. Then swap back to your normal Trinkets with a different Macro so you can be sure they will pop up for 30 seconds in combat.

WOTLK Classic: 5 Tips You Need to Know In Raids

Death Knight

The second tip that follows is tailored specifically for Death Knights, but other classes can benefit from it as well. In General Vezax, many players will spend almost 2 minutes doing nothing. Note that this is an ideal time to build Runic Power.

So you need to use Horn of Winter on cooldown. And use Death and Decay on cooldown. So once the boss shows up, after you hit add, you’ll get full Runic Power. You’ll even have a chance of dropping WOTLK Classic Gold rewards after defeating the boss.

WOTLK Classic: Death Knight


The third trick is for Yogg-Saron and many classes that can’t get close to Giant Claw Tentacle. Of course, this is also the perfect place to use DND for a little extra damage. I mean, every little thing matters in your parsing.

Also, if your Sanity is high enough, remember to keep looking at the boss. But in 10 man raids, you probably don’t even need to look back if you haven’t screwed up before.

WOTLK Classic: Ulduar Yogg Saron 10 Man Raid

Follow Flight Durations

Tip four is that you need to always check your Flight durations, as some fights last longer than 5 minutes. This means that if you use them early enough, you can use the five-minute cooldown twice in the same fight.

Especially when you are fighting Mimiron, Yogg-Saron and General Vezax. This trick will be very useful. But definitely don’t forget to check your guild time, as you might be faster than that.

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The last tip is about bosses that provide buffs. If you spot a specific effect, such as Hodir’s Light, Mushrooms on Freya, or Blue Circle in Icecrown Citadel. What you’re sure to find is that when you sit inside them, you get buffs.

WOTLK Classic: Tips To Do More Damage In Raids

But what you may often forget is that your pets also get the same buffs. So it’s either your Gargoyle, or your hunter’s pet, or your Demon, or whatever they can put down there. Because if it’s in that area, it benefits too.

Also, you’ll want to watch out for Death Knight and Rogue in Icecrown Citadel Blue Circle. If you use Anti-Magic Shell at this point, you will lose the buff. So you should aim before AOE hits you, then use Cancel Macro like on the screen. I think the same thing applies to Cloak of Shadows or Rogue.

All in all, these are WOTLK Classic raid tips I’ve found and summarized, along with detailed parsing guides for Trial of the Grand Crusader and Ulduar. Hope these tips help you. Good luck.


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