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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: How Can Healers Better Protect Their Teams During Trials

    Oct 20, 2020

    ESO fans can finally start an adventure with their friends in the game. Players can create their stories in Tamiel. If you want to test your mettle, you can participate in games like MMO raids. Raids require members to play different roles, including the role of the healer, who is a necessary condition for the survival of the entire team. Because they are very important, the person who plays the healer must also be more cautious, because a small mistake is likely to ruin the entire team.

    So, what should the healer do to ensure the safety of the team? Please read the following suggestions:

    Draw up a reasonable plan

    If a team has 12 people, then we recommend equipping the team with two healers, because one healer can only affect 6 people at most.

    In addition, it is also necessary for you to make a reasonable treatment plan. When teammates are injured, the healer should set healing-over-time (HOTs) and areas-of-effect (AOEs). Then, if the healer wants to increase the overall damage, he needs to try to debuff the enemies. Finally, the healer needs to reset their HOTs and AOEs when they expire.

    Pay attention to Magicka

    The healer should be equipped with appropriate weapons, gears and enchantments. As for gear, Light Armor is the best, because they can make not only Cost Reduction and Magicka Recovery, but also Spell Critical for spell potency.

    In addition, the Magicka-focused glyphs for the armor, weapons and jewels should be paid attention to by healers. Because this can boost the overall Magickal pool of a healer.

    Adjust according to the team

    Healers should adjust their builds according to the needs of the team. For example, most teams have spellcasters and melee fighters. However, healers should pay attention to team settings with more spellcasters, such as Sorcerers and builds that rely more on Stamina. In these cases, the healer should separately consider equipping spells that help improve Magicka and Stamina recovery.

    Seize the right time

    The healers should find the right time for treatment to maximize the healing effect. Under normal circumstances, it is best for the healer to cast magic when healing behind their companions, and the healer also needs to spread out their AOEs and HOTs. Some spell stack and other important timing factors also need to be paid attention to, the healer can notice which spells should be used when enemies prepare a heavy attack or other critical situations.

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  • ESO: Markarth DLC Sets Up An Explosive Finale To The Dark Heart Of Skyrim

    Sep 22, 2020

    The Elder Scrolls Online's year-long Skyrim saga is coming to an end. Markarth DLC will be launched on November 2 for PC, Mac and Stadia, and PS4 and Xbox One will be launched on November 10.

    The year-long Skyrim's Dark Heart event ended with a brand new DLC pack that features The Reach as a new zone, a new solo arena, and an action-packed narrative finale. The story immediately begins with action.

    The main story of this DLC is the culmination of the Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline. In addition, many side stories of this DLC are focused on Reach and the people. So far, the people of The Reach have been described as villains. But then players can see another side of them, get to learn about their culture, and learn a bit about what they do and their beliefs.

    The new zone introduced in Markarth is The Reach, which is one of the nine holds of Skyrim, and its capital is the titular city of Markarth. Of course, you will recognize the foundation and structure of Markarth from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but the creative team has doubled down on the dark, gothic vibe. This set the tone for the Stonethorn.

    The Reachmen in and of themselves are a very savage nation, so when you walk into Markarth, the first time you see it, you will feel that it is very different from what you saw in Skyrim. Its main structure has not changed because it is a huge stone fortress built into the side of a mountain. But The Reach "decorated" it according to their taste. So there are fetishes everywhere. It looks desolate now. This theme runs through the entire DLC.

    The new solo arena is called Vateshran Hollows, its multi-boss battles, unlockable paths and powerful, hidden secrets are designed to test the limits of players.

    It is expected that there will be 10-15 hours of new story content in Markarth, as well as the new arena and world bosses. Of course, there is also a list of common bug fixes and quality of life improvements, the most important of which is a new system that allows you to deconstruct and reconstruct the non-crafted items according to your preferences.

    The Elder Scrolls Online will continue exactly as it was following Microsoft's purchase. So players don't have to worry about your gaming experience being affected!

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: 9 Attractions Make It Still Worth Playing

    Sep 14, 2020

    Elder Scrolls Online was launched in 2014, and the start was not smooth, but as the bugs were fixed and botters were solved, more and more players found the fun of ESO. Zenimax took full advantage of their strong points, such as their storytelling, and greatly improved their dungeon content.

    1. A World Without Borders

    Zenimax opens the boundaries and encourages players to fully explore this magical continent. After completing the main questline, players will get a new quest, encouraging them to experience the stories of other alliances. With a bit of daedric magic, other alliances don't recognize your character and treat you like other citizens. This even provides a new perspective on the war for the most patriotic players and adds a deeper level of depth and immersion.

    2. New Player Friendly

    All the characters begin with a simple starting experience and slowly introduce them to different game elements. They learn the basics of movement, combat, looting and questing. Early dungeons contained content suitable for entry players, but few advanced mechanics.

    3. Explore Anywhere at Anytime

    The character's level does not determine where they can go to adventure, even at the first level, players can safely cross Tamriel.

    4. Fast-Paced, Action Combat

    ESO uses a screen-locked crosshair that requires proper aiming spells and the ability to land. Rarely, if any, can both lock the character in place and allow fluid and fast-paced movement throughout the encounters. For casters and other ranged archetypes, there is a bit assist to help. Unlike the original modern action combat MMO, TEAR, as long as a spell is aimed fairly close to the target, it locks. However, if you are too far away from the target, this spell will miss.

    5. Play Alone or With A Group

    ESO has content for everyone. Players who like to play alone can take risks in a series of fantasy stories and epic scenes. For those players seeking more social aspects, they can form a guild that specializes in PvE, PvP, RP or trading. Trade-centric guilds can bid for merchants who open guild stores in locations in the Tamriel. Some locations require higher bids from merchants, but the higher bids are usually worth the amount of gold it earns.

    6. Endless Customization

    Once players reach level 50, they open up a whole new level of customization called Champion Points. Players earn these points by completing quests and other activities within the game. The more points earned, the more players expend within a new set of talent trees, similar to those seen in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. Spending a large number of points within a single constellation tree earns special passive abilities. For example, those who put most of their points in The Lord get increases to healing and armor. As of the release of Greymoor, the current champion point maximum cap remains at 810, giving players over 800 points to spend in their constellation trees.

    7. Thriving Open World PvP

    This game comes with a massive, open-world PvP area within the boundaries of the province of Cyrodiil. It's the heart of the game's base story, The Three Banners War. All three factions battle it out, fighting for territory control. Cyrodiil comes with exciting features like destructible buildings, trebuchets, and even the Elder Scrolls, themselves. Players must formulate and execute well-thought-out strategies as the locations of each keep determine the space of territory owned. Along with keeps, there are other points of interest such as farms, that players capture in order to gain resources. Conducting activities within Cyrodiil earns Alliance Points and players with a combination of the most points and alliance territory advantage earn their shot at becoming emperor.

    8. Class Gameplay Flexibility

    This is the most attractive point of ESO. In other words, even if you choose the archetype of Sorcerer, you can still use every weapon in the game. Players can choose a predictable route, using staves and upgrade their stave skill, or they can upgrade both staves and one-handed swords, create a hybrid class.

    9. Frequently Updated Story

    ESO is a game that pays great attention to the storyline. All quests have voice-overs. The characters will grow and develop over time, and the story will not fade away soon after the DLC or expansion is released. ESO released a wave of new missions and stories throughout the life of each DLC.

    If you are thinking of trying this game, it is definitely a correct choice, it is worth playing, hope you can enjoy the game.

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  • The Elder Scrolls 6 Might Land Sometime In 2025

    Mar 10, 2020

    The Elder Scrolls a series of MMORPGs released by Bethesda in 1994, developing to the current Elder Scrolls Online, and building a stable player base. The Elder Scrolls VI is highly anticipated as the last entry of Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series after being announced during E3 2018, which will be playable in the near future.

    A recent Reddit user ToddIsMyMom claimed to know setting and details about the Elder Scrolls VI, rather than a brief teaser trailer. From the post, it revealed that the Elder Scrolls 6 will take place in Hammerfell, High Rock and Yokuda, with the landmass was seen in the teaser trailer being the latter. Moreover, the version is revolving around Direnni Tower subtitled Redfall.

    Hammerfell once appeared in the Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, where has a tons of interesting lore from the Reddit user's post, creating shaping quests and plot lines, while High Rock is shaping up to be really interesting and it really scratches the itch for a mystic world with a lot of quests revolving around political intrigue and making advancement in magic.

    According to the messages we currently have, the Elder Scrolls 6 will be released sometime in 2025, a long time from now. At that time, the game will be a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X exclusive title. That is. Even the developing team can't clearly understand many details about the game, to a large extent this is just what the user added from the trailer. So this casts a lot of doubt on the veracity of these claims.

    There are some tiny details about the Elder Scrolls VI, like Bethesda are aiming to create a game with no loading screens, adding new dungeons, players' home and more. But it is worth noting that these have not been officially determined, so the players should keep your expectations in check.

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor Chapter Adds An Ancient Evil, New Antiquities System And 12-Player PvE

    Mar 02, 2020

    ZeniMax just announced the latest paid dungeon DLC of the Elder Scrolls Online Harrowstorm will be available on March 10 for PlayStation4 and Xbox One, bringing a series of new content including two new dungeons and stability improvements. While ESO Greymoor is the next chapter in the epic story that begins with the Harrowstorm DLC and continues throughout the year-long Dark Heart of Skyrim storyline.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor is planned to launch in June, which is the start of Dark Heart, and it is available in both standard and collector's edition. It introduces an Ancient Evil, one type of terrible monsters, led by a Vampire Lord. That is, there are some players who are needed to restore the light in Skyrim, but they are likely to encounter the enemies, who will devour the souls as their fuel, it is not easy to defeat them unless you can always find the partner alongside yourself.

    Beyond that, it will also update something new to look forward to in Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor, especially in the combat aspect, like PvE.

    It introduces a new kind of PVE challenges in Greymoor, requiring 12 players to participate to save the residents of a village in Kyne's Aegis island following the invasion of the Sea Giants, where zombies and vampires are always ubiquitous, they don’t kill anyone directly, but they turn the affected players into undead monsters.

    With the help of new Antiquities system, the heroes travel across Tamriel and scry the location of ancient relics to excavate them, once succeed, they will be the ones of world-renown Archaeologists.

    As exploring Skyrim, you'll encounter a macabre main story, exciting side quests, terrifying world bosses, dangerous delves, all of these are huge challenges like never before, and never start this chapter until you are ready.

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  • ESO's Next Chapter Greymoor Is Arriving At Skyrim In May

    Jan 17, 2020

    Yesterday, ZeniMax announced on the official site that the upcoming chapter of the Elder Scrolls Online Greymoor will arrive on PC/Mac on May 18, 2020, and June for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, providing the new chapter content and pre-purchase method.

    From now until Greymoor release, everyone can pre-purchase the chapter on various ESO-supported platforms, including ESO store, Steam as well as Microsoft Store, and gain its exclusive rewards like Pre-Order Costume, Pet, Adornment, XP Scrolls, Crown Crate, even Mount, all of these items will arrive your ESO account with Greymoor release.

    Unsurprisingly, ZeniMax also announced that Greymoor will land at Skyrim, this is a long-requested updated once mentioned at The Game Awards 2019, now it is finally becoming a reality as the words, "With the Season of the Dragon coming to a close, it's time to prepare for 2020's year-long adventure, returning Elder Scrolls fans to the legendary lands of Skyrim".

    With Greymoor, it will bring something new, a brand new zone, the year-long story, the Antiquities system and an ancient evil.

    In the region of Western Skyrim, the Greymoor could bring the players to explore the cold wilderness surrounding the city of Solitude, and provide the opportunity to explore the massive underground region of Blackreach.

    Surely, no matter where you are, you'll definitely be required to complete a series of challenges, most of which are different from the past ones, and encounter new world bosses, etc. In order to defeat them, you'd better make good preparation in advance, such as purchasing food, potion, and advanced equipment.

    Similar to the Season of the Dragon of ESO in 2019, Greymoor will also bring a massive year-long story to help the besieged Nords investigate the emergence of horrific supernatural events called harrowstorms. Your task is to stop the dark events from monstrous vampires and bests.

    It also introduces a new system, Antiquities, allowing the players who want to be an archeologist to scry and uncover ancient relics from all over the continent, and gain the fantastic new items and collectibles across Tamriel.

    Most importantly, Greymoor chapter is just the start of Skyrim return, which is also a major part of ESO throughout the entirety of 2020. In the remaining time, there is still countless game content to play by the end of 2020.

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