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The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: How Can Healers Better Protect Their Teams During Trials

Posted: Oct 20, 2020

ESO fans can finally start an adventure with their friends in the game. Players can create their stories in Tamiel. If you want to test your mettle, you can participate in games like MMO raids. Raids require members to play different roles, including the role of the healer, who is a necessary condition for the survival of the entire team. Because they are very important, the person who plays the healer must also be more cautious, because a small mistake is likely to ruin the entire team.

So, what should the healer do to ensure the safety of the team? Please read the following suggestions:

Draw up a reasonable plan

If a team has 12 people, then we recommend equipping the team with two healers, because one healer can only affect 6 people at most.

In addition, it is also necessary for you to make a reasonable treatment plan. When teammates are injured, the healer should set healing-over-time (HOTs) and areas-of-effect (AOEs). Then, if the healer wants to increase the overall damage, he needs to try to debuff the enemies. Finally, the healer needs to reset their HOTs and AOEs when they expire.

Pay attention to Magicka

The healer should be equipped with appropriate weapons, gears and enchantments. As for gear, Light Armor is the best, because they can make not only Cost Reduction and Magicka Recovery, but also Spell Critical for spell potency.

In addition, the Magicka-focused glyphs for the armor, weapons and jewels should be paid attention to by healers. Because this can boost the overall Magickal pool of a healer.

Adjust according to the team

Healers should adjust their builds according to the needs of the team. For example, most teams have spellcasters and melee fighters. However, healers should pay attention to team settings with more spellcasters, such as Sorcerers and builds that rely more on Stamina. In these cases, the healer should separately consider equipping spells that help improve Magicka and Stamina recovery.

Seize the right time

The healers should find the right time for treatment to maximize the healing effect. Under normal circumstances, it is best for the healer to cast magic when healing behind their companions, and the healer also needs to spread out their AOEs and HOTs. Some spell stack and other important timing factors also need to be paid attention to, the healer can notice which spells should be used when enemies prepare a heavy attack or other critical situations.

If you have always wanted to be the backbone of the team, then becoming a healer is the best choice. If you read this guide, it should help you. If you don't have suitable healer equipment, you can choose to buy them with ESO Gold. As for ESO Gold, it is a wise choice to go to IGGM to buy, because in the game you can indeed get a small amount of ESO Gold through farming, but in my opinion, the amount of ESO Gold finally harvested is not proportional to the time you spend. This is not worth the loss. Going directly to IGGM to buy cheap ESO Gold can save you a lot of time, so you can be more immersed in the joy of the game.


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