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Hot Wire! You Can Enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online For Free Until October 19

Posted: Oct 15, 2020

From now on until 10 am EDT on October 19th, non-ESO Plus players can try this game for free.

Bethesda allows all players to try this game for free, and players can use all DLC packs, including the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, Elsweyr and the latest DLC Stonethron, and there is also a crafting bag with unlimited storage, and double bank space. The most satisfying thing about this promotion is that you don't need to register for a credit card, you just need to create an account, then enter the Crown Store and activate the in-game offer. Once October 19th comes, you will no longer enjoy the benefits unless you decide to pay to continue playing the game.

Although the subscription-based monthly payment model may disappoint some interested people, it is a reasonable strategy for ESO to provide free trials from time to time. This allows those who have been standing by and waiting to experience the benefits of membership, thereby attracting more players. As a game launched in 2014, ESO still has nearly 3 million active players, which is impressive. Of course, this is also the result of the team's continuous optimization and innovation for the game.

So, if you are interested in ESO's game content, take advantage of this promotion to experience it. Anyway, you don't need to spend money. Why not try it? If you are attracted by it, after the 19th, you can pay to subscribe and become a member of ESO.

As a 6-year-old game, ESO has its uniqueness as it continues to attract more players. I believe that if you try it out, you will be more addicted to it. After you become an ESO member, ESO Gold will become your indispensable part of the game. If you need to buy ESO Gold, please give priority to buying from IGGM. IGGM not only provides cheap and safe ESO Gold, but also some free game guides and game news, these series of services are all for you to have a perfect game experience!


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