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News Tag: Cheap ESO Gold

  • ESO Guide: Best Racials For Pure Rogues Are Here

    Posted: Feb 20, 2021

    Rogue is very popular in ESO, however, at the same time, the rogue can also be fatal. Unlike thieves, pure rogues are not afraid to confront the best of them. Through guile, subterfuge, and magic, their performance will be unexpected.

    Any race can be a rogue, but for new players, playing a pure rogue in the early stages of the game is not a good choice. Knowing which races can create the best rogues can help alleviate the frustration of the early game. Under the right circumstances, playing these prototypes will make you satisfied.


    Khajiit can be said to be the ideal candidate. Other races need to work and perfect their skills from the beginning, but Khajiit already has a solid foundation, so new players can't go wrong with this special race.

    Medium armor is a way to use Cutpurse Skill, it balances protection and maneuverability well.

    Robustness improves the recovery rate of all three attributes

    Lunar Blessings increases maximum health, stamina and magic

    Feline Ambush achieves the goal by increasing critical strike damage

    Dark Elf

    No matter what the prototype of Dark Elf is, it can cause a lot of damage. As rogues, if they are equipped with appropriate weapons, they can be quite lethal. Dark Elf has natural durability, if the situation is not good, they can still continue fighting.

    Ashlander Skill will increase the experience value of dual-wielding weapons. For a stealthy rogue, dual-wielding weapons are a good choice.

    Ashlander and Ruination can complement each other well, and Ruination can increase weapon and spell damage.

    Wood Elf

    Wood Elf is a natural hunter, with very quick steps. Therefore, a Wood Elf can destroy the enemy without getting too close. Sniping at a safe distance is definitely a useful strategy. ,

    Acrobat Skill can encourage the use of bows by giving a bonus to experience

    With the help of Hunter’s Eye Skill, the Bosmer can hit the enemy, which can increase the player’s detection radius.


    Redguard is more mobile than a rogue. Even if the enemies survive the initial sneak attack, Redguard has the ability to stay in the battle and solve the enemies. A rogue needs to avoid being defeated, so Redguard is very suitable for this task.

    In terms of racial abilities, Martial Training and Conditioning is a good combination. The former can reduce the cost of weapon abilities, and the latter can increase maximum stamina. So this combination can complete an effective quick attack.

    When you are directly injured, Adrenaline Rush can restore more Stamina.

    These are the best racials for pure rogues. If you are a new ESO player, you can choose from the following races. If you don't want to suffer too much frustration, you can also prepare some ESO Gold in advance and use them to equip your character. You can buy ESO Gold on IGGM. If you come to IGGM for the first time, don’t forget to get a 5% off ESO Gold coupon at the coupon center, you can use it to buy ESO Gold, and you can buy the cheaper ESO Gold.

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