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News Tag: Tamriel

  • ESO: How To Get Cursed Feathers?

    Posted: Oct 25, 2021

    Witches Festival is back in ESO again, and part of which is Cursed Feathers. Considering the addition is a step above the usual Halloween event in ESO, getting these Cursed Feathers may confuse some players. IGGM will make things clearer.

    However, in this new quest of "Plucking the Crow", it doesn't seem to be of much help. You have been told to kill the vile creatures and birds around Tamriel to get the Cursed Feathers needed for the quest. This quest is easier than imagined and only involves the Plunder Skulls.

    Get Cursed Feathers with Plunder Skulls

    The main way to get Cursed Feathers during the Witches Festival is to open up Plunder Skulls. They are used as Halloween reward boxes that will be frequently distributed during the event. You can get these rewards by completing a large number of events or defeating the bosses in the game.

    When you receive the Plunder Skull, there are various goods in it, including Cursed Feathers. As long as you activate the "Plucking the Crow" quest in the event, then Cursed Feathers will almost always appear in the skulls, but the number will vary, usually between 10-20 feathers.

    In addition to feathers, if the reward boxes are yellow, you also have a chance to unlock new motifs, but only a certain amount of content will appear in a day.

    How to begin the quest for Cursed Feathers?

    To start the quest, you need to go to any place where you can find the event Impresario. These locations are usually outside the big city and are marked by a box with a star on the map. Witchmother Taerma will also appear there, or in Witchmother's hideout in Stonefalls, Auridon, and Glenumbra.

    After talking to Taerma and obtaining all Cursed Feathers, you can build an effigy and teleport to an Everhloam location. There, you will need to face a group-based boss named Crowborne Horror.

    In ESO, after defeating this powerful boss, it will drop rewards, thus ending the quest.

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  • ESO: How To Craft Gear?

    Posted: Jul 13, 2021

    In ESO, you can craft some of the best gear at any crafting station in any city in Tamriel. ESO also includes a powerful crafting system that may confuse new players at first, but once you can master the tricks, it will become very useful.

    In ESO, there are 7 possible crafting skill lines: Blacksmithing, Woodworking, Clothing, Jewelry Crafting, Alchemy, Enchanting, and Provisioning. The first 4 are for crafting excellent new gear. You can create weapons, armors, rings, and necklaces. The last 3 are about adding rewards to weapons and making potions and food. Every kind of crafting must be done on a designed crafting table in the town. And ESO Gold will also be able to help you in all aspects.

    As for the crafting materials in ESO, you will need to find and collect materials from enemy drops, loot crates, harvest plants, minerals, and the creatures they found in the overworld. In ESO, you need the right crafting table and some resources. Crafting stations are located in almost every major city and town in Tamriel, so you can access one at any time. Resources will appear based on your current character level, and when you reach a higher level, better resources will appear. You need to refine your raw materials to make them suitable for crafting. This can be done in the first tab of the menu at the crafting table.

    How to craft?

    To craft an item, you need to find the second tab on the crafting station menu. Here, you can choose the type of items, the level based on the number of crafting materials, and appearance and traits. As long as you have the right resources, you will be able to craft easily.

    Research is also very important for crafting. Accessed on the fifth tab of the crafting station menu, you can use Research to inspect and destroy any item in your inventory, and learn how to apply Traits. The only way to obtain Traits is to find a weapon or armor in the game world, and sacrifice these items for the Researching process. Once you have researched a Trait, you can collect the correct materials and apply the Trait to any eligible gear to obtain powerful rewards.

    In ESO, in order to improve the crafting skills and obtain better equipment schematics and recipes, you need to increase their Inspiration. For new players, continuous practice and mastery of the crafting system is a good idea.

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  • ESO Creates A Universal Experience For New Players

    Posted: May 31, 2021

    When you load a character in ESO, you usually enter the tutorial. This tutorial depends on the latest version of the Chapter you have. However, now ZeniMax creates a universal experience for players in the new tutorial, no matter which version they started from.

    Each chapter of Elder Scrolls Online has a new tutorial consistent with the theme and style of the release. Now, ZeniMax integrates players into one tutorial, regardless of which version they have.

    ZOS stated that this new tutorial will give all new players the best start to their adventure in Tamriel. The new tutorial places the player on the Isle of Belfiera. It is last seen in Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. It is home to the ancient ruins of Direnni, where players will learn the basics of ESO by helping a new NPC (Norianwe), And then began their adventure. Of course, if you want to make your adventure smoother, you need the help of ESO Gold.

    Once you have completed the tutorial, you will enter a portal that will take you to the various starting points of the chapter you have. For example, as the owner of a base game, you can choose from the starting positions of three base game alliances. However, if you own any chapter of the game, you can also enter the portal and take your characters to their respective starting positions.

    After that, you can start the story of your new character in any part of Tamriel, but if you are not sure where to start your journey, you can look for more relevant information and pick the one that interests you the most.

    Blackwood will be available on PC, Mac and Stadia on June 1, and the console version will be released on June 8. Players may fully prepare for it, among which ESO Gold is indispensable.

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  • ESO: Will There Be Cross-Platform Play?

    Posted: May 20, 2021

    ESO is one of the most popular MMO games on the market, and Blackwood is coming in June. This game is available on PC, Xbox Series X/S, so players can access this game in a variety of ways. With the new expansion coming soon, fans seem to be curious about cross-play.

    ESO doesn’t support cross-platform play

    ESO does not support cross-play in the traditional meaning. PS users, PS4 users, and Xbox users cannot interact with each other. When the new generation of consoles released in 2020, the situation became more complicated.

    * PC players have their own servers and won't encounter players on any console.

    * Xbox players have a server shared between Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

    * PlayStation players have a server shared between PS4 and PS5.

    * Stadia players share a server with the PC community.

    Will the next-gen update impact cross-play?

    Through backward compatibility, ESO can run on PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. Your game may run faster, but it is essentially the same as the previous game.

    But because Blackwood will be available on the console on June 8, PS5 and Xbox Series S/X will undergo large-scale image adjustments. This will make Tamriel's world more vibrant. Note that cross-platform play is limited to the same type of console, that is, all PlayStation consoles share one server, and Xbox consoles share another. This is not strictly cross-play support.

    Will there be real Cross-play?

    Currently, ZOS has not considered cross-play. Because they are focusing on the Blackwood Chapter released on June 8th, as well as graphics updates for PS5 and Xbox Series S/X.

    IGGM will also pay attention to ESO-related news afterwards, because Blackwood will introduce more new content, which has already made many fans look forward to it. Once more related news is leaked, IGGM will also broadcast it in time.

    In addition, IGGM also provides cheap ESO Gold, because the upcoming expansion has many customization options, so your sufficient ESO Gold will be very helpful, you can use them to create a special game experience. And IGGM has launched a 5% off ESO Gold coupon, so it’s a good deal to come here to buy ESO Gold now!

  • ESO: Flames Of Ambition Gameplay Has Been Released

    Posted: Mar 09, 2021

    ESO’s new trailer shows the upcoming DLC - Flames of Ambition. You can learn more about the gameplay in ESO’s extra dungeon pack.

    Although it is usually a single-player game, ZeniMax Online Studios has developed an MMO to complement the series of games. ESO continues the tradition of character customization, while also integrating many areas of Tamriel. The expansion of The Gates of Oblivion will be released soon, and we can see some future scenes in the trailer.

    The video started with a rather dark vibe, when a group of cultists who worship an altar of Dagon appeared. For a long time, fans of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will think that this is one of the Daedric princes and the main opponent of ES 4. The cultists brought destruction to Tamriel's land in the pursuit of power they do not understand. You will end the game plot by completing two dangerous challenges. Judging from the trailer, the Cauldron and Black Drake Villa dungeons will begin the adventure of Gates of Oblivion.

    Although the gameplay in the trailer is vague, fans should not be bored because there is much new content waiting for them. In the beginning, there seemed to be a large number of cultists to take on, and everyone had their own magical abilities. Fire seems to be a common theme, because in the trailer, the scene where the main character escapes from the dense flames is impressive. And it also seems to show that many enemies are summons from fire, so in order to deal with the burning target, you need to be fully prepared. In addition, there will be a Minotaur.

    The ESO issued as early as 2014 showed continuous expansion and updates. Although this is a completely different game that even allows you to travel across many regions, it still retains the lore of the series. As the Gates of Oblivion adventure unfolds, Flames of Ambition DLC will provide some additional exploration content.

    After that, IGGM will continue to pay attention to the progress of Elder Scrolls Online, and will frequently update relevant game news and guides, and provide some tips and tricks.

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  • ESO: More Things About Black Marsh You May Want To Know

    Posted: Mar 02, 2021

    In Elder Scrolls Online, Black Marsh, also known as Argonia, is the home of reptilians. This is a dense swamp, and if not properly prepared, hiking is very dangerous. This is an area that requires keen senses, because there are dangerous things in almost every corner. So before exploring the Black Marsh, you need to pay attention to the following things.

    Deadly Creatures

    The Black Marsh is a harsh natural environment. The local monsters are also very deadly. One of them is Wamasu. It is a large reptile with a tough appearance and is known for its deadly lightning running down its spine. Its mouth can emit light and it can move very fast.

    The other is Voriplasm, a creature made of green slime that can strip other animals and humanoids to bones in a few seconds. Voriplasm can create mini Voriplasms, and even control the victim's body, by covering some of their essences.

    A unique way of transportation

    The Black Marsh is very different from the other province of Tamriel, and another place that makes it different from the others is the unique way of transportation. The Argonians do not use carriages in the Black Marsh area like other races, but use a creature called Rootworm to move around. The travelers submerged themselves in the Rootworm's stomach through the breathing holes.

    It is said that rootworms can fly from one city to another in Black Marsh within a few minutes. Although it grows in the stomach of rootworms, Argonian tough skin can resist acid, so it can live in its stomach for a period of time.


    Most people usually associate lycanthropy with Tamriel's werewolves, but there are also two types in the Black Marsh. In this province, wererocodiles and werelions are two types of lycanthrope stalking in the swamp. Although they are not as many werewolves, they are confirmed to be real in the book - "On Lycanthropy" by ESO 2: Daggerfall.

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  • Elder Scrolls Online Guide: Best Racials For Tank Warriors

    Posted: Feb 07, 2021

    In RPG games, tanks are often popular because they can knock down groups of enemies effortlessly. Elder Scrolls Online will bring you a lot of choices, the first choice you need to make is race. There are 10 races for you to choose from in Tamriel. Their innate racial abilities make them more suitable for specific game styles. Among them, tank characters are also very popular.


    Their reputation as heavy armor smiths is well known in Tamriel, so it's no surprise that there are so many Orcs in the Imperial Legions.

    Craftsman Skill can allow you to gain experience faster, making heavy armor more attractive. Unflinching Rage grants extra maximum Health and heals the player when weapon abilities cause damage. The weapon damage of Swift Warrior is further enhanced in each successive rank. Finally, Brawny can increase maximum Stamina.


    Considering their racial skills, being a tank is a wise choice. The Tough Skill will be able to increase your maximum health. If they wear heavy armor, an Imperial will be unstoppable. Imperial Mettle and Ref Diamond will also increase your staying power in battle.


    As we all know, Redguards are intimidating warriors, and their power is especially in Stamina Skill. You can swing your weapons longer and make more powerful moves.

    The Conditioning and Martial Training Skills can be said to be a perfect match. The former increases maximum Stamina and the latter reduces the cost of using weapon abilities. Adrenaline Rush is very effective for tank builds, because direct hits can supplement the Stamina pool.


    Khajiit is a very versatile race, it is suitable for any game style. Their Racial Skills make them very tough fighters on the battlefield.

    The Robustness Skill can increase the recovery speed of all three attributes, which allows them to fight longer. Lunar Blessings can expand the maximum amount of Health, Stamina and Magicka.

    Dark Elf

    Dark Elf can balance offense and defense well, and they can play a more direct role in combat. Resist Flame makes them more durable against enemies who like to use flames. At the same time, Ruination increases spell and weapon damage as the rank increases. If you like dual-wield, you will get help from Ashlander Skill and get extra experience points.


    They are very useful as defensive tanks. Their main advantage lies in the healing ability, so they are very friendly to novices.

    The Resourceful Racial Skill can make drinking potions more beneficial because it restores more attributes. Argonian Resistance increases Health and is immune to poisons and diseases. Finally, Life Mender makes healing stronger and stronger, so if you are looking for a race with a great combination of tanks and healing, Argonian is a perfect choice.

    If you are looking for a suitable tank, you can refer to the above-detailed introduction and choose the best one according to your actual needs.

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  • The Elder Scrolls Online: For Solo Players, A New Companion System Will Appear In Blackwood Chapter

    Posted: Jan 27, 2021

    ESO's upcoming Blackwood chapter will introduce Mehrunes Dagon. Although going to Daedric Prince of Destruction is not an easy quest, at least you won't be alone.

    Starting from the Blackwood chapter, you will access a new companion system, which means you can recruit different NPCs to fight alongside you, each with its own background story and skills that can be upgraded. These unique fighters can even join almost all of your adventures, and can use customizable equipment and combat abilities and behaviors - once this system is officially launched, you will no longer have to explore Tamriel alone.

    This is probably what we currently know about the new system. This is a bold innovation that can give you an advantage in battle, so if you are a solo player, you will definitely love it. When you want to get into a harder quest, you don't have to wait for your friends to log in, because your trusted companion will always be fully prepared for the next adventure. It is not limited to solo players, even if you have participated in a party, you can still bring a companion!

    It is worth noting that your companions seem to be unable to escort you through the whole Tamriel world, because Bethesda stated that they will be banned from PVP. As for more related information, Bethesda will release it in the next few months. ESO: Blackwood Chapter will be released on PC, Mac, and Stadia on June 1, and will be released on Xbox One and PS4 a week later.

    So for ESO players, the current focus is on Gates of Oblivion, because there are still many secrets waiting for you to explore! If you need ESO Gold, you can buy them on IGGM.

    Because ESO Gold is an important part of the game, new players can use ESO Gold to equip their characters with some starter gear or weapons. For veterans, they need ESO Gold to continuously optimize their characters. If you come to IGGM to buy ESO Gold, you can also get a 5% off coupon at the coupon center. This is a very good deal.

  • The Elder Scrolls Online Guide: How Can Healers Better Protect Their Teams During Trials

    Posted: Oct 20, 2020

    ESO fans can finally start an adventure with their friends in the game. Players can create their stories in Tamiel. If you want to test your mettle, you can participate in games like MMO raids. Raids require members to play different roles, including the role of the healer, who is a necessary condition for the survival of the entire team. Because they are very important, the person who plays the healer must also be more cautious, because a small mistake is likely to ruin the entire team.

    So, what should the healer do to ensure the safety of the team? Please read the following suggestions:

    Draw up a reasonable plan

    If a team has 12 people, then we recommend equipping the team with two healers, because one healer can only affect 6 people at most.

    In addition, it is also necessary for you to make a reasonable treatment plan. When teammates are injured, the healer should set healing-over-time (HOTs) and areas-of-effect (AOEs). Then, if the healer wants to increase the overall damage, he needs to try to debuff the enemies. Finally, the healer needs to reset their HOTs and AOEs when they expire.

    Pay attention to Magicka

    The healer should be equipped with appropriate weapons, gears and enchantments. As for gear, Light Armor is the best, because they can make not only Cost Reduction and Magicka Recovery, but also Spell Critical for spell potency.

    In addition, the Magicka-focused glyphs for the armor, weapons and jewels should be paid attention to by healers. Because this can boost the overall Magickal pool of a healer.

    Adjust according to the team

    Healers should adjust their builds according to the needs of the team. For example, most teams have spellcasters and melee fighters. However, healers should pay attention to team settings with more spellcasters, such as Sorcerers and builds that rely more on Stamina. In these cases, the healer should separately consider equipping spells that help improve Magicka and Stamina recovery.

    Seize the right time

    The healers should find the right time for treatment to maximize the healing effect. Under normal circumstances, it is best for the healer to cast magic when healing behind their companions, and the healer also needs to spread out their AOEs and HOTs. Some spell stack and other important timing factors also need to be paid attention to, the healer can notice which spells should be used when enemies prepare a heavy attack or other critical situations.

    If you have always wanted to be the backbone of the team, then becoming a healer is the best choice. If you read this guide, it should help you. If you don't have suitable healer equipment, you can choose to buy them with ESO Gold. As for ESO Gold, it is a wise choice to go to IGGM to buy, because in the game you can indeed get a small amount of ESO Gold through farming, but in my opinion, the amount of ESO Gold finally harvested is not proportional to the time you spend. This is not worth the loss. Going directly to IGGM to buy cheap ESO Gold can save you a lot of time, so you can be more immersed in the joy of the game.

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