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Elder Scrolls Online Guide: Best Racials For Tank Warriors

Posted: Feb 07, 2021

In RPG games, tanks are often popular because they can knock down groups of enemies effortlessly. Elder Scrolls Online will bring you a lot of choices, the first choice you need to make is race. There are 10 races for you to choose from in Tamriel. Their innate racial abilities make them more suitable for specific game styles. Among them, tank characters are also very popular.


Their reputation as heavy armor smiths is well known in Tamriel, so it's no surprise that there are so many Orcs in the Imperial Legions.

Craftsman Skill can allow you to gain experience faster, making heavy armor more attractive. Unflinching Rage grants extra maximum Health and heals the player when weapon abilities cause damage. The weapon damage of Swift Warrior is further enhanced in each successive rank. Finally, Brawny can increase maximum Stamina.


Considering their racial skills, being a tank is a wise choice. The Tough Skill will be able to increase your maximum health. If they wear heavy armor, an Imperial will be unstoppable. Imperial Mettle and Ref Diamond will also increase your staying power in battle.


As we all know, Redguards are intimidating warriors, and their power is especially in Stamina Skill. You can swing your weapons longer and make more powerful moves.

The Conditioning and Martial Training Skills can be said to be a perfect match. The former increases maximum Stamina and the latter reduces the cost of using weapon abilities. Adrenaline Rush is very effective for tank builds, because direct hits can supplement the Stamina pool.


Khajiit is a very versatile race, it is suitable for any game style. Their Racial Skills make them very tough fighters on the battlefield.

The Robustness Skill can increase the recovery speed of all three attributes, which allows them to fight longer. Lunar Blessings can expand the maximum amount of Health, Stamina and Magicka.

Dark Elf

Dark Elf can balance offense and defense well, and they can play a more direct role in combat. Resist Flame makes them more durable against enemies who like to use flames. At the same time, Ruination increases spell and weapon damage as the rank increases. If you like dual-wield, you will get help from Ashlander Skill and get extra experience points.


They are very useful as defensive tanks. Their main advantage lies in the healing ability, so they are very friendly to novices.

The Resourceful Racial Skill can make drinking potions more beneficial because it restores more attributes. Argonian Resistance increases Health and is immune to poisons and diseases. Finally, Life Mender makes healing stronger and stronger, so if you are looking for a race with a great combination of tanks and healing, Argonian is a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a suitable tank, you can refer to the above-detailed introduction and choose the best one according to your actual needs.

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