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News Tag: Buy ESO Gold

  • Black Friday Special Sparks Displeasure Among Elder Scrolls Online Players

    Posted: Nov 25, 2022

    The Elder Scrolls Online has had a rough time with the release of Update 35, which gave players a very poor experience. To celebrate the arrival of Black Friday, ZeniMax Online Studios, the game's development team, has launched a Black Friday Special in the Crown Store. However, the launch of this activity has increased players' dissatisfaction with the game.

    It turns out that The Elder Scrolls Online transitioned from a subscription-only model to a hybrid model, which meant microtransactions appeared in the game. So, it looks like the game's development team is running promotions on the Crown Store, when in reality these promotions are cosmetic and a way for them to maximize revenue.

    The internet is awash with Tamriel's fan displeasure with The Elder Scrolls Online. They feel that the game has always been unfriendly with consumers. For example, ZeniMax Online Studios often puts some flavor of the month rotations, loot crate exclusives, and even some useless convenience items in the in-game store to entice inexperienced players to buy them. Second, they always have no sincerity to apologize for the disastrous release of any update to the game. Instead, they just perfunctorily give players some useless compensation. What's more, the Creative Director of The Elder Scrolls Online will also mock the players during the live broadcast. Such excessive behaviors have caused The Elder Scrolls Online community to become a powder keg that may explode at any time. However, ZeniMax Online Studios' Black Friday Special, available today, is yet another spark that could set it off.

    In the "Black Friday Special", players can buy what is said to be worth about $69 for about $16. These items include the following: an exclusive recolored elk, ten experience scrolls, twenty riding lessons, ten fortifying mealsTen soul gems and fifty potions.

    Many players couldn't wait to buy this "Black Friday Special" after seeing such a discount. However, when they opened it, they couldn't contain their anger anymore, and they complained on the game's official Reddit community. The following is the main content of the post posted by one of the players with the username r0lyat.

    He said that all the items offered in the Black Friday Special are actually not worth the price it advertises. For example, players can get fifty Tri-Restoration Potions provided by this promotion by claiming daily login rewards. Second, players can easily buy and refill soul gems just by using a skill line. And the Crown Fortifying meals provide a two-hour tri-stat buff, also for tanks only. In addition, some non-premium alternatives are also very easy to obtain.

    Next, he talked about riding lessons in The Elder Scrolls Online. He said that the course is time-limited, in fact all players can only train one class a day. While the experience scrolls can help players quickly reach Level 160 by increasing experience gain to 50%, this can also be achieved by playing the game. Overall, the recolored elk mount is the only one that's okay out of all the items. That being said, the deal is only worth $16 at best, and ZeniMax Online Studios deliberately says it's worth $69. So it is understandable for players to be angry.

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  • Buggy Firesong Sparks Dissatisfaction Among Elder Scrolls Online Players

    Posted: Nov 17, 2022

    Firesong is a DLC for Elder Scrolls Online. In the meantime, it's the finale to the year-long "Legacy of the Bretons" storyline.

    However, it may be that the Elder Scrolls Online team, ZeniMax Online Studios is putting all their weight into Oblivion, which is in development. When the DLC officially released on PC on November 1st, it exposed a lot of serious problems one after another. Many players reported that they were unable to log in and access the game, let alone their new DLC.

    After features like this came out, ZeniMax Online Studios put an emergency maintenance on the DLC. However, they only addressed the worst of them right away. They've been working on less damaging issues since then.

    In fact, players have been dissatisfied with Elder Scrolls Online's story for a long time. However, their dissatisfaction with the game goes far beyond that. Ever since ZeniMax Online Studios was assigned to a new MMO project, players have clearly felt that the team's game content has become increasingly sloppy and uninteresting. Sometimes whether the team is updating the game or fixing game bugs can actually break the balance of the game. At the same time, the scope of each subsequent Chapter the team has created feels smaller.

    In order to express their apology to the players, the game team ZeniMax Online Studios decided this week to give each player a Guar pet for free as compensation and promised to do better in the future. However, players don't seem to be very happy with the re-skinned pet they received compared to what other MMOs give players. Second, the understated verbal promises made by players to the team are even more difficult to believe given the team's frequent missteps in releasing new content in recent years.

    The apology issued by the Elder Scrolls Online team on the official subreddit also caused a lot of discussion among players. Some players said that the verbal promises given by the game team will not alleviate their concerns about the game. Some players resent that if the team can create a good update content, they would rather accept the long wait. Obviously, players have a lot of dissatisfaction and doubts about the stability and direction of Elder Scrolls Online.

    If ZeniMax Online Studios is really neglecting Elder Scrolls Online because they put most of their experience into the new MMO, as the rumors spread, then they really need to clean up their team. It wouldn't be worth it if Elder Scrolls Online lost a huge following because of their attitude!

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  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Brand-new Patron And Deck Coming To Tales Of Tribute

    Posted: Oct 07, 2022

    The Firesong DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online will launch next month. And from official sources, we can learn that a brand-new patron and deck coming to Tales of Tribute will be added to the Firesong DLC. Today, I mainly bring you a preview of The Druid King deck, patron powers, and a new mechanic that are about to meet with you.

    Firesong is about Druids, so it will still focus on exploring the Druids, including going to the zone of Galen. So it seemed like a natural choice for the newest patron to be Druid King.

    In the existing High Isle chapters, many players are basically used to the existing decks and gameplay. However, in the new preview, the ESO team does not want to continue to be the same, but to promote innovation and create new gameplay. This allows for synergy with existing decks while improving the Tribute's metadata in the long term. This new way of playing still needs to ensure that the new card released can provide Tales of Tribute.

    So what's so special about The Druid King deck? All card names and art have deep ties to the three Druid circles. At this point, if you can create a big enough combo, with the help of the patron, you can successfully unlock Chimera and have the ability to cycle cards out of the Tavern.

    Finally, I want to introduce a new card mechanic that is coming called "While in Play". The novelty of this card mechanic is that it can provide a new strategy. From the explanation of designer John Carlson, we can understand that this operation is similar to a combo, and players need to ensure that they can gain additional effects from other cards according to their own operations. For example, if you have a card called Stonelore Rockseeker, you just need to play or activate any agent to activate its effect to earn 1 coin. Using this effect well, you can ensure that every agent you play, including agents from other decks, will be rewarded.

    If you want to win, in addition to having The Druid King deck, you need to prepare a second deck and learn to use it in conjunction with your existing deck. Of course, any card purchase requires sufficient ESO Gold. Fortunately, you can buy ESO Gold at Here, you can not only enjoy cheap prices, but also experience high-quality services. Our customer service is online 24 hours a day. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service!

  • What Can You Get From New Wraithtide Crown Crates In Elder Scroll Online?

    Posted: Sep 23, 2022

    Each wraith tide brings something different, with fortunes lost by the All-Flags Navy, residuum from the great Sload necromancy pits and pickings from Hadolid brine hoards. These are treasures once buried under the Abecean sea. All you need to do is collect the treasure in the new Wraithtide Crates.

    The new Wraithtide Crown Crates will be available from the in-game Crown Store on Thursday, September 22 at 10AM ET. You can buy these Crates yourself with ESO Gold. When you get the Wraithtide Crown Crate, not only will you get an array of spooky haunted items and collectibles, you'll also have the chance to receive items including Boneman Polymorph and Seamount Raider Outfit Style, Wraithtide Bear and Guar Mounts, Magmaheart Skin and Wyrd Sight Face Markings and more.

    What's more, if you get a Wraithtide Crown Crate, not only will you get the collectibles mentioned above, you'll also have the chance to get the following super-rare Radiant Apex mounts, such as, Reefstrider Ornaug Mount, Forge Master's Charger and Warmaiden's Wolf Mounts.

    Depot collectibles such as the Sea Giant and Nighthollow Crown Crafting Motifs will still appear in a new Wraithtide Crown Crate.

    These are just my brief introductions to some of the rare collectibles that will appear in a Wraithtide Crown Crate, more will come after you buy them. It is worth noting that the launch of this new crate season means that your Dark Chivalry Crown Crates will no longer be available, and you will need to dispose of them before departure.

    Can't wait to scare friends and foes with these cursed collectibles? You need to have enough ESO Gold ready before the new Wraithtide Crown Crates hit the shelves. Fortunately, you can buy ESO Gold at If you want some discounts, you've come to the right place. The price we give is the lowest price in the industry. 10-min instant delivery also can be committed. I wish you have a good buying experience!

  • High Isle and Firesong-The Two Latest DCLs in Elder Scrolls Online

    Posted: Sep 22, 2022

    High Isle is actually part of the Legacy of the Bretons, a new story in The Elder Scrolls Online and the first of three DLCs in this new story. High Isle, like Firesong, is a brand new DLC area similar to Markarth, Southern Elsweyr, and Clockwork City. And the expansion for these two DLCs are about to be completed. It is worth noting that the Lost Depths dungeon pack is still set in High Isle. Players can play the game on PTS using both PC and Mac.

    In High Isle, you will enter the island of Galen once Zenimax digs into the druid lore. Maormer which is the Sea Elves, is busy raiding the coastline, so your task is to keep the island safe from the Firesong Circle. The climax of the story comes when you and your allies fight the Ascendent Lord, who is considered to be the big bad guy of the High Isle.

    High Isle is very similar to Amenos in that the prisoners on both islands are left to fend for themselves and are not taken seriously. So according to this storyline, all the Alliance's leaders here need to be rescued by us. Conversely, in Galen Island, which also has lush green jungle, there are no unfortunate prisoners, but a group of
    druids and woodland spirits.

    The storyline in Firesong is actually an extension of the High Isle story. At the same time, Firesong also added a card game called "Tales of Tribute". This game is sponsored by The Druid King. You can try out their decks on a test server before the final release of the PTS, and the experience won't affect your gameplay in any way.

    This PTS update also adds a Target Marker system that helps you mark allies, enemies, and yourself. The system can also hide your pets around busy interactive stations in the city. Armory Stations have also been added to the two main PvP locations, Cyrodiil and the Imperial City, where builds and gear can be exchanged for custom sets.

    Players will be able to experience Firesong on November 1st on PC, Mac and Stadia. Users on Xbox and PlayStation will have to wait until November 15 to experience the DLC.

    Regardless of the content update, the ESO Gold is an essential currency for Elder Scrolls Online. If you want to level up quickly in the game, you can buy ESO Gold at Please rest assured that our trading environment is very safe. And our transaction methods are also very diverse, such as Paypal, Credits Cards and Pay Locally. If you have any questions during the purchase process, please contact our customer service!

  • ESO: How To Get The Necropotence Set?

    Posted: Feb 17, 2022

    In ESO, the armor sets determine your overall performance, so getting a good set is the pursuit of many players, and one of the most popular sets for Magicka and Summon-based players is the Necropotence Set.

    This set isn't specifically made for Necromancers, Warden and Sorcerer are the only classes that make the most use of this set. Because the full bonus only works when a permanent combat pet is out. IGGM will guide you to get the Necropotence Set.

    Necropotence Armor

    * Two Items: Increases Max Magicka by 1096

    * Three Items: Increases Max Magicka by 1096

    * Four Items: Increases Max Magicka by 1096

    * Full Set Bonus: As long as a Pet is summoned (not including non-combat Pets), Max Magicka is increased by 1096

    By equipping these 4 items, your Magicka increases by a total of 3288, which is a great bonus if you cast a lot of spells in battles.

    If you equip 5 pieces of this, the bonus for the entire set gives you 4384 Magicka, provided you have a battle pet summoned. This counts for the Warden's Bear and the Sorcerer's Winged Twilight, Familiar, and Clannfear.

    How to get the Necropotence Set?

    You can only find the Necropotence Set in Rivenspire, which is usually the area in the mid-way through the Daggerfall Covenant questline. This is an overworld set, which means that set pieces drop from various sources throughout the area. To make the process smoother, you can come to IGGM first to buy ESO Gold. Quests, Delve bosses, World bosses, Public Dungeons, and Dark Anchors are all good chances for you to get this set.

    Before heading to Rivenspire, you need to make sure you've reached max level, as gear in ESO only changes with the level when you pick it up.

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  • ESO: Whitestrake's Mayhem PvP-Centric Event Will Come!

    Posted: Feb 11, 2022

    When new content comes to ESO, there will be a wait until everyone can dive into High Isle. So lately, IGGM will be keeping an eye on Whitestrake's Mayhem PvP-centric event.

    This year's event begins on February 17 and will run until March 1. Expect typical round bonuses like extra XP gains, a boost to Alliance points, and plenty of rewards for your hard work. There will also be Alliance War jewelry available and Double Harvest from Cyrodiil and Imperial City nodes.

    You can get the "Whitestrake's Mayhem" quest from the Crown Store. You only need to do this if you haven't completed the quest. If you already have Scroll of Pelinal's Ferocity and can only be available while this event is running, now is your best chance. If you do, you'll get 2 hours of 100% buff to the Alliance War, Imperial City, and Battlegrounds to both XP gains for PvP player kills. If your buff expires, you can get another buff from Predicant Maera. During the game, if you need help, you can come to IGGM to buy ESO Gold at any time.

    In addition to rewards, there are items and rewards in the game. There are new Back Drake body and face markings this year. These warpaints are dropped by the bosses of Imperial City. There are also other drops like style pages for Legion Zero Vigiles Outfit. You can scrape pages from the corpses of bosses and sweepers you've taken down in Imperial City.

    Plus, there are Pelinal's Boon Boxes, where you can consistently earn PvP rewards, including PvP daily quest rewards, like Battlegrounds or Elder Scroll capture of Imperial City Daily quests. These boxes give you a chance to get soul gems, style pages, weapons, and more.

    For more ESO-related news, you can always come to IGGM to check the latest trends.

  • ESO: How To Fix The Infinite Loading Screen?

    Posted: Feb 07, 2022

    There are many loading screens in ESO, and whether you're using Wayshhrine to travel through the world, enter a new area, or wait for the game to start, you'll end up staring at the loading screen. If you find it keeps loading but can't jump to the next screen, IGGM has ways to fix it.

    How to fix the infinite loading screen on PC?

    Starting ESO on PC and bringing up Launcher. This small window contains information about the game, upcoming content changes, and one download bar. In this window, you can choose to play ESO, which will pop up the real game in its separate window. Here, you may encounter the infinite loading screen.

    After minutes, if the screen doesn't go to the character selection menu, this error occurs. There's an Ouroboros symbol on the bottom right corner that spins constantly, making you think it's loading, but in fact, it probably is not.

    Close the game and bring up the launcher, from the launcher, find the gear icon and choose the repair option. This will reload the game and replace the download bar with the repair bar. If this doesn't happen, turn off the Launcher, pull it back, and try again.

    Once the repair bar is over, you can start ESO again.

    How to fix the infinite loading screen on Console?

    The same issue occurs on the console, and there are ways to fix it. You need to clear the cache and delete saved data, both of which can be found in the console settings menu. Then turn off the console and unplug the power cable for a few seconds.

    If that doesn't work, you'll need to uninstall ESO and reinstall it.

    The issue with infinite loading now seems to be fixed, the loading screen should advance to the character selection menu.

    IGGM will continue to provide game-related strategies and problem-solving methods, which can optimize your game experience to a certain extent, and cheap ESO Gold is also available, as long as you need it, you can come to IGGM to buy Gold you need at any time.

  • ESO: Where The New Expansion Could Be Set?

    Posted: Jan 30, 2022

    Bethesda and ZeniMax released a teaser for the ESO 2022 Global Reveal event in early January, but where it will be set remains a secret. The trailer features an unknown landmass with rocky coastlines that even the most loyal fans can't identify.

    ESO players have been sharing their guesses on social media for the past few days, but some options seem to be more reliable. Based on this, IGGM will also give its guesses.

    The new content in ESO comes primarily in new chapters and expansions that will introduce previously unseen locations, storylines, and characters to the game.

    So far, ESO has introduced 5 major expansions:

    * Morrowind

    * Summerset

    * Elsweyr

    * Greymoor


    The next expansion will be shown at the Global Showcase event, although we don't yet know what will be new. But we have some predictions.

    Dellese Isles

    Dellese Isles is located somewhere in High Rock province but has never been properly described in the ESO. Although it's been mentioned, very few people know their exact location, so that makes them the best place to visit for ESO.


    The island of Pyandonea is the home of Maormer, and despite Maormer's prominence in ESO, it has a small amount of lore. Pyandonea's land is covered in lush rainforest, which could provide a unique, visually exciting setting for the next ESO expansion.


    One of the least explored locations in the ESO, Yokuda is located west of Tamriel and hides a rich history about the origins of the Redguards. Some fans have speculated that the rocky shore featured in the new trailer could be the tip of the land, which could be all that remains of the mysterious continent of Yokuda.

    High Isle

    High Isle is a very mysterious place that has only appeared once or twice in the history of the Elder Scrolls series. But we know it's an island associated with the Bretons, which aligns with what's been revealed before, so that's probably the most likely one.

    Once the new expansion arrives, IGGM will also share relevant content promptly, and provide cheap ESO Gold, so that you can calmly deal with various situations.

  • ESO: How To Gear For Endgame Content?

    Posted: Jan 27, 2022

    Unique to ESO is its lack of vertical progression, once you reach level 50 and champion point 160, all gear drops stop scaling, which means you've hit the ceiling of number. As you get more Champion Points, you will get stronger. IGGM will show you how to start gearing for endgame content.

    ESO features horizontal progression for gear, there are too many gear sets, which all do different things and can be better in some situations, but worse in other situations.

    Some sets are craftable, you need to buy resources and find someone willing to craft it for you, or buy directly from Guild Traders, provided you have enough ESO Gold and your initial settings can only be Epic quality at max. Legendary materials are expensive, and you'll end up replacing those gear with your final set, which might come from Trials or Veteran Dungeons.

    Some gear can be obtained through dungeons, and these items can drop from anything in the dungeon, bosses, regular enemies, and chests. You'll always have 2 chest spawns in a dungeon, so keep an eye out for them if you're looking for specific gear pieces.

    You can get some sets from specific regions, Mother's Sorrow is an example of the "overland" sets, which drops from events in the Deshaan Region. Overland sets follow a series of rules:

    * Delve bosses drop belt and boots

    * Public Dungeon bosses drop gloves, weapons, and shoulders

    * Dolmens and chests drop jewelry

    * World bosses drop head, chest, pants, and weapons.

    Typically, you'll need to mix 2 full sets of 5 or 4 benefits with another 2 bonuses. If you're using Magicka, you'll want light armor, while Stamina users will generally want Medium or Heavy armor. It's not a hard and fast rule, but you'll want to check the set bonuses to see if they apply to your build.

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