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What Can You Get From New Wraithtide Crown Crates In Elder Scroll Online?

Posted: Sep 23, 2022

Each wraith tide brings something different, with fortunes lost by the All-Flags Navy, residuum from the great Sload necromancy pits and pickings from Hadolid brine hoards. These are treasures once buried under the Abecean sea. All you need to do is collect the treasure in the new Wraithtide Crates.

The new Wraithtide Crown Crates will be available from the in-game Crown Store on Thursday, September 22 at 10AM ET. You can buy these Crates yourself with ESO Gold. When you get the Wraithtide Crown Crate, not only will you get an array of spooky haunted items and collectibles, you'll also have the chance to receive items including Boneman Polymorph and Seamount Raider Outfit Style, Wraithtide Bear and Guar Mounts, Magmaheart Skin and Wyrd Sight Face Markings and more.

New Wraithtide Crown Crate

What's more, if you get a Wraithtide Crown Crate, not only will you get the collectibles mentioned above, you'll also have the chance to get the following super-rare Radiant Apex mounts, such as, Reefstrider Ornaug Mount, Forge Master's Charger and Warmaiden's Wolf Mounts.

Depot collectibles such as the Sea Giant and Nighthollow Crown Crafting Motifs will still appear in a new Wraithtide Crown Crate.

New Wraithtide Crown Crate-1

These are just my brief introductions to some of the rare collectibles that will appear in a Wraithtide Crown Crate, more will come after you buy them. It is worth noting that the launch of this new crate season means that your Dark Chivalry Crown Crates will no longer be available, and you will need to dispose of them before departure.

Can't wait to scare friends and foes with these cursed collectibles? You need to have enough ESO Gold ready before the new Wraithtide Crown Crates hit the shelves. Fortunately, you can buy ESO Gold at If you want some discounts, you've come to the right place. The price we give is the lowest price in the industry. 10-min instant delivery also can be committed. I wish you have a good buying experience!


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