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ESO: Where The New Expansion Could Be Set?

Posted: Jan 30, 2022

Bethesda and ZeniMax released a teaser for the ESO 2022 Global Reveal event in early January, but where it will be set remains a secret. The trailer features an unknown landmass with rocky coastlines that even the most loyal fans can't identify.

ESO players have been sharing their guesses on social media for the past few days, but some options seem to be more reliable. Based on this, IGGM will also give its guesses.

The new content in ESO comes primarily in new chapters and expansions that will introduce previously unseen locations, storylines, and characters to the game.

So far, ESO has introduced 5 major expansions:

* Morrowind

* Summerset

* Elsweyr

* Greymoor


The next expansion will be shown at the Global Showcase event, although we don't yet know what will be new. But we have some predictions.

Dellese Isles

Dellese Isles is located somewhere in High Rock province but has never been properly described in the ESO. Although it's been mentioned, very few people know their exact location, so that makes them the best place to visit for ESO.


The island of Pyandonea is the home of Maormer, and despite Maormer's prominence in ESO, it has a small amount of lore. Pyandonea's land is covered in lush rainforest, which could provide a unique, visually exciting setting for the next ESO expansion.


One of the least explored locations in the ESO, Yokuda is located west of Tamriel and hides a rich history about the origins of the Redguards. Some fans have speculated that the rocky shore featured in the new trailer could be the tip of the land, which could be all that remains of the mysterious continent of Yokuda.

High Isle

High Isle is a very mysterious place that has only appeared once or twice in the history of the Elder Scrolls series. But we know it's an island associated with the Bretons, which aligns with what's been revealed before, so that's probably the most likely one.

Once the new expansion arrives, IGGM will also share relevant content promptly, and provide cheap ESO Gold, so that you can calmly deal with various situations.


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