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Elder Scrolls Online Guide: How Can We Get The Nightmare Bear Cub?

Posted: Feb 01, 2021

Who would reject a furry friend? So in Elder Scrolls Online, you will be able to unlock new pets before the latest chapter Blackwood is released. In ESO: Blackwood, you will travel to Niben Forest, Blackwood Bog, and the imperial city of Leyawiin. The story takes place 800 years before the Oblivion events. You will embark on an adventure, so you need to destroy the plans of Mehrunes Dagon, Daedric Prince of Destruction. You don’t have to worry, you won’t have to start this journey alone, you can unlock Nightmare Bear Cub pet, bring a little taste of hellfire on the current adventure.

The Nightmare Bear Cub is a small furry animal with its paws and eyes burning with flames. Before the release of Gates of Oblivion, you can also unlock it and another special mount. Although there are no detailed steps in the game to obtain this pet, you need to spend money to access it.

How to unlock the Nightmare Bear Cub?

To unlock this Nightmare Bear Cub pet and other mounts, you have to pre-order ESO: Blackwood. Note that Nightmare Bear Cub can only be purchased before March 17, which is before the launch of Flames of Ambition. If you don’t pre-order within the specified time, you will not be able to unlock the pet.

Other Rewards

  • Dremora Kynreeve Outfit
  • Deadlands Wamasu Pet
  • 1× Iron Atronach Crate
  • 3× Blackwood Treasure Maps
  • 2× Experience Scrolls

In ESO, pets are mostly cosmetic. They cannot help you in battle, but there is one exception. The Sorcerer’s familiars and Warden’s combat pets are special. These classes players can summon specific animal companions to help them in battle.

Although most pets can't help you in battle, at least you won't feel alone in the adventure with them, and they will make you look cooler.

As for the ESO Gold you need in the game, you can choose to grind in the game or buy them, but as we all know, grinding FFXIV Gil is not an interesting process, so most players don’t want to spend too much time on that. So buying ESO Gold now is a more popular way.

Therefore, if you also have the intention to buy, IGGM will be ready to welcome you at any time. As a professional game service website, IGGM can meet almost all your requirements, low prices, fast delivery, and safe payment methods. They are the advantage of IGGM!


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