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ESO: Flames Of Ambition Gameplay Has Been Released

Posted: Mar 09, 2021

ESO’s new trailer shows the upcoming DLC - Flames of Ambition. You can learn more about the gameplay in ESO’s extra dungeon pack.

Although it is usually a single-player game, ZeniMax Online Studios has developed an MMO to complement the series of games. ESO continues the tradition of character customization, while also integrating many areas of Tamriel. The expansion of The Gates of Oblivion will be released soon, and we can see some future scenes in the trailer.

The video started with a rather dark vibe, when a group of cultists who worship an altar of Dagon appeared. For a long time, fans of Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion will think that this is one of the Daedric princes and the main opponent of ES 4. The cultists brought destruction to Tamriel's land in the pursuit of power they do not understand. You will end the game plot by completing two dangerous challenges. Judging from the trailer, the Cauldron and Black Drake Villa dungeons will begin the adventure of Gates of Oblivion.

Although the gameplay in the trailer is vague, fans should not be bored because there is much new content waiting for them. In the beginning, there seemed to be a large number of cultists to take on, and everyone had their own magical abilities. Fire seems to be a common theme, because in the trailer, the scene where the main character escapes from the dense flames is impressive. And it also seems to show that many enemies are summons from fire, so in order to deal with the burning target, you need to be fully prepared. In addition, there will be a Minotaur.

The ESO issued as early as 2014 showed continuous expansion and updates. Although this is a completely different game that even allows you to travel across many regions, it still retains the lore of the series. As the Gates of Oblivion adventure unfolds, Flames of Ambition DLC will provide some additional exploration content.

After that, IGGM will continue to pay attention to the progress of Elder Scrolls Online, and will frequently update relevant game news and guides, and provide some tips and tricks.

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