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ESO: The New Villa Dungeon Has Some Of The Best Bosses

Posted: Mar 05, 2021

ESO's new year-long adventure will start in a few days! The Gates of Oblivion will open, and it will reproduce the fiery hellscape in ESO IV - the Deadlands. We will also enter an untrodden ground - Flames of Ambition.

Two dungeons will appear:

Black Drake Villa - A foray into a dilapidated villa to look for a powerful cult of Daedra worshippers.

The Cauldron - The task is to disrupt the powerful cult of Daedra Black Drake Villa.

This villa used to belong to the Longhouse Emperors. It was a dynasty that was notified by Cyrodiil-ruling Reachmen. Now it is full of troubles. Now, it is hosting a group of mercenary visitors - The True-Sworn.

In addition to those True-Sworn, goblins and beasts will also greet you at the gates, you need to start the bashing. After that, a group of bad guys rushed towards you with a fiery orange aura. This should be the result of the buff given by the salamander. Black Drake Villa embodies ESO's new dungeon style features 3 bosses, each with its own difficulty mode. If you like fresh challenges, you don’t want to miss those.

The first is the Minotaur Kinras Ironeye, which is waiting for you in the next courtyard. It stands at the other end of the arena, swinging a studded club. When you approach the space, you need to avoid the red AoE spots. After that, the salamanders will return to Kinras with a group of buffs. Now, you not only need to kill the amphibians, but also make sure to distract Kinras.

When you are done, you need to go in and find the library. The library was filled with research papers and burning books, and the room was full of smoke. Eveli will take you to the next boss - Captain Geminus, a True-Sworn leader. Her lair is a gladiatorial arena, located under a huge, cracked dome. Captain Geminus is an archer, but she also has some powerful skills. In this battle, you need to do your best to avoid. Around the arena, the caster will throw curses on you, blurring your vision. And an air atronach will harangue you with melee attacks.

After Captain is resolved, you walk through the garden of the villa, using water-powered trampolines, to reach higher levels. After solving some enemies such as fire behemoths, burning spectres, etc. you will arrive at a garden where the last boss will wait for you. In this battle, managing distance and quick response are essential. As long as you learn to adapt to circumstances, it is possible to defeat them.

This is very challenging, so before you start, you need to be fully prepared and try to equip some good gear and weapons so that you can survive longer in the battle. If you need ESO Gold, you can come to IGGM to buy them at any time.

And IGGM is now holding a discount activity. Anyone who comes to IGGM to buy ESO Gold for the first time can get a 5% off ESO Gold coupon at the coupon center. Therefore, it is wise to stock up some cheap ESO Gold as much as possible.


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