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ESO: More Things About Black Marsh You May Want To Know

Posted: Mar 02, 2021

In Elder Scrolls Online, Black Marsh, also known as Argonia, is the home of reptilians. This is a dense swamp, and if not properly prepared, hiking is very dangerous. This is an area that requires keen senses, because there are dangerous things in almost every corner. So before exploring the Black Marsh, you need to pay attention to the following things.

Deadly Creatures

The Black Marsh is a harsh natural environment. The local monsters are also very deadly. One of them is Wamasu. It is a large reptile with a tough appearance and is known for its deadly lightning running down its spine. Its mouth can emit light and it can move very fast.

The other is Voriplasm, a creature made of green slime that can strip other animals and humanoids to bones in a few seconds. Voriplasm can create mini Voriplasms, and even control the victim's body, by covering some of their essences.

A unique way of transportation

The Black Marsh is very different from the other province of Tamriel, and another place that makes it different from the others is the unique way of transportation. The Argonians do not use carriages in the Black Marsh area like other races, but use a creature called Rootworm to move around. The travelers submerged themselves in the Rootworm's stomach through the breathing holes.

It is said that rootworms can fly from one city to another in Black Marsh within a few minutes. Although it grows in the stomach of rootworms, Argonian tough skin can resist acid, so it can live in its stomach for a period of time.


Most people usually associate lycanthropy with Tamriel's werewolves, but there are also two types in the Black Marsh. In this province, wererocodiles and werelions are two types of lycanthrope stalking in the swamp. Although they are not as many werewolves, they are confirmed to be real in the book - "On Lycanthropy" by ESO 2: Daggerfall.

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