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ESO: How To Get Cursed Feathers?

Posted: Oct 25, 2021

Witches Festival is back in ESO again, and part of which is Cursed Feathers. Considering the addition is a step above the usual Halloween event in ESO, getting these Cursed Feathers may confuse some players. IGGM will make things clearer.

However, in this new quest of "Plucking the Crow", it doesn't seem to be of much help. You have been told to kill the vile creatures and birds around Tamriel to get the Cursed Feathers needed for the quest. This quest is easier than imagined and only involves the Plunder Skulls.

Get Cursed Feathers with Plunder Skulls

The main way to get Cursed Feathers during the Witches Festival is to open up Plunder Skulls. They are used as Halloween reward boxes that will be frequently distributed during the event. You can get these rewards by completing a large number of events or defeating the bosses in the game.

When you receive the Plunder Skull, there are various goods in it, including Cursed Feathers. As long as you activate the "Plucking the Crow" quest in the event, then Cursed Feathers will almost always appear in the skulls, but the number will vary, usually between 10-20 feathers.

In addition to feathers, if the reward boxes are yellow, you also have a chance to unlock new motifs, but only a certain amount of content will appear in a day.

How to begin the quest for Cursed Feathers?

To start the quest, you need to go to any place where you can find the event Impresario. These locations are usually outside the big city and are marked by a box with a star on the map. Witchmother Taerma will also appear there, or in Witchmother's hideout in Stonefalls, Auridon, and Glenumbra.

After talking to Taerma and obtaining all Cursed Feathers, you can build an effigy and teleport to an Everhloam location. There, you will need to face a group-based boss named Crowborne Horror.

In ESO, after defeating this powerful boss, it will drop rewards, thus ending the quest.

If you need any amount of ESO Gold during this period, you can come to IGGM to buy it at any time, and Halloween is approaching, IGGM will also announce some discounts activities or give away some coupons, so you can pay more attention to the latest news announced by IGGM to get cheap ESO Gold.


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