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ESO: You Can Still Complete Witch Festival Writs Quests After The Event Ends

Posted: Nov 01, 2021

During the Witches Festival, you can collect some items - Witches Festival Writs. In addition, there are some quest items related to crafting recipes. However, you may not always have the recipes needed to craft them, which will hinder you from completing the quest. When this happens, you can be left with unfinished Writs, because they may be quite valuable.

What to do with unfinished Writs?

If you want to unlock achievements and the witch hat item, you can store unfinished Writs in your house or in your inventory. Even after the event is over, you can still make recipes and turn them in as they still count to the quest.

You can also go to a Guild Trader. You can find guild traders in any major city, usually through the entrance gate. If you only need the recipes to complete the Writ, you can buy it from the guild traders without joining the guild. However, if you want to sell items to guild traders, you need to join a guild.

Once you enter the guild and find a guild trader, you can sell Writ. Many people may still be looking for Writs, it should be able to sell for quite a high price, so you can earn some ESO Gold through selling it.

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