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The Elder Scrolls 6 Might Land Sometime In 2025

Posted: Mar 10, 2020

The Elder Scrolls a series of MMORPGs released by Bethesda in 1994, developing to the current Elder Scrolls Online, and building a stable player base. The Elder Scrolls VI is highly anticipated as the last entry of Skyrim of the Elder Scrolls series after being announced during E3 2018, which will be playable in the near future.

A recent Reddit user ToddIsMyMom claimed to know setting and details about the Elder Scrolls VI, rather than a brief teaser trailer. From the post, it revealed that the Elder Scrolls 6 will take place in Hammerfell, High Rock and Yokuda, with the landmass was seen in the teaser trailer being the latter. Moreover, the version is revolving around Direnni Tower subtitled Redfall.

Hammerfell once appeared in the Elder Scrolls Online and Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, where has a tons of interesting lore from the Reddit user's post, creating shaping quests and plot lines, while High Rock is shaping up to be really interesting and it really scratches the itch for a mystic world with a lot of quests revolving around political intrigue and making advancement in magic.

According to the messages we currently have, the Elder Scrolls 6 will be released sometime in 2025, a long time from now. At that time, the game will be a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X exclusive title. That is. Even the developing team can't clearly understand many details about the game, to a large extent this is just what the user added from the trailer. So this casts a lot of doubt on the veracity of these claims.

There are some tiny details about the Elder Scrolls VI, like Bethesda are aiming to create a game with no loading screens, adding new dungeons, players' home and more. But it is worth noting that these have not been officially determined, so the players should keep your expectations in check.

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