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News Tag: PSO2 New Genesis

  • PSO 2 Will Introduce Bouncer Class, Sonic, and An Autumn Event

    Posted: Aug 26, 2021

    The next batch of PSO 2 content has been announced, and three main content will appear. The most important and most concerned by players is that the Bouncer class will soon appear in New Genesis.

    Confirmed to be released in October, the Bouncer class will be the second new class after Braver. It will have two new weapons, which are jet boots and soaring blades. It is not yet known whether the gunblades of the original PSO2 will return. Players can expect that the Bouncer class is highly mobile and can bring them enough fun.

    New Genesis also received the Sonic cooperation event. To celebrate the release of Sonic Colors Ultimate, Sega launched various login rewards and Twitter campaigns. If you participate in the campaigns, you can get up to 13 different sonic-related items.

    On September 1st, this event should satisfy PSO 2 players until the Bouncer class is released. Daily login will reward you with cosmetics and useful items, including Sonic's shoes, a Tail Mag override, and a sprint animation based on Sonic's spin dash.

    In addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog collab, New Genesis will receive its second season event. The Autumn event will start on September 1, bring back Xiandy and Seasonal Points. You can purchase limited available cosmetics, new weapon series, and other miscellaneous goods with Seasonal Points in the store.

    The new Frostel weapon series is a variation of the Glissen weapons seen at the Summer event. Glissen deals extra damage to the enemies weak to lightning, and Frostel deals extra damage to enemies weak to ice. They are all three-star rare weapons, and they are likely to perform well during the event. You can test this new series on Nex Vera, which features seasonal enemies for the first time.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis: More Details About Braver Class

    Posted: Aug 11, 2021

    The Braver class has returned in PSO2 New Genesis, and some changes have made this class more meaningful. Unlike before, it did not surpass other classes in the game, but it plays equally to them. In New Genesis, the basics of The Braver class is still around, and some new skills make it a great subclass.

    This is the first major update to New Genesis. Although it does not introduce a lot of content, a new class is always worth looking forward to. Not only new classes, new class quests, and more story processes will follow. The next major update will come in the fall, including new events and mechanics, and the Bouncer class.

    Braver Class Weapons

    Braver is a melee and ranged class that uses bows and arrows and katanas. It mainly relies on dodge and parry, but there are also some good single or multi-targeting Photon Artes. The game style will vary depending on the weapon used.

    The katana is fast-paced, with fast PAs, and all about understanding the enemy's attacks to parry into counterattacks. Their attacks are not as good as other melee classes, but this is because Braver attacks are faster and has some interesting combo options.

    Braver's bow is given better mobility, and the operation is also faster. Like other PAs, bow shots charge faster to charge up, and its homing ability has stuck around in New Genesis.

    Like many ranged attackers, the bow cannot deal high damage, but deal more than assault rifles and TMGs on their own.

    Braver Class Skills

    A new skill of Braver is called Brave Combat, which reduces the PP cost of PAs and makes it easier to cause damage to the bow and katana, although it has an important cooldown. This can be reduced by another skill - Brave Combat Short Cycle, but it will also reduce the time the skill is active.

    The bow has Tracer Arrow, which can make shot homing, and another skill called Bow Elusion gives the bow a counterattack in a perfect dodge.

    Some recovery skills are also very helpful, such as Breakfall HP Gain and Mighty Guard to recover HP and PP.

    Gameplay Tips

    Counterattack is the main aspect of this class, Braver class has some good PA moves and combos. But if you want to take full advantage of it, you need to understand how to read the enemy attacks, and master the perfect dodges and blocks, instead of smashing the attack button and moving in advance. And it is best to use a bow and katana at the same time.

    This is the detailed information about the Braver class in PSO2 NGS. As for more PSO2 related articles, you can browse them on IGGM.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis Will Add New Braver Class

    Posted: Jul 28, 2021

    Sega said that the new Braver class will appear in PSO2 New Genesis in August. In addition, there will be a new side story and AC Scratch Ticket collection. The Braver class can use the Katana in melee combats or the Photon Bow in ranged combats. It causes additional damage in the quick succession of combos, and the class update will be released on August 4, 2021.

    The Braver class will have powerful class skills, enhancing the fast-paced and agile attacks of the class. The Brave battle reduces PP consumption in a short time and ends with a powerful finishing move. Katana PA Combo also has three levels of Action Changes, which increase each time the same Photon Art is used continuously. The Photon Bow can cause consistent damage through fast shots when moving as well as charged shots.

    Once the Braver class is released, you will be able to take on Braver tasks by talking to the new class coach Dierdre. In addition, you can also collect Braver-specific outfits, emotes, and hairstyles through the new Astute Braver SG Scratch Ticket.

    A new Side Quest will also be released on August 4, which will be named "A Melancholy Monument". On August 18, Sega will add a new 8-player Urgent Quest - Mining Rig Defence, which requires you to protect several mining rigs from self-destructing Boms enemies and aerial Destragras DOLLS. The reward for this urgent quest is the weapon from the Evolcoat series.

    Finally, some AC Tickets will appear in August. This will start with the summer-themed Sunshine Marine Stars collection on August 4, which will include ice cream emotes and marine-themed outfits. On August 18, the Summer Sky Seaside collection will be available, and emotes and swimwear that is suitable for the summer season will also appear.

    This is the upcoming new content of PSO2 New Genesis, so players will once again be excited by the new stuff. More details can be viewed on IGGM, and IGGM will update the latest news in time.

    In addition, if you want a better experience, you have to mention PSO2 Meseta. As the main currency in New Genesis, PSO2 New Genesis Meseta not only helps you get the resources you want but also allows you to get better weapons, so that you can easily complete the quests in the game.

  • PSO2 New Genesis Guide: How To Create A Group?

    Posted: Jul 10, 2021

    To celebrate the 9th anniversary of PSO2, Sega launched a series of time-limited tasks. You can earn seasonal points by completing these tasks and purchase useful items like PSO2 Meseta to enhance your equipment. Most of the tasks are simple, but there is one task that may confuse the players a bit. Although the premise is simple, many players do not know how to create a group chat in PSO2 New Genesis.

    A Group Chat

    Group chat is different from alliance or party. It allows you to create a small community for sharing a common chat, in this chat, you can see rare drops of other players along with any information they post. In addition, the messages are permanently saved and time-stamped for future reference. This is not a frequently used feature, but it requires completing the "Using Group Chat I" and "Using Group Chat II" tasks.

    How to create a group?

    Both tasks require you to post messages in a group. The first tier can be completed by publishing three messages, while the second tier requires 5. However, creating a group to post these messages is not as simple as it should be.

    First, you need to go to the chat interface. By default, it is located at the bottom right of the UI and should say "Log: Display All" at the top of the window. Click the cog at the top right of this window. This should open the group chat interface. There is a "Create Group" button at the bottom, it will prompt you to enter the group name and description of choice.

    Once the group chat has been created, you need to invite a friend already in PSO New Genesis. You only need to click on the newly created group chat and select "Invite Friends”. Once your friends join, you are free to communicate in your new group.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis: How To Add Friends In-game?

    Posted: Jul 07, 2021

    In PSO2 New Genesis, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of teamwork, because in the game, you can perform chain attacks to obtain additional damage, so that you can easily deal with the intimidating hordes of Falspawn that plague various planets. So the team is an important guarantee for the reserve force.

    However, in PSO2, it is not easy to team up with friends. When you are adventuring in space, you can easily meet powerful random players. Some people may seek to add a more reliable ally from Discord or Reddit, but sending friend requests requires some foresight. First, if two New Genesis players are not in the same block, they cannot friend each other.

    How to add friends?

    Because players who are not in the same block cannot add friends to each other, this is because of the interface of PSO2, because adding friends is mainly based on proximity. Fortunately, this is easy to access because you can change blocks. In short, all you need to do is to find the nearest Ryuker device, which is introduced early in the main questline, and from here, you can move to the block where your future teammates reside in.

    From this point, the most reliable way to add friends in PSO2 is to select the community tab, and then select Nearby characters. Here, you will see a list of other people nearby, and you can choose who to send the request to. In addition, you can open the main menu by hitting ESC and left-clicking on the person you want to make friends with.

    Although the above method is the most successful, you can also choose to use Visiphone to search for friends.

    A solid group of teammates can help you when you are in distress, but they are not strong enough to fight the various monsters in PSO2. Now that the team has a foundation, you should turn your attention to improving battle power. At this time, PSO Meseta will play an important role.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis: How To Enhance Gear Without Wasting Meseta?

    Posted: Jun 29, 2021

    In PSO2 New Genesis, players need to continuously improve their gear. The first step is to upgrade all your gear to level +40. But PSO2 New Genesis does not explain how to enhance weapons and armor, so if you do not act correctly, you may waste a lot of PSO2 Meseta.

    You need to understand that most gear is not worth enhancing, and any gear that does not exceed four stars is a waste of resources. And all enhancements require Grinders, it is necessary to accumulate them in advance.

    Enhancing weapons

    In PSO2 New Genesis, it is relatively easy to upgrade weapons. Upgrading a four-star weapon to level 40 will cost less than 200,000 Meseta. Considering the huge increase in DPS, this is necessary for players.

    The best way to enhance weapons is to use Silver Primm Swords. Normally, Silver Primm Swords will drop from enemies in Mt.Magnus, Vanford Laboratory Ruins, and Resol Forest. So you can go to these three places to find them.

    In PSO2 New Genesis, Silver and Gold Primm Swords provide additional progression when enhancing weapons. However, using Gold Primm Swords is a waste, because they are very rare and can be provided to item traders for an Augmentation success rate of 10%+.

    After you have collected a large amount of Silver Primm Swords, go to Item Lab Enhancement Technician in Central City. You can upgrade weapons through enhancements, unlock potential, equip augments, and limit break.

    Interact with the lady and choose "Item Enhancement". Choose a Silver Primm Sword to enhance. Then it will ask you what weapon you want to use to enhance the sword. Choose a different Silver Primm Sword to use on it, which will increase the original sword to +6 level enhancement.

    Repeat the last step until you have a +20 Silver Primm Sword. Each sword requires another 5 Silver Primm Swords to reach +20. Finally, use the item enhancement menu again, but this time choose your four-star weapon. Use Silver Primm Sword +20 on it. Continue this cycle, knowing that the four-star weapon has a +40 level enhancement.

    Enhancing units

    Considering that each player has to upgrade 3 different units, it may be very expensive. It takes a lot of New Genesis Meseta. The Best Option for units is to use Tzvia Armor. This is a two-star unit, it still drops at Mt.Magnus, Vanford Laboratory Ruins, and Resol Forest. But it takes a long time to farm these three units, so it is more cost-effective to buy from the Personal Shop.

    Which Tzvia Armor, then use another different, the second Tzvia Armor to enhance it. Repeat this process and know the original Tzvia Armor to strengthen it. Repeat this process and know that the original Tzvia Armor has gained +20 level enhancement. Then use Tzvia Armor +20 on your four-star unit.

    In short, these ways can enhance your gear while saving you PSO2 New Genesis Meseta. But if you don't have extra time to farm Meseta in the game, you can come to IGGM to buy them.

    In addition, IGGM also frequently updates some PSO2 related guides. You can choose to subscribe to IGGM to get the latest updates as soon as possible.

  • PSO2 New Genesis Dualomite Locations

    Posted: Jun 25, 2021

    We have introduced Trinite locations before, and today we are going to talk about where to find Dualomite. Dualomite is one of the 5 gatherable mineral ores in PSO2 New Genesis. Mineral ores are resources required to upgrade equipment. They only spawn in specific areas and keep depleted for a while after being harvested.

    Dualomite is an important resource because it needs to limit break weapons. Limit breaking for a weapon is enhanced beyond its default limit. Enhancing weapons can increase attack strength, which is a necessary condition for maximizing DPS. In addition, Dualomite can be used to unlock the potential of weapons, allowing unique perks based on weapon manufacturing and rarity.

    Where to find Dualomite?

    East Balflow Falls

    The easiest location to find Dualomite in PSO2 New Genesis is next to the lake at Blaflow Falls. There are a lot of Dualomite in several caves by the lake. Photon Chunk and Photon Quartz spawn there, so that is a good place for grinding ores.

    To reach the cave, you need to teleport to Ryuker Device, which is east of Balflow Falls. After spawning in, look over the cliff edge towards the lake itself. There will be a waterfall on your left. Glide to the bottom of the waterfall and enter the cave hidden behind it. You can collect as many resources as possible in the cave.

    This path will split into two directions after entering the cave, and the left path has the most resources. If you are looking for skill points, a Cocoon can also be found at the end of the left path.

    The number of resources collected every day is random, but a typical cave should provide about 14 Dualomite.

    South-west Balflow Falls

    This cave is more difficult to be found. It is located in the middle level above the lake, but below the top of the cliff. You need to find the nearby air-boosting fan leading to the cave entrance. After collecting resources, continue to the exit. Just past the exit, walk forward to the first cliff edge. The next area contains a waterfall surrounded by a spiraling rock. Descending to lower platforms, you will be able to harvest several ores.

    So if you are looking for Dualomite, you can follow the method provided in the article to find them faster. In addition, IGGM will also provide more PSO2 related guides in the future, you can pay more attention to it.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis: How To Level Up Fast?

    Posted: Jun 22, 2021

    PSO2 New Genesis has been released on a global scale. In the open world, you can seamlessly shuttle between different destinations, and the modified gameplay is welcomed by players.

    New Genesis eliminates all current levels accumulated by players in the base PSO2. Although this may frustrate many people, the developers encourage a more unique form of leveling - Power-Level. The Power-Level of a character is determined by the state of gear. The culmination of each component (weapon/armor) tends to be average, and the player's power level is gradually increased. Of course, the premise is that you have reached level 20 in a class.

    How to get to level 20 fast?

    Follow the Main Questline

    New Genesis provides a lot of space to explore, but you need to stick to the questline for a while. Some main quests have some power level requirements. In addition, the main story of the game provides some tips to help you keep going. The running speed of the main quest is also very fast, and the boss is relatively weak. The quest will lead you into all exploration and battle areas, from which you can increase EXP gains.

    Combat Area’s/Urgent Quests/Power Level

    Once you hit Resol Forest, which is level 15-20, go back to any recently discovered areas, grind any Cacoon’s stumbled encountered dust. This allows you to quickly level up your skills and become more proficient in combat, thereby accepting higher-level challenges.

    Reaching this forest also allows you to enter side quests and daily quests, which are beneficial for everyone and an excellent source of experience. After Power Level 1180+, the Urgent quest becomes available, usually some challenging high reward tasks. In these tasks, it is necessary to collect N-EXP gains, they can increase EXP gains by 25-100% for more than 20 minutes of activity time.

    Power leveling requires a lot of weapons, materials, and PSO2 New Genesis Meseta. Using the same weapon type to strengthen the currently equipped weapon can provide the best gains, but only low-rare types will drop that frequently. Armor only requires materials and Meseta, so you only need to strengthen these frequently.

    Regional Mags

    Mags will accompany you on your adventures. In PSO2, you need to continuously use special abilities to provide the necessary energy to assist in combat. Of course, Mags also provide passive buffs, increasing the drop rates, character speed, and some other rewards.

    If you are looking for guides about PSO2 fast leveling, don't miss this article. As mentioned above, Meseta can play an important role in this process and can make your role stronger and stronger. So if you need to buy PSO2 Meseta, coming to IGGM is the right choice.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis: How To Increase Your Character's Battle Power?

    Posted: Jun 21, 2021

    In PSO2 New Genesis, Battle Power represents the overall strength of the character. If you want to engage with all aspects of the game, you need to increase the Battle Power. However, some fans may not know how to increase the Battle Power because it is not explained in detail in the game tutorial. But this article will show you relevant guidance.

    Earn EXP and level up a character class

    First of all, the easiest way to increase Battle Power is to get EXP in New Genesis and upgrade character classes. This can be achieved by completing quests and killing enemies. To speed up this process, you can use Star Gems to purchase a temporary EXP. It is worth noting that this shows that the character's sub-class does not affect the Battle Power, although the sub-class can contribute this number in another way.

    Use Skill Points

    More specifically, you can increase Battle Power by using skill points to learn class and sub-class skills. For novices, skill points are obtained by completing the challenges in Cocoons and Towers of PSO2 New Genesis. The former can award 1 skill point and the latter can award 4 skill points. Once you get these valuable points, they can go directly to the Class Counter, exchange skills with them, and watch their Battle Power rise.

    Equip better gear

    You can gain extra Battle Power by equipping better gear or changing existing weapons and armor. You can gain Battle Power by enhancing items and filling expansion slots. You can perform these operations in the Item Lab opposite the Class Counter. In addition, you can increase your Battle Power by unlocking the Weapon Potentials in Item Lab.

    To speed up the completion of these processes, perhaps enough PSO2 Meseta can help you. PSO2 New Genesis Meseta, as the base currency in the game, can help you solve most problems, whether it is buying various items needed in daily life, or unleashing the potential capabilities of weapons.

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  • PSO2 New Genesis Ranger Build Guide

    Posted: Jun 17, 2021

    Phantasy Online 2 New Genesis does not have a full range of classes like the previous games, but this does not mean that you can easily choose a class to play as in the game. In New Genesis, there are 6 classes for you to choose from. They are 2 martial-type classes, 2 that use firearms, and 2 spell casters. In each pair of classes, one usually focuses on damage, while the other focuses more on support.

    During the character creation process, you will be asked to choose a class, but this is not permanent. After completing some main story quests, you can change classes on the Class Counter. The most important thing is that you can choose a class and sub-class. The subclass can only be upgraded to level 5, which is lower than the highest level of your main class. The current cap is level 20.

    Ranger is all-rounder

    Rangers are a long-range class that can shoot down enemies from a long distance. They are not tanky as hunters but have an increased reduction to conditions. They support teammates through skills, such as Blight Rounds, which will increase the damage of all allies to specific weak points. Rangers are a good beginner class because they are still very effective when staying away from harm.


    * Blight Rounds: It can mark the enemy so that it will take more damage from attacks, including your teammates

    * Bad Condition Ward/Reduction: Reduce the effectiveness and duration of status ailments

    * Slow Landing: When you use normal attacks or Photon Arts, your falling speed will be greatly slowed down.

    Weapons that can be equipped

    * Assault Rifles: A standard ranged weapon that causes damage from a distance

    (Weapon action: a sidestep counter that can avoid harm with good timing)

    * Launchers: A high-powered long-range weapon that can charge normal attacks and cause damage to an area.

    (Weapon action: a sticky bomb that causes damage to the enemies when attacked.)

    So if you want a class that can handle multiple situations, Ranger is worth a try. In the game, PSO2 Meseta is also necessary. Although you can get Meseta through various methods in-game, it is very time-consuming and energy-consuming. If you are not a professional player, you may not have enough time to spend on this. So buy PSO2 Meseta is now a more popular way.

    IGGM has witnessed different versions of Phantasy Star Online, and also provides corresponding Meseta, so it is expected that PSO2 Meseta is available on IGGM.

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