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PSO2 New Genesis: More Details About Braver Class

Posted: Aug 11, 2021

The Braver class has returned in PSO2 New Genesis, and some changes have made this class more meaningful. Unlike before, it did not surpass other classes in the game, but it plays equally to them. In New Genesis, the basics of The Braver class is still around, and some new skills make it a great subclass.

This is the first major update to New Genesis. Although it does not introduce a lot of content, a new class is always worth looking forward to. Not only new classes, new class quests, and more story processes will follow. The next major update will come in the fall, including new events and mechanics, and the Bouncer class.

Braver Class Weapons

Braver is a melee and ranged class that uses bows and arrows and katanas. It mainly relies on dodge and parry, but there are also some good single or multi-targeting Photon Artes. The game style will vary depending on the weapon used.

The katana is fast-paced, with fast PAs, and all about understanding the enemy's attacks to parry into counterattacks. Their attacks are not as good as other melee classes, but this is because Braver attacks are faster and has some interesting combo options.

Braver's bow is given better mobility, and the operation is also faster. Like other PAs, bow shots charge faster to charge up, and its homing ability has stuck around in New Genesis.

Like many ranged attackers, the bow cannot deal high damage, but deal more than assault rifles and TMGs on their own.

Braver Class Skills

A new skill of Braver is called Brave Combat, which reduces the PP cost of PAs and makes it easier to cause damage to the bow and katana, although it has an important cooldown. This can be reduced by another skill - Brave Combat Short Cycle, but it will also reduce the time the skill is active.

The bow has Tracer Arrow, which can make shot homing, and another skill called Bow Elusion gives the bow a counterattack in a perfect dodge.

Some recovery skills are also very helpful, such as Breakfall HP Gain and Mighty Guard to recover HP and PP.

Gameplay Tips

Counterattack is the main aspect of this class, Braver class has some good PA moves and combos. But if you want to take full advantage of it, you need to understand how to read the enemy attacks, and master the perfect dodges and blocks, instead of smashing the attack button and moving in advance. And it is best to use a bow and katana at the same time.

This is the detailed information about the Braver class in PSO2 NGS. As for more PSO2 related articles, you can browse them on IGGM.

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