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PSO2 New Genesis: How To Get Alpha Reactor?

Posted: Jul 14, 2021

In PSO2 New Genesis, you need to find various items to move on in the story. One of the elusive items for all 6 PSO2 classes is Alpha Reactor.

What is an Alpha Reactor?

In PSO2, the main purpose of the Alpha Reactor is to upgrade weapons and enhance the Battle Power of items. Alpha Reactor is a necessary component to ensure that weapons, armor, or other items are at the highest level. You can upgrade these in the Item Counter, which is located on the opposite side of the Class Counter.

Alpha Reactor is also a good way to earn in-game money. There are about 14 of them spawning at random locations every day, so you can use most of them to sell for cash. One Alpha Reactor is worth 3500 PSO2 Meseta.

Where to get Alpha Reactor?

Tracking Alpha Reactors is not simple. For players of PSO New Genesis, the locations of these materials change every day. Fortunately, there are some players on the Internet who are willing to provide some help. They will list all the places where Alpha Reactor has been found. Alpha Reactor spawns in the same locations daily for all users. You can use this map to find the Reactors in your game.

Alpha Reactor will respawn in brand new locations every day, and some Twitter users (Rappy Burst) can help you find these items. But please note that the dates are the same.

Farming money

In PSO2, there are other items and quests that can help you farm money other than Alpha Reactor, even for new players, including:

* Daily Quest

* Weekly Quests

* Collecting Red Boxes

* Grinding in Combat Zone areas

Although Alpha Reactor can create the most Meseta per hour, especially when the player has a map guide every day, these ways can ensure that you will never be short on cash. These methods are for players who have time. If you don't have extra time to farm in the game, you can only come to IGGM to buy PSO2 Meseta.

No matter when you come to IGGM, live chat is available, because our staff is online 24/7, the purpose is to ensure that customers have a good shopping experience. In addition, on IGGM, fast delivery is also assurable, which should be what players need.


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