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PSO2 New Genesis Dualomite Locations

Posted: Jun 25, 2021

We have introduced Trinite locations before, and today we are going to talk about where to find Dualomite. Dualomite is one of the 5 gatherable mineral ores in PSO2 New Genesis. Mineral ores are resources required to upgrade equipment. They only spawn in specific areas and keep depleted for a while after being harvested.

Dualomite is an important resource because it needs to limit break weapons. Limit breaking for a weapon is enhanced beyond its default limit. Enhancing weapons can increase attack strength, which is a necessary condition for maximizing DPS. In addition, Dualomite can be used to unlock the potential of weapons, allowing unique perks based on weapon manufacturing and rarity.

Where to find Dualomite?

East Balflow Falls

The easiest location to find Dualomite in PSO2 New Genesis is next to the lake at Blaflow Falls. There are a lot of Dualomite in several caves by the lake. Photon Chunk and Photon Quartz spawn there, so that is a good place for grinding ores.

To reach the cave, you need to teleport to Ryuker Device, which is east of Balflow Falls. After spawning in, look over the cliff edge towards the lake itself. There will be a waterfall on your left. Glide to the bottom of the waterfall and enter the cave hidden behind it. You can collect as many resources as possible in the cave.

This path will split into two directions after entering the cave, and the left path has the most resources. If you are looking for skill points, a Cocoon can also be found at the end of the left path.

The number of resources collected every day is random, but a typical cave should provide about 14 Dualomite.

South-west Balflow Falls

This cave is more difficult to be found. It is located in the middle level above the lake, but below the top of the cliff. You need to find the nearby air-boosting fan leading to the cave entrance. After collecting resources, continue to the exit. Just past the exit, walk forward to the first cliff edge. The next area contains a waterfall surrounded by a spiraling rock. Descending to lower platforms, you will be able to harvest several ores.

So if you are looking for Dualomite, you can follow the method provided in the article to find them faster. In addition, IGGM will also provide more PSO2 related guides in the future, you can pay more attention to it.

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