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PSO2 New Genesis: How To Enhance Gear Without Wasting Meseta?

Posted: Jun 29, 2021

In PSO2 New Genesis, players need to continuously improve their gear. The first step is to upgrade all your gear to level +40. But PSO2 New Genesis does not explain how to enhance weapons and armor, so if you do not act correctly, you may waste a lot of PSO2 Meseta.

You need to understand that most gear is not worth enhancing, and any gear that does not exceed four stars is a waste of resources. And all enhancements require Grinders, it is necessary to accumulate them in advance.

Enhancing weapons

In PSO2 New Genesis, it is relatively easy to upgrade weapons. Upgrading a four-star weapon to level 40 will cost less than 200,000 Meseta. Considering the huge increase in DPS, this is necessary for players.

The best way to enhance weapons is to use Silver Primm Swords. Normally, Silver Primm Swords will drop from enemies in Mt.Magnus, Vanford Laboratory Ruins, and Resol Forest. So you can go to these three places to find them.

In PSO2 New Genesis, Silver and Gold Primm Swords provide additional progression when enhancing weapons. However, using Gold Primm Swords is a waste, because they are very rare and can be provided to item traders for an Augmentation success rate of 10%+.

After you have collected a large amount of Silver Primm Swords, go to Item Lab Enhancement Technician in Central City. You can upgrade weapons through enhancements, unlock potential, equip augments, and limit break.

Interact with the lady and choose "Item Enhancement". Choose a Silver Primm Sword to enhance. Then it will ask you what weapon you want to use to enhance the sword. Choose a different Silver Primm Sword to use on it, which will increase the original sword to +6 level enhancement.

Repeat the last step until you have a +20 Silver Primm Sword. Each sword requires another 5 Silver Primm Swords to reach +20. Finally, use the item enhancement menu again, but this time choose your four-star weapon. Use Silver Primm Sword +20 on it. Continue this cycle, knowing that the four-star weapon has a +40 level enhancement.

Enhancing units

Considering that each player has to upgrade 3 different units, it may be very expensive. It takes a lot of New Genesis Meseta. The Best Option for units is to use Tzvia Armor. This is a two-star unit, it still drops at Mt.Magnus, Vanford Laboratory Ruins, and Resol Forest. But it takes a long time to farm these three units, so it is more cost-effective to buy from the Personal Shop.

Which Tzvia Armor, then use another different, the second Tzvia Armor to enhance it. Repeat this process and know the original Tzvia Armor to strengthen it. Repeat this process and know that the original Tzvia Armor has gained +20 level enhancement. Then use Tzvia Armor +20 on your four-star unit.

In short, these ways can enhance your gear while saving you PSO2 New Genesis Meseta. But if you don't have extra time to farm Meseta in the game, you can come to IGGM to buy them.

In addition, IGGM also frequently updates some PSO2 related guides. You can choose to subscribe to IGGM to get the latest updates as soon as possible.


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