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PSO2 New Genesis: How To Get Trinite?

Posted: Jun 15, 2021

If you want to strengthen and Limit Breaking your weapons in PSO2 New Genesis, you will need to collect a lot of materials, such as Trinite and its other cousins, Dualomite and Monotite respectively. Each mineral is in a specific area on the map, which makes it easy for you to farm them when you need to. They are also easy to distinguish because they are all attached to the rocky nodes and have bright colors.

Most of Trinite are teal-like with slightly yellow-ish highlights, a bit like an egg. Even if you can't see it from a distance, just move towards anything that shines.

Where to find Trinite?

Most of them are located in North Aelio. North Aelio is full of places with a lot of Trinite nodes, so you only need to move within the radius of the designated areas to get a lot of specific materials.

Compared with most Monotite nodes, Trinite nodes do not necessarily spawn in rocky spots, you can find it anywhere, even in open areas. In addition, they are often accompanied by Photon Quartz nodes, which are also abundant in North Aelio. You can combine your farming route and collect some Quartz to produce some great farming sessions.

You can find more Trinite in PSO2 New Genesis, because there are many Ryuker devices to teleport to, so this is great. If you don't want to, you can trade N-Grinders for Trinite through the NPC in Central City.

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