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PSO2 New Genesis: How To Increase Your Character's Battle Power?

Posted: Jun 21, 2021

In PSO2 New Genesis, Battle Power represents the overall strength of the character. If you want to engage with all aspects of the game, you need to increase the Battle Power. However, some fans may not know how to increase the Battle Power because it is not explained in detail in the game tutorial. But this article will show you relevant guidance.

Earn EXP and level up a character class

First of all, the easiest way to increase Battle Power is to get EXP in New Genesis and upgrade character classes. This can be achieved by completing quests and killing enemies. To speed up this process, you can use Star Gems to purchase a temporary EXP. It is worth noting that this shows that the character's sub-class does not affect the Battle Power, although the sub-class can contribute this number in another way.

Use Skill Points

More specifically, you can increase Battle Power by using skill points to learn class and sub-class skills. For novices, skill points are obtained by completing the challenges in Cocoons and Towers of PSO2 New Genesis. The former can award 1 skill point and the latter can award 4 skill points. Once you get these valuable points, they can go directly to the Class Counter, exchange skills with them, and watch their Battle Power rise.

Equip better gear

You can gain extra Battle Power by equipping better gear or changing existing weapons and armor. You can gain Battle Power by enhancing items and filling expansion slots. You can perform these operations in the Item Lab opposite the Class Counter. In addition, you can increase your Battle Power by unlocking the Weapon Potentials in Item Lab.

To speed up the completion of these processes, perhaps enough PSO2 Meseta can help you. PSO2 New Genesis Meseta, as the base currency in the game, can help you solve most problems, whether it is buying various items needed in daily life, or unleashing the potential capabilities of weapons.

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