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News Tag: Nintendo

  • When Will ACNH Receive Another Update?

    Posted: Sep 02, 2021

    The ACNH 1.11.0 update is almost a month old, but players are already looking forward to the next update. The most recent one is only a seasonal update, which is far from what players expected. No Brewster, no quality of life or gameplay updates, which is disappointing.

    In addition, in the upcoming announcement of the 1.11.0 update, they also promised to launch another update at the end of the year. Because they just set a deadline, players still want to know when the next update will appear.

    Regarding the date of the next update, several important facts need to be noted. First, it was promised to be completed before the end of this year. Secondly, the content of the 1.11.0 update is scheduled to end around the Halloween season, which is to the end of November. This means that Nintendo has 2 months to complete the remaining content so that players can prepare for its arrival. There may be changes in the content, but the status of ACNH Belles seems to be unshakable.

    The official announcement about the next update may be released at the end of September or early October. Since it is already September, the wait is not long. The announcement allows players to know about the unknown ventures in advance before entering the game.

    In ACNH, it is impossible to add significant content before Halloween. After that, the features of data mined features could arrive, or the next update may be scheduled. In any case, there will be a two-month window period, and the next update will come.

    Players have high hopes for this game. There are only 4 months left this year. Players can only wait patiently, hoping that surprises will appear in the game.

    No matter what new content or items are added to the game, IGGM will launch new ACNH Items in time. This is great for players who cannot get the items they want in the game because coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items will be the fastest way to solve their troubles. And if you are a new customer of IGGM, before purchasing ACNH products, you can get a 5% off ACNH products coupon at the coupon center.

  • ACNH Should Introduce Some New Activities

    Posted: Jun 23, 2021

    Nintendo did not release any major news about any ACNH content at the E3 presentation, which made many fans feel dissatisfied and questioned the future of the game. Although during the COVID-19 period, it successfully became the most popular game for players, over time, the monotonous content seems to be unable to attract players. So now fans are looking forward to Nintendo investing in more content to keep the game fresh.

    ACNH has been improved in many ways because it released seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, Festivale, Wedding Season, Halloween, and Festive Season. In addition to these features, the game can also add more content and expansion of existing features. The president of Nintendo promised fans that ACNH will have new content.

    One of the easiest ways is to introduce cooking and food items. By expanding the existing crafting system and introducing new item categories, players are allowed to obtain a new, regular event to take part in. This will also give Nintendo the chance to bring the Brewster back into the game, or allow players to run their restaurants and exchange food with other villagers. The introduction of craftable food can also make the fruits grown on the island valuable instead of ACNH Bells.

    Villagers of different personalities also have different preferences in terms of food, and making food could be another way to improve the relationship between players and villagers.

    The two most notable features of ACNH are its villagers and the behavior of decorating houses and islands. Nintendo can position villagers as a competitive force in decoration. ACNH has established a decoration-based judging system through Happy Home Academy. Currently, Happy Home Academy evaluates islands based on the decorations, and the results can only be shared through letters and vague conversations with neighbors. Transforming the act of decoration into competition with the player's neighbors will encourage them to improve the current design.

    In any case, ACNH urgently needs new content to retain some players. If ACNH has maintained the status quo, then the future seems to be dull.

    Now that the president of Nintendo said that ACNH will introduce new content, we can only wait. Once there is relevant news, IGGM will update the article in time. And, if other items are introduced, IGGM will launch them as soon as possible.

    As for now, IGGM provides cheap Animal Crossing Bells, which are the most used items in the game. As for other ACNH Items, they are also available on IGGM.

  • ACNH: How To Get Bunny Day Set Items?

    Posted: Mar 31, 2021

    Bunny Day has arrived. It has many similarities to last year's event, but there are some new features and collectibles that are exclusive to 2021. Nintendo has made some changes to the egg hunting mechanism to prevent players from constantly pulling too many eggs when looking for other materials. Besides, to bring players a fresh game experience, the developer has added new products to the Bunny Day furniture set.

    Most of Bunny Day's furniture is DIY recipes. You need to pop a balloon, look for information in a bottle, pick up a specific amount of each type of egg, and talk to Zipper and the villagers. However, the 5 new items are not DIYs, you have to buy them with ACNH Bells.

    There are 23 time-limited items, 5 of which can only be purchased from the upgraded version of Nook’s Cranny. Like other collection items, you can also spend bells to collect these new seasonal items. In the event, only one of the seasonal times of the day is available, so if you want to collect all 5, you need to check back every day.

    * Bunny Day Candy: 1,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Garden Flag: 1,500 Bells

    * Bunny Day Topiary: 2,000 Bells

    * Bunny Day Planter Box: 2,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Tree: 3,800 Bells

    To get new items, you need to download ACNH's free update version 1.9.0.

    For other items, you can find them in Egg balloon presents, Egg bottles washed up on the beach, or find DIY recipes by talking with villagers. They all need different kinds of eggs to craft. So you have to collect 6 types of eggs before April 4th: Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky, Water. After the collection is completed, you will unlock various egg-themed costumes.

    If you need ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets that can be used at the event, you can come to IGGM to purchase.

    If you come to IGGM to buy Animal Crossing Bells now, you can immediately enjoy 30% off, which means that you can get as many Bells as possible with the least amount of money.

  • ACNH: What Can We Expect For Its Anniversary?

    Posted: Mar 06, 2021

    ACNH first anniversary will arrive on March 20, and now fans are anxiously waiting for Nintendo to announce how it will celebrate. In the year after its release, the latest installment has sold 31 million copies. One of the main contents of ACNH is a festival designed by Nintendo for players. From Halloween to Carnival, there will always be celebrations you like. Therefore, the one-year anniversary will hold a celebration.

    ACNH can plan a standard event according to the pattern it has established. The celebration usually arranges a new NPC to visit your island and have the opportunity to obtain themed items. Nintendo can celebrate by hosting an Animal Crossing party, so this is something to look forward to. Nintendo has made a lot of updates to ACNH, adding new features and interesting items, but players have always hoped that it can improve the overall quality of life of the game's functionality and allow coffee lovers Brewster to return to the game.

    Quality of Life

    In ACNH, you need to take time to appreciate the little things in life, but some things happen very slowly: you can only make one item at a time, you have to enter the fitting room multiple times to buy items, etc. These will frustrate players. If ACNH's quality of life is updated, it will be a big event and the best way to celebrate the anniversary of the game.


    It would be great if Brewster can return at this time. Brewster is a coffee lover, he runs a coffee shop - The Roost. In City Folk and New Leaf, Brewster became the most popular character, so he did not appear in New Horizons, which frustrated many fans. Therefore, if he can return to the game, it means that the players have the opportunity to add a building on their islands. Although the current Able Sisters, Nook’s Cranny, and Blathers’ museum are very good, if more shops can be added, it will also bring players a more interesting game experience.

    So the biggest event in March may be the one-year anniversary of ACNH. Fans are looking forward to the arrival of new content. If you want to make some preparations in advance, hoard some ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets is a wise option, you can come to IGGM to buy what you need, and IGGM provides ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets combo packs, which will not only save you time, but also save a lot of money. Buy Animal Crossing Bells now, you will be able to enjoy 30% off, so on IGGM, you will be able to buy the cheapest ACNH Bells.

  • Hurry Up! It's A Great Chance To Become A Billionaire! Animal Crossing Ask You To Sell Turnips, For 1,000 Bells Each

    Posted: Oct 26, 2020

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, customizing your island and expanding your house is not the most affordable, because all kinds of decorations require a lot of Animal Crossing Bells, so now many players are more willing to buy and sell turnips, which is a quick way to get Bells.

    Of course, this also takes certain risks, because you cannot predict at what price Nooks will buy them from you.

    However, fortunately, in the next limited period of time, you don't have to worry about losing money at all, because new promotion cooperation with Ally Bank guarantees that you can get 1000 Bells for each turnip.

    In order to attract more players, Ally Bank opened its own island named Ally Island. You can visit this island by lying on the bed and talking to Luna. The code of the island is DA-9350-9609-6289.

    But if you want to net the purchase price of 1000 Bells, you need to fly to Ally Island. You can visit Ally Island from October 23 - November 6.

    but the price (and Dodo Code) will only be available from October 23 - October 27

    Monday to Friday: 5PM - 11 PM ET

    Saturday and Sunday: Noon - 6 PM ET

    In addition, Ally promised that there will be another big event on October 29.

    Normally, if you want to know when is the best time to sell turnips, you need to use Animal Crossing New Horizons turnip calculators. However, 1000 ACNH Bells per turnip is a very high price, and this situation may won't happen for a long time, so if you see this news, don't miss it!

    We still don't know what Ally is talking about on October 29th. Maybe it will be related to Halloween? If there is the latest news, IGGM will update it in time to let you know.

    Halloween is only a few days away. If you haven't decorated your island yet, you can buy Halloween-themed items directly on IGGM. IGGM has all the ACNH Items you need.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: Some Popular Ostriches, Some Ostriches You Should Avoid

    Posted: Oct 21, 2020

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can let some lovely villagers live on your island. Ostrich is the more popular one. However, among the 10 different ostriches, many are popular and some are annoying, so here are ostriches you should avoid.

    These Ostriches you should avoid


    Phil is a complacent guy, he is an annoying villager, if you add him to your island, he will not only join in prank wars, but also always make other villagers cry!


    Many players think Queenie is just snooty, maybe it will get along well with the villagers, but in fact, she is even worse than that, she is mean and rude, and she will not bring you fun.


    He is a lazy male ostrich, but this is the only interesting thing about him. He is not the worst, but so ordinary that he is often ignored. If there is a better ostrich for Halloween, he should be easily eliminated.

    Next, we will introduce some cute ostriches that are popular with players. If possible, you can let them live on your island:

    Some lovely Ostriches


    The prototype of Phoebe is a phoenix. Although she is a kind of ostrich, she does not look like an ostrich. She is easy to be your friend, because her sister-like character can always capture your heart quickly. She can also protect you and can even repel the person who will cause you trouble, so sweet! If you are looking for a loyal and considerate ostrich, it must be Phoebe!


    She may be a little arrogant, but she still likes to stay on the island. Although she is an ostrich, she looks more like a male peacock. All signs have made players increasingly believe that she is the representative of transgender in Animal Crossing. Although it has not been officially confirmed, this game can make players think that aspect is also good.


    Among all the ostriches, Flora can be said to be the favorite of all players. She is a lively and lovely villager, she is also very caring and good at encouraging you to try new spooky DIY recipes. If she can join your island, she will soon integrate into you, and she will be very happy to chat with you. So so far, Flora is the best ostrich.

    If you are considering adding new villagers to your island, you can take the cute ostrich above into consideration. You can buy any Animal Crossing Items you need from IGGM, including Flora!

    With Halloween approaching, you may also need some Animal Crossing Bells to buy candy and other items, so IGGM also provides cheap ACNH Bells. Everything we do is to give you a better gaming experience, and your satisfaction is our highest evaluation.

  • Our Wish List! Animal Crossing New Horizons: Some Things That Need To Happen In Future

    Posted: Sep 09, 2020

    ACNH's autumn has arrived, and with it comes a huge update, introducing a new autumn theme in the game, as well as some items and new DIY recipes to complete this autumn experience. In September, new bugs and sea creatures appeared for players to collect to help Blathers fill the island's museum.

    This game is well received, but players still hope that Nintendo will add some features to the game.

    1. Better Multiplayer Experience

    It provides players with an amazing single-player experience. However, its multiplayer feature is also sought after by many players, because it allows players to visit other people's islands and trade DIY cards, furniture, and even buy and sell turnips at a better price. However, one problem that hinders players from enjoying the multiplayer game component is that whenever a new player enters or leaves the island, the game will pause. One way Nintendo can solve this problem is to allow players to come and go without stopping the game and forcing everyone to wait for someone to arrive or leave.

    2. More Holidays&Festivals

    Although there are many events on ACNH's schedule, Nintendo may launch more festivals and holidays. This game runs in real-time, which means that a year in the real world is also a year in the game. In addition, Nintendo can also design festivals that allow other villagers to participate more deeply. Of course, there are also some activities, such as the seasonal bug-off, where players can compete with other villagers.

    3. Ability To Move The Resident Services Building

    One of the best features introduced in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that players can design islands according to their own wishes. In addition to moving around houses, building bridges and inclines, and placing outdoor furniture, the game also allows players to terraform their islands. However, one thing in the game is fixed, that is the Resident Service Building, which forces players to design around it. Of course, this may be a minor problem for some people, but being able to relocate the Resident Service Building will definitely be a welcome addition.

    4. A Direct Way To Kick Out Villagers

    There are more than 400 potential villagers and players can invite them to their island. However, at a given time, only 10 people can live on the island, which means the player must choose who they want to live in their village. Throughout the short existence of New Horizons, players were able to find subtle ways to make a particular Animal Crossing villager leave such as avoiding them or making a complaint about them to Isabelle. Unfortunately, for those not patient enough to go through and experiment with all these steps, there is no direct way to kick out villagers in the game.

    I don't know if the above features are what you like. If you think it is necessary for Nintendo to add these features, please pay more attention to IGGM. We will always pay attention to the new news of ACNH, maybe one of these wishes will be realized. If you are an ACNH player, I guess you also need ACNH Bells.

    IGGM also provides cheap ACNH Bells. If you go to IGGM to buy ACNH Bells now, you can still enjoy a 60% discount! It's too cheap.

  • Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sales Surpassed Any Game

    Posted: May 11, 2020

    A few months ago, when Nintendo released Animal Crossing, it was not expected that this would achieve such a huge success some day, letting its sales volume become the NO.1 in the U.K. during a short time, well and truly outselling the previous hot games within the same time frame and far exceeded Nintendo's Lifetime Sales Predictions.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons differs from most dark games full of violence and bloodshed nowadays, but it is a game with more fun and a slow rhythm, where players don't have to be busy with heavy work, leveling up, and more, so its daily task is related to agriculture, and really brings people back to rural life on a deserted island through 80s anime style.

    Animal Crossing is a slow-paced game, and players can customize the islands at will by placing furniture, weeding, planting trees and so on to gain extra profits.

    Moreover, the money and media Animal Crossing Bells specified in this game are not hard to obtain, while most of the time they circulate bells by trading turnips. No challenge, as it never requires anyone to work completely difficult, on the contrary, you can always have a long conversation with cute animals to relieve stress.

    On the one hand, someone thinks that repetitive dialogue will make players spend longer waiting, because cute animals often say praise but useless words. On the other hand, a dialogue system is very necessary in the game, especially those service-providing characters such as Isabelle or Tom Nook, who can establish relationship with players and provide guidance. So if you are playing Animal Crossing, can you share your views on the repetitive dialogue from small animals?

    As of now, it has sold nearly 100 million Animal Crossing: New Horizons copies, which fully proves that it has populated a lot. Speaking of its roadmap, there is no clear schedule by now, but it will still stick to the form of escapism and get focused.

    Last but not least, you also need some strategies while playing the Animal Crossing as there is a lot of trading in the game. ACNH bells can indeed be gained through various ways, and it is the best solution to buy Animal Crossing Bells and avoid duplication of labor, which makes your island stand out. is a site to provide bells and ease the pressure of money shortage in the game. It can be trusted with many years of business experience and create an enjoyable shopping experience for anyone.

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