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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Some Popular Ostriches, Some Ostriches You Should Avoid

Posted: Oct 21, 2020

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can let some lovely villagers live on your island. Ostrich is the more popular one. However, among the 10 different ostriches, many are popular and some are annoying, so here are ostriches you should avoid.

These Ostriches you should avoid


Phil is a complacent guy, he is an annoying villager, if you add him to your island, he will not only join in prank wars, but also always make other villagers cry!


Many players think Queenie is just snooty, maybe it will get along well with the villagers, but in fact, she is even worse than that, she is mean and rude, and she will not bring you fun.


He is a lazy male ostrich, but this is the only interesting thing about him. He is not the worst, but so ordinary that he is often ignored. If there is a better ostrich for Halloween, he should be easily eliminated.

Next, we will introduce some cute ostriches that are popular with players. If possible, you can let them live on your island:

Some lovely Ostriches


The prototype of Phoebe is a phoenix. Although she is a kind of ostrich, she does not look like an ostrich. She is easy to be your friend, because her sister-like character can always capture your heart quickly. She can also protect you and can even repel the person who will cause you trouble, so sweet! If you are looking for a loyal and considerate ostrich, it must be Phoebe!


She may be a little arrogant, but she still likes to stay on the island. Although she is an ostrich, she looks more like a male peacock. All signs have made players increasingly believe that she is the representative of transgender in Animal Crossing. Although it has not been officially confirmed, this game can make players think that aspect is also good.


Among all the ostriches, Flora can be said to be the favorite of all players. She is a lively and lovely villager, she is also very caring and good at encouraging you to try new spooky DIY recipes. If she can join your island, she will soon integrate into you, and she will be very happy to chat with you. So so far, Flora is the best ostrich.

If you are considering adding new villagers to your island, you can take the cute ostrich above into consideration. You can buy any Animal Crossing Items you need from IGGM, including Flora!

With Halloween approaching, you may also need some Animal Crossing Bells to buy candy and other items, so IGGM also provides cheap ACNH Bells. Everything we do is to give you a better gaming experience, and your satisfaction is our highest evaluation.


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