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  • ACNH Guide: How To Find Different Colored Ornaments?

    Dec 16, 2020

    Christmas is approaching, which means that the ornaments in ACNH will be sought after by players again. From December 15th, the cedar trees on your island will be transformed into masterpieces of fairy lights, and you can start collecting ornaments.

    Ornaments are a brand new crafting material for this season, you can build new DIY recipes, now is the best time to collect them. Next, this article will tell you how to find new ornaments and collect DIY recipes in New Horizons.

    New Ornaments

    During the period from December 15th to 24th, new crafting items will appear. They come in three variants:

    Red Ornaments

    Blue Ornaments

    Gold Ornaments

    There is no limit to the number you can collect, you'll able to collect more each day.

    Where to find them?

    To find as many ornaments as possible, you need to make sure that enough cedars are on your island. Some of them will be decorated with fairy lights, these are all you can collect. You can shake these trees decorated with Christmas lights, there will be ornaments falling from them, not every tree has ornaments, so it is also very important to make a correct decision. Or there are several in a tree, so don't forget to give it a good shake. Note that you should first check for wasps.

    Festive DIY recipe list

    Once you have collected them, you can use these ornaments to create Festive DIY recipes.

    Big Festive Tree

    Festive Rug

    Festive Top Set

    Festive Tree

    Holiday Candle

    Illuminated Present

    Illuminated Reindeer

    Illuminated Snowflakes

    Illuminated Tree

    Jingle Wall

    Ornament Mobile

    Ornament Wreath

    Tabletop Festive Tree

    Festive Wrapping Paper

    If you haven't started collecting them, now is the time to act. By the way, if you are tired of some of your villagers and you want to spend a perfect Christmas with some lovely villagers, you can also come to IGGM and buy your favorite villagers from the ACNH Items section. Marshal has always been one of the popular villagers among players. If you lack ACNH Bells, you can also buy cheap ACNH Bells on IGGM.

  • ACNH Guide: How To Give Gifts And Postcards To Your Friends?

    Dec 07, 2020

    Now, you can give gifts to your friends In the ACNH, and even special winter-themed postcards. You can do it with Dodo Airlines' in-game mail system.

    Toy Day Event

    From December 1st to 25th, you can buy toys and other special gifts at Nook's Cranny. The Toy Day event starts on December 24th. In this month, you will see the holiday theme on your island. Nook's Cranny will provide toys with different color variations, but you can only buy a specific color variation for every item.

    In addition, if you shake the decorated trees around your island, they may also drop some special decorations. If you collect enough, you may also receive special Christmas-themed DIY recipes.

    By mid-to-late December, you will be greeted with snowflakes. At this time, you can use the net to catch special snowflakes and collect more winter-themed DIY recipes.

    Sending mails to villagers or your friends

    Sending letters to your villagers has always been important, and now, you can even send customized postcards to your friends. You can go to Nook's Cranny to pick toys and gifts for your friends or family. If you want to make them prettier, you can also buy some wrapping paper and wrap them before the gifts are given.

    As for mailing, when you visit Dodo Airport, Orville will introduce you to the postal services he provides. There is a shelf of envelopes on the right side of his desk. You can send letters to friends. Make sure you are connected to the internet, then approach the postcard shelf and choose "Send One" from Orville's menu to pick your friends. Of course, this will cost you 200 Bells.

    How to wrap a gift?

    To wrap a gift, firstly, open your inventory and the X button on the right Joy-Con controller, and then choose the wrapping paper.

    Select "Wrap" from the menu, and then pick up the items you want to pack to complete the gift wrapping.

    Have to say that this feature is very considerate, and it is also good to send greetings to friends in this way. Of course, if you have a lot of friends, it may cost you a lot of Animal Crossing Bells! But whether you need ACNH Bells or ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, you can buy them on IGGM!

    And the prices of the products on IGGM are relatively low, and IGGM also puts the combo packs of ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets on the shelves, which means that you don't need to order them separately, just buy this combo pack. It will undoubtedly save you time!

  • ACNH: All Snowflakes DIY Recipes And The Way Of Collecting Them

    Dec 04, 2020

    It's been a few days since December. For ACNH players in the northern hemisphere, you will soon be able to usher in snowy days. When the snow completely covers your island, you can start to build a snowman and get new snowflake DIY recipes. The recipe has appeared, this article will tell you all about the DIY recipes and how to collect them. With the advent of winter, the game introduces new snowflake items, you can use them to decorate your island.

    How to unlock the Snowflake DIY Recipes?

    In New Horizons, you can use several different ways to unlock Snowflake DIY recipes.

    * If you are a novice, you can find new recipes washed up on the beach inside of a bottle of floating by attached to a balloon.

    * In the holiday event, you can get the recipes by making a perfect snowman. To build a perfect snowman, you need to find two snowballs and roll them to the right size. The big snowball should reach your character's eye, the second one only needs to reach the height of the character's ears. When you finish it, the snowman will reward you with a free recipe and a large snowflake. It should be noted that you should find an open place to build a snowman, and don't roll the snow into the sand or a building, as this will break the snowball.

    All Snowflake DIY Recipes

    Drifting Ice Flooring: 10 Snowflake

    Frozen Bed: 1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake

    Frozen Partition: 1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake

    Frozen Sculpture: 1 Large Snowflake, 4 Snowflake

    Iceberg Wall: 10 Snowflake

    Ice Wand: 1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake

    Ice Arch: 1 Large Snowflake, 10 Snowflake

    Ice Candy: 1 Large Snowflake, 1 Snowflake

    Ice Chair: 1 Large Snowflake, 1 Snowflake

    Ice Counter: 1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake

    Ice Flooring: 1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake

    Ice Pillar: 1 Large Snowflake, 3 Snowflake

    Ice Table: 1 Large Snowflake, 8 Snowflake

    Snowflake Wreath: 4 Snowflake

    Snowflake Wallpaper: 12 Snowflake

    Ski-slope Flooring: 8 Snowflake

    3 Tier Snowman: 1 Large Snowflake, 6 Snowflake, 2 Tree Branch.

    Snowman Hat: 1 Large Snowflake, 5 Snowflake.

    You need to collect all the DIY recipes before the end of the season. If you miss some, you need to wait until next year. Or if you don't want to wait so long till the next opportunity, you can also come to IGGM to buy the winter recipes, which you can find in ACNH Items, which can save you a lot of time.

    If you need cheap ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets, you can buy them on IGGM, and as long as you buy, regardless of the quantity, you will immediately enjoy a 60% discount. The discounted price can be said to be lower than the market price. If you have already discovered the IGGM website, you are really lucky.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: It's Time To Get Some Toys For Welcoming The Arrival Of Toy Day

    Dec 01, 2020

    December is approaching, which means that Christmas is coming! For Animal Crossing New Horizons players, you will celebrate Toy Day on December 24. On that day, you will meet Jingle, a cute reindeer with a black nose, and you can dress up as Santa Claus and send special gifts to your villagers on Christmas Eve.

    So starting from December, you can buy special Toy Day items at Nook Cranny, such as stockings that can be hung by the fire and a lot of new toys.

    In December, Santa Claus and reindeer costumes, new holiday items, carpets and other holiday items will appear. In addition, 8 new toys will be added to the game. Each toy has different color variations. When you press the Joy-Con or Pro controller, they will perform special actions, and the villagers can also play with these toys.


    Before the arrival of Toy Day, you can prepare some gifts for your villagers in advance and decorate your islands. The most popular one is the Kids' Tent, which is a small, triangular tent filled with pillows.


    Another popular one is the puppies, there are puppies of different colors, they can wag their tails, bow and bark. And they all wear cute collars. They will make your island full of juice.

    Pop-up books

    There are four versions, The Ocean Blue, The Mesozoic World, Savannah and Flowers. Their covers are also different, When you interact with them, different scenes will pop up.

    RC helicopter

    The remote control helicopter is one of the most attractive items, and that is cool toys, it also comes in many colors, you can choose the color you like! It will fly into the air, stay for a few seconds and then land, but you can only put it on the ground, not on a table or shelf.

    In short, a new month, new expectations, and Toy Day on December 24 will not disappoint you.

    If you are about to decorate your island, you can consider buying ACNH Bells from IGGM, because enough Bells will definitely help you get more items you like, and IGGM also launched combo packs, including ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets. This can save you a lot of time, and buy now, you can enjoy a 60% discount, what are you waiting for?

  • ACNH Can Be Said One Of The Most Successful Games In 2020

    Nov 28, 2020

    Animal Crossing New Horizons currently sells more than 6 million sets in Japan. It is not difficult to see that this game is so popular.

    It provides players with a peaceful island where you can spend a quiet time. It proves that the game can really bring comfort to people. Research has found that there is a positive correlation between playing game and happiness, which means that people who play games for a long time will not experience negative emotions, so I guess this is exactly what you need, because in 2020, everyone should have been under more pressure than before.

    Especially in this hard 2020, you can't travel and even work at home, ACNH will create a peaceful atmosphere for you. You can stay with the animal villagers on your island and spend leisurely time.

    Open-ended gameplay is a major feature of ACNH. If you like to create and design, then you should definitely try this game. In the game, you can create your own island according to your wishes. As the number of players increases, more and more players are willing to post their masterpieces on social media, which resonates with many ACNH fans. ACNH was once so popular that Biden used it to ask people to vote!

    And regular updates keep the game fresh for players. Although it is so popular, players still have new needs. Developers will try to listen to players' opinions and make their dreams come true. The recent update has fulfilled the player's desire to sit on the ground, which is awesome.

    Now it's Black Friday, this is a good opportunity to become an ACNH player, and the discount event on IGGM is underway.

    Buy ACNH Bells now, you can immediately enjoy a 60% discount, don't miss it.

  • ACNH Turkey Day: DIY Crafting Recipes And Items

    Nov 26, 2020

    Turkey Day will be launched tomorrow, so you can celebrate in the game. There are new DIYs here, each with a unique recipe. So you need to find as many recipes as to craft them.

    Turkey Day DIYs

    Wheat decor

    Table setting



    Garden stand




    Each recipe can be unlocked by completing the Turkey Day cooking event. Therefore, you need to actively participate in it. We have made a specific list for you, which will help you make it quickly.


    This small flower pot has an orange lid, which is very cute.

    5 Iron nuggets

    1 piece of clay


    It is a simple curved wooden chair and lattice upholstered seat.

    5 pieces of standard wood

    2 pieces of hardwood

    2 pieces of softwood


    They are some orange and yellow balloons, a bottle filled with wheat, two candles, and a framed pumpkin card, which can be placed on a table mat or on the floor.

    2 pieces of softwood

    2 pieces of clay

    5 clumps pf weeds

    Garden Stand

    This is a simple stucco or clay planting pot, if you prefer a simple style, you can choose to craft it.

    8 stones

    3 pieces of clay


    A very classic brick stucco fireplace with some small leaves dotted on the top.

    1 campfire

    10 pieces of clay

    30 stones


    It is not just an ordinary square dining table, it also has a runner in the middle.

    10 pieces of hardwood

    5 pieces of softwood

    Table setting

    It is a tablecloth with orange and yellow silverware and flower plates on it, so Turkey Day color!

    4 pieces of clay

    2 iron nuggets

    Wheat Decor

    It is a red bow, which ties a sheaf of wheat together.

    10 clumps of weed

    In addition to these DIYs on Turkey Day, you can also unlock 4 items, and you don't need to learn how to craft them, they are:


    Turkey Day Flooring

    Turkey Day Walls

    Turkey Day rug

    As the event is about to begin, I bet these are exactly what you need. You can collect as many items as you need according to the recipes, so that you can successfully craft the furniture you want! For more news and guides about ACNH, you can pay more attention to IGGM, cause we update news every day. There's always something you like.

    As for ACNH Bells, you can also come to IGGM to buy them. And the Black Friday event is ongoing, if you come to IGGM to buy ACNH Bells now, you can enjoy 8% off. It's going time!

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Is Getting More Interactive, You Can Experience What You've Been Waiting For

    Nov 19, 2020

    Animal Crossing New Horizons' fans can finally have more ways to interact with the villagers on the island. The latest winter update trailer reveals more information. In addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas events, you can also get a Hip Reaction Collection, including New reactions that make everyone's personality more lifelike.

    The latest ACNH update time is November 19th. This is one of the biggest updates of the game so far. Because this update introduces many new characters and events, including Turkey Franklin and Turkey Day, the reindeer Jingle and Toy Day, new hairstyles, more home storage, random islands dream visits, data transfer, New Year's items, and new Reactions. What's even more exciting is that it will have another update at the end of January 2021.

    For this update, players are very happy with the new reaction, which means you can sit down on any ground you like! Because before, when you saw your villagers sitting by the river, you couldn't join them, all you could do was stand blankly, which was very frustrating. But now, this circumstance has changed. You can sit next to your favorite villagers at any time, without any chair or stool, which is awesome. In addition, now you can exercise, do yoga, and take pictures with your phone, all of which are too real.

    And for the upcoming Turkey Day, there is also Sniff Sniff reaction, which is your response when you smell the scent of turkey.

    If you want to get the above response, you need to buy it with Nook Miles Tickets.

    All in all, this update is highly anticipated, because just the trailer has attracted the curiosity of a large number of fans, we can't wait to experience the new content! Nintendo is always able to listen to players' opinions and add more interesting content to Animal Crossing, which makes players more aware that they have been valued. So, who can not love such a sweet game?

    IGGM will also pay close attention to its latest news. By the way, if you need Nook Miles Tickets, you can come to IGGM to buy them. After all, it is worthwhile to spend Nook Miles Tickets to get the sit reaction. What's more, IGGM's Nook Miles Tickets is very cheap, so now is the best time to buy!

  • Animal Crossing Villagers: Is Raymond More Popular Than Marshal?

    Nov 17, 2020

    As one of the most popular games, Animal Crossing New Horizons has sold more than 26 million copies. One of the most attractive is that you can invite villagers to move to your island, and you can interact with them, such as giving them gifts, taking care of them when they are sick, and more.

    There are nearly 400 villagers in the game for you to choose from. Everyone's favorite villagers are different, but there are some villagers who have been hyped up, so do you like them?


    Raymond is a gray cat with heterochromatic eyes. His smug personality makes him an important figure on the island, because smug villagers are easy to get on well with others. Since he is one of the 8 new villagers in New Horizons, he does not have Amiibo yet, which means he is more difficult to obtain than other villagers.

    Despite its hype, many players still expressed they don't interested in Raymond.


    Judy is a colorful bear with shiny eyes. She likes music, so if she is a resident of your island, you can often see her singing. Many players like her because she is very suitable for pastel or fairly core islands. But many players dislike her because of her snooty personality. Since she does not have an Amiibo, she is also difficult to find.


    He is a white squirrel with pink cheeks and eyes that make people misunderstand he is angry. His smug personality allows him to get along well with other villagers. Another reason for his popularity is that although he always looks scowling (his frowning mouth), his dialogue is very polite and sometimes he flirts obviously, which is cute.

    In any case, for me, Marshal is always the NO.1.


    She is a peppy wolf, and her bright colors are suitable for any island.

    She was named after the 87-year-old Animal Crossing fan. This grandma played 3,500 hours in the game, so the game created a villager with her name as a reward to the fans!


    He is a lazy dog and has nothing to do with cute, but he is still popular with players. He is weird and attractive with his whole body wrapped in bandages. His friendly personality is also one of the reasons for the popularity. On Halloween night, he is more suitable to appear on your island.

    If you want them to be residents on your island, but you have not found them yet, you can directly buy the villagers you like on IGGM.

    IGGM also provides cheap ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets, if you need them, you can come to IGGM to buy at any time, with enough ACNH Bells you will be able to decorate your island as you like! And buy ACNH Bells now, you can still enjoy a 60% discount.

    OMG! If this discount continues, we will not go broke, will we?

  • Animal Crossing: How Can We Avoid The Worst Daily Tasks?

    Nov 13, 2020

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, in addition to celebrating some festive events, on ordinary days, you need to do a series of tasks to keep your island in order, keep the island fresh, and let the flowers bloom. This series of tasks are very interesting. Of course, there are also some tasks that make players very frustrated.

    In ACNH, you need to find bottles and shells on the beach every day, go shopping, chasing down seasonal fish, bugs and special event items, such as Maple Leaves in November.

    After peeking the hottest items of the day in Nook's Cranny and new sweaters or hats in Able Sisters, you are about to accept tasks that are not very interesting of the day.

    Hunting down villagers

    You need to hunt down every villager to make sure you're still active. In fact, this is a particularly annoying task because the villagers are always moving and often hiding behind trees.

    Looking for dig spots

    You need to find all the fossils for the museum and other hidden objects, and even for them to find dig spots, so if you haven't asked Tom Nook to install bridges and stairs in more remote places on your island, this task will be a pretty big adventure for you. You can only rely on a ladder and a pole-vault to move.

    Shaking Trees

    This may be the worst daily task. If you are looking for two daily pieces of furniture hidden on the branches, as well as the acorns and pine cones needed for the fall DIY recipe, you need to shake the tree, which will be accompanied by a lot of dangers. You may be stung by wasps or buried alive by too many branches.

    Getting certain crafting items

    In ACNH, who wouldn't like looking for rare sea creatures or fishing? But before that, you need to get some crafting items or hidden furniture pieces, which is torture!

    But fortunately, it will not take us too long. We can do what we want most of the time, and if you want, you can abandon all the daily tasks and do other things, such as visiting your friends' island, which means you can't access all the contents available in the game, but who cares? your happiness is the first thing.

    In fact, most players do daily tasks to get as many ACNH Bells as possible. If you don't want to spend time doing tasks to get ACNH Bells, you can come to IGGM to buy Animal Crossing Bells.

    And, you can buy the corresponding quantity according to your needs. Although Halloween has been a long time ago, you can still enjoy a 60% discount! So if you need it, go to IGGM to buy now!

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: These Villagers Celebrate Their Birthdays In November!

    Nov 11, 2020

    If you have ever celebrated birthdays for your villagers, then you must know that this is an unusual gaming experience. There are nearly 400 villagers in ACNH, so at least one villager celebrates his birthday almost every day. November has already begun, so we made a list of villagers who celebrate their birthday this month.

    In addition to celebrating the Harvest Festival in November, you can also visit the villagers who live on your island, which is even better if you happen to be in time for their birthday. You can pay attention to the bulletin board near the Plaza Resident Service Building, and it will update the notice when it is approaching the villager's birthday or when other major events will happen. During the day, a yellow bird, or an owl at night will notify you of new news on the bulletin board.

    In ACNH, if you want to celebrate the birthday of your villager, you can visit him on his birthday, and other villagers will also share the celebration there. They will walk between different neighbors at different times. This is a good opportunity to take pictures, you can take photos with them!

    If you don't check the bulletin board in time, we have listed the villagers whose birthdays in November are:

    If you want to increase your friendship points with the villagers, you can choose to visit them on their birthdays. If you can give them a birthday gift, then the level of friendship will be significantly improved, if your gift is a wrapped furniture item, then the next day you will receive a thank-you gift and card. This will definitely make you happy, which is also one of the many interesting and beneficial ways in ACNH. If the birthdays of the villagers on your island are all in November, then you will be very busy~

    Of course, this probability should be very small.

    If you want 2 villagers who celebrate their birthdays on the same day to live on your island, you can choose to come to IGGM to buy them, so that when their birthdays arrive, your island will full of juice.

    If you need ACNH Bells, you can also buy from IGGM. ACNH Bells is a hot sale on IGGM. Customers who bought it always give us a high rating, which also means that IGGM is a safe and reliable website! So if you come to IGGM for the first time, you can trust us!

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