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News Tag: Animal Crossing New Horizons

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons: Why Nook’s Cranny Update Vanished?

    Posted: Mar 06, 2023

    One thing in New Horizons that still confuses me to this day is why Nook’s Cranny only upgrades one time. 

    I think most of us were generally expecting that we would see some form of upgrade for the shop, like we had in pretty much every other animal crossing game. Even if this was just one more final version to tie up things nicely to add another stage of progression, that would have been a fantastic update. But it never came aside from us expecting an upgrade because of the past games. We actually had some evidence seemingly that Nintendo was planning an upgrade, too. Thanks to data mines. 

    Now, if you don’t know what a data mine is effectively, certain people will look through the code of a game to see what interesting things they can find. Often, this gives us a good idea of what future updates we can expect within a game. For example, we knew way back in 2020 that Brewster and The Roost would be coming to the game, which they finally did later on in 2021. In fact, pretty much every day to mine proved to be accurate in the end. All of these data mines came from Ninji over on Twitter, who proved themselves to be an incredibly reliable on accurate data miner. 

    However, one of these data mines specifically about Nook’s Cranny seemingly never happened, at least as far as we know. Ninji shared way back in 2020 that a third Nook’s Cranny was referenced in the game's code, but not much else was detailed about it. This would have appeared to be a third upgrade since at that point we already had two versions that are still in the game to this day. But even with the 2.0 update coming and going and major updates being discontinued, this upgrade for Nook’s Cranny seemingly never came. So, what exactly happened?

    There are a few ideas that make sense. The first is that Nintendo did plan on adding a third version Nook’s Cranny to the game. But for some reason, they scrapped this idea. Sometimes data mine content is something that Nintendo was working on, but they changed their mind for whatever reason. Maybe they just preferred the idea of having a more quaint shop on what is originally a deserted island and feeling like a more elaborate version wouldn’t really fit the style of the game. Or, perhaps plans got canceled when Nintendo upgraded halves Island, creating a whole bunch of new shops of players to use there.

    Maybe they felt like an upgraded Nook’s Cranny would have been pointless with the variety you get in halves. It’s also possible that this code was misinterpreted and Nintendo never really planned a third version of the NookShop. Maybe it was actually regarding the second floor of Nook’s Cranny, which technically you can access using some glitchy methods. Nothing is actually up ther,e but it’s still a space with a modeled staircase.

    Technically, Nook’s Cranny also got minor upgrades, too. With new limited time, items being added and a complete inventory of new ACNH Items being made available, there with a 2.0 update. It’s not really a different version of the shop itself, though, but maybe this is what Nintendo actually meant to begin with.

    Whatever the reason, the absence of this bird from Nook’s Cranny is really sad for me. I think having a much bigger space to shop in would have been fantastic. You could have brought back Gracie, who could have run the high end of the shop and just generally provided players with more options, which would have been really great. This is how it wasn’t basically every other game, so I would have liked it to be this way in New Horizons, too. 

    After all, New Horizons is the most advanced of all the games, so it feels odd to me they went backwards in this one particular way. At the end of the day, we may never know what happened to this third Nook’s Cranny version if it even truly existed.

    Ninji, like most other Animal Crossing data miners have now basically retired from the game as it’s been out for so long and updates have stopped. So, these sorts of things will remain a mystery unless Nintendo ever specifies what content they would have planned on adding to the game. But they couldn’t. That would definitely be a really cool thing to learn if they ever shared their information, although sadly, Nintendo is honestly pretty secretive about this kind of thing.

  • Animal Crossing: How New Horizons Help Players Through The Pandemic

    Posted: Feb 07, 2023

    The timing of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was great, and I think the developers of this game probably didn't intend to do it at the time. It has been almost three years since it was released on March 20, 2020. For many people, this date is special because it is associated with the time when many countries began to pay serious attention to a virus that was spreading. And for some time after that, the borders of various countries were closed, and the offices of many companies were closed and locked down. But there is a game that can help you a lot during those worrying and difficult days.

    On Resetera, there's a thread that says Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just too perfect and crazy for the Covid-19 lockdown. This sentence illustrates how this emotion can resonate with players like you. The OP wrote," In this pandemic, no other games in the same way has helped me , only Animal Crossing: New Horizons". As the vision of the real world gets closer and closer to people, the emergence of New Horizons can stimulate people's imagination even more, even for those non-gamers.

    One commented, "I remember on social media at that time, I saw many friends would buy Switch or Switch Lite to play AC, but they didn't share any game-related content." Another commented, "My daughter likes this game very much and plays Minecraft or Animal Crossing with her friends every day. In a way, it's not just their hangout, it strengthens her bond with good friends and her niece who lives in Morocco. "

    The news articles published during that period are ample evidence of Nintendo's success. In August 2020, a Reuters report stated that as Animal Crossing sold more than 22 million units, Nintendo's profits directly increased by 5 times. This game mainly allows you to build your own house on the island and perform some simple tasks, such as weeding and gardening. And it turns out that the game is very attractive to many people who are locked at home and cannot go out. In 2020, when people were locked down, New Horizons sold 10.6 million units in the first quarter. Although Nintendo Switch was difficult to buy at that time, its sales also surged at that time.

    One Resetera user wrote: "Because of covid, I played New Horizons. Because I saw my girlfriend likes to play it, and it seems to be able to meet my needs. In fact, it really does. In fact, it really helped me so much that I'm obsessed with it." However, a surprising comment followed, and many people responded: "It's really unbelievable that Nintendo stopped supporting this game".

    In fact, such a popular game lacks updates and DLC support, but many people still like it. So far, its sales have exceeded 40 million. I think you must be very puzzled by this. One user commented on this:"Nintendo no longer supports it, let it die. They say, they have a gold mine there..." On November 5, 2021, Nintendo released the game The last major update for, which includes Happy Home Paradise paid DLC and the 2.0 update. Since then, only minor patches have been updated.

    However, not every player will enjoy the game all the time. One netizen wrote: "In my opinion, this game is closely related to the pandemic, so that I always feel sad when I play. So, I can't continue to play". However, there are also many people who are very grateful that New Horizons came out in time. Another netizen wrote: “At that specific time, this game was perfect. In half a year, I spent about 300 hours playing the game with my good friends.”

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  • ACNH: A Player Keeps Beloved Villagers' Signatures When They Leave

    Posted: Feb 10, 2022

    It may seem like a sad thing when a villager leaves your island, but IGGM found a wonderful way to commemorate the villager's departure. An ACNH player will always keep the signatures of villagers who are leaving the island in memory of them.

    In ACNH, once villagers have a thought bubble over their heads, it is possible for them to bring up the topic of leaving your island. An ACNH player on Reddit shared a method for taking the opportunity to write down the signatures of villagers on a rock on the island when the villager leaves the island.

    This way of commemorating has attracted a lot of players, with some commenting that it's a better way to honor villagers than to erect a cemetery for them.

    In ACNH, there are hundreds of villagers, and some players will even spend a lot of money to buy ACNH Bells, which can help them achieve their goals faster. As for villagers, villagers like Raymond are still desired by most players, while Barold is not popular among players.

    But some players end up letting villagers go for a variety of reasons, whether it's for new villagers to join or because the player doesn't like the villagers they currently have. However, it is not easy to invite your favorite villagers to your island. To speed up the process, you can come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items, including the villagers in the game.

    All in all, if there are villagers who leave your island often, you can also commemorate them in this way, which is very sweet.

  • ACNH Deign Illusions To Inspire Your Build

    Posted: Jan 29, 2022

    Design illusions are the cornerstone of creating ACNH, a fun way to make your island look prettier. There are broader trends in illusion designs, but fans always want newer ideas.

    Illusion designs can come in several forms, some of which use perspective tricks to give a sense of scale or shape. For example, you can use customized designs for umbrellas to make GameCubes, gift boxes, bookshelves, and trash bins. You can set custom design paths to pretend the island is floating in the air. Other tricks include repurposing items to create the desired look, such as using silos to create the look of castle ramparts.

    Recently, some players have unlocked partitions through the Happy Home Paradise DLC, creating the illusion of their balconies. The 2.0 update adds a ton of new items, some of which will help you achieve the look you want for your island without having to resort to illusions, you can come to IGGM to buy ACNH 2.0 Items to speed up the process. But if you want, you can still keep using illusions, combining new items and techniques to beautify your island.

    Update 2.0 introduced a new yacht item, but it can only be placed on the land. Still, players make good use of the yacht, putting it on the docks or attaching it to the back of cars as if being towed to the beachside. IGGM found An ACNH player shared the design on Reddit, which you can see below:

    This player combined terraforming and custom path design to create the illusion of boats actually floating in the marina. Now you can unleash your creativity and make your island unique.

  • ACNH: When Does Snow Leave Your Island?

    Posted: Jan 14, 2022

    In ACNH, winter is still going on, which means players in the northern hemisphere will see snow on the ground for a while longer. With the addition of snowflakes, you can do many things, such as making snowmen, catching snowflakes, and getting special winter recipes.

    ACNH's winter starts around November 25th and runs until February 18th. So you still have a few weeks to go to winter-themed events and collect recipes you don't have yet. Of course, coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items is a faster way.

    When does snow go away?

    Snowflakes will begin to melt around February 25, seven days after the winter ends in ACNH.

    This means you can start working on your island sometime after February 25, and from then on you'll be able to see grass again.

    But this tends to be random, which depends on your island, but most players will start seeing the snow melt before February 25th, others won't see it until that day.

    As in real life, the day will start to be longer. In winter, the sun sets faster, but things will return to normal around early February.

    For more news about ACNH, you can always come to IGGM to check, we will share the latest related news and game guides in time.

    Also, cheap ACNH Bells are available here, and with them, your gameplay will be smoother and your island will become more dynamic.

  • ACNH: How To Get Custom Fencing?

    Posted: Jan 11, 2022

    With the latest ACNH update, you can now try out Custom Fencing in a flash via Nook Shop in Resident Services. This allows you to have the ability to try cool fences around your own home and buildings in-game, including industrial styles, bamboo, and more. IGGM will show you what more custom fences can add to the game.

    Custom Fencing in a Flash

    All the fence types with Custom Fencing in a Flash can be viewed below:

    * Park fencing

    * Corrugated Iron

    * Log Wall

    * Log Fencing

    * Block Fencing

    * Large Lattice fencing

    * Green Bamboo fencing

    * Bamboo Slats fencing

    * Frozen fencing

    How to get Custom Fencing?

    You can unlock Custom Fencing in a Flash via the Nook Shop in Resident Services.

    Opening the Nook Shop menu and redeeming Nook Miles will allow you to choose the type of upgrades and features you want to unlock for your character.

    Custom Fencing in the Flash upgrade requires 2500 Nook Mile, the first fence types available should be park Fences and Large Lattice Fencing.

    As for other types of fences, you can buy them at the Nook Shop. There will be 2 random ones every day. You can get any type of fence you want, as well as change the color of any fence you choose.

    The quicker way to get them is to buy ACNH Items from IGGM, which is more convenient. IGGM provides any resources you need in the game, all to ensure you have a good gaming experience.

  • ACNH: How Does Luck Affect Other Things?

    Posted: Jan 04, 2022

    The latest ACNH update adds the popular features and characters, such as luck and Katrina, a fortune teller. This makes the game more mysterious.

    Luck affects almost everything in ACNH, but how does it work? IGGM will give a detailed explanation.

    How does Luck work?

    First of all, you need to know that money will affect Katrina's predictions to a large extent.

    For 1000 ACNH Bells, you can ask Katrina to tell your fortunes, and her predictions will have real effects.

    Her predictions can affect almost everything in ACNH, such as friendship points, villager gifts, tool durability, and how much money you can dig from glowing spots.

    Good Luck

    In New Horizons, money is of the utmost importance. IGGM lists content affected by Good Luck.

    * Floating Balloons: 1,000 Bell to 3,000 Bells

    * Money Rocks: Increased Bells

    * Gold Nuggets: Chance increases from 1% to 11%

    * Glowing Spots: 1,000 bells to 5,000 bells

    * Trees: 100 bells to 300 bells when shaken

    Bad Luck

    Bad Luck will give you fewer opportunities to make money in a day on the island.

    * Glowing Spot: No glowing spot for one day

    * Money Rocks: No money rocks for one day

    * Gold Nuggets: from 1% chance to 0% chance of finding gold nuggets

    * Floating Balloons: Balloon presents containing money will always be 1,000 Bells

    * Gold Island: Gold Island will not show up on Nook Miles tours

    Still, luck only works when you talk to Katrina. If you don't talk to her, then you will avoid opportunities for good or bad luck.

    IGGM will not only provide ACNH-related guides but also provide some resources you need in the game, which means that ACNH 2.0 Items, Nook Miles Tickets, and Animal Crossing Bells are all available here.

  • ACNH: How To Spot the Fake Sinking Painting?

    Posted: Dec 28, 2021

    In ACNH, you need to collect art by buying paintings and statues from Jolly Redd’s Treasure Trawler. Most of them are very easy, but there is a piece of art that can easily cause trouble for players - Sinking Painting. It is complicated work to distinguish if Redd is selling a fake or not, but IGGM will introduce a way to let you buy the real thing every time.

    How To Spot the Fake Sinking Painting?

    Many of the fakes in ACNH were not immediately considered to be forgery. Sinking Painting is one of them. If you are not familiar with the original artwork, it will be difficult for you to identify the forgery.

    Here is some information about the real Sinking Painting:

    * Ophelia

    * John Everett Mills, 1851-52

    * Oil on canvas

    This painting shows the moment when Ophelia is floating in the river, singing before she drowns. Queen Gertrude described this scene in Act IV, Scene VII of Hamlet. This painting is currently stored in Tate Britain in London, England, and is worth more than 30 million pounds.

    However, Blathers always regard Sinking Painting as genuine, because the in-game version of it has some flaws, it is squeezed inward, and the real painting is much broader. In addition, in the real painting, the flowers on the river banks are white, while in the game they are pink.

    So, you don’t have to worry that Sinking Painting is fake. Blathers is not an expert as he claims to be, because he will not hesitate to accept the imperfect version of Ophelia.

    Not only can you find ACNH-related game guides on IGGM, but you can also find any support you need in the game. ACNH 2.0 Items are available here. You can come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items to enhance your gaming experience.

  • ACNH: How To Remove Accent Wall?

    Posted: Nov 30, 2021

    In ACNH 2.0 Update, you now have more space to express your creativity in your home. You can now place accent walls at home, move between tight spaces, customize the outside of your home, and more.

    If you do not own the Happy Home Paradise DLC, you need to purchase Pro Decorating License with 2500 Nook Miles in the Nook Shop to unlock these features.

    How to remove an Accent Wall?

    If you have purchased the DLC, then these features will be automatically unlocked when following the story of the Happy Home Paradise designers.

    After the 4th renovation, Niko will teach you to polish the furniture. After 30 innovations, you can use new design knowledge on your island. Once you unlock the accent wall, whether in DLC design mode or the main game on your island, it can be accessed through the placing furniture menus.

    In the design mode, you can hover over wallpaper and press the X to place an accent wall, and then press the button again to remove the design.

    For those who have DLC and may have purchased the Pro Decorating License before DLC, Lottie will send you a letter to inform you that she has repaid 2500 miles on her behalf.

    If you are only in the 2.0 Update, then you also have a lot to do. You can come to IGGM to buy ACNH 2.0 Items, then jump in the game. And it is also the current hot sale on IGGM, because 2.0 is a big update and brings a lot of wealth Content.

    In addition, IGGM will continue to pay attention to the development trend of ACNH. If we find some fresh ideas or creative thoughts shared by players, we will also post them in the news section in time, so that you can keep up with the latest news of the game.

  • ACNH: What To Do With The New Polish Tool?

    Posted: Nov 16, 2021

    The ACNH 2.0 update seems to have completely fascinated players. 2.0 ACNH Items has been bringing surprises to players. More options allow players to give full play to their creativity. If there are items you like, you can come directly come to IGGM to buy 2.0 ACNH Items.

    In addition, Happy Home Paradise DLC introduces the polishing mechanic, so you can add sparkle to your home furnishings. But when the options for all new features are unlocked, including the ability to use custom patterns with different effects, polishing becomes a powerful creative tool, and you can even use it to take your creation to the next level. 

    This was accidentally discovered by an ACNH player who discovered the ability to swap the polishing tool’s particle effects for custom patterns last week. Just apply the unique design to the existing effect to create roaring flames, and the fire will spread.

    How to get the polish tool?

    To get this new polishing tool, you need to own Happy Home Paradise DLC. After decorating the 4 homes, you will unlock the basic polished version, which can simply allow you to add a sparkle effect to items.

    After helping 12 customers, Niko will teach you additional polish effects and give you 14 presets to play with, each with a different appearance and behavior.

    The initial polishing effect, sparkleblast, creates a cascade of little stars from your polished items.

    Pitterpat can create little hearts that rise from your items. Steamshine can add smoke to an item and is suitable for hot tubs or barbecue pits.

    The default settings are simple, but unlocking all 14 allows you to apply your custom patterns. Players are constantly discovering new ways to apply their custom designs to optimization tools, and IGGM will always pay attention to them and share some creative ideas.

    Taking into account the diversity of items, IGGM optimized the product page so that you can better find the items you need. After you place an order, we will quickly arrange the delivery for you, so you can receive it without waiting too long.

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