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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bells


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ACNH: How Much Happy Home Paradise DLC Costs?

2021-10-16 16:46:21

ACNH finally ushered in big news. In November this year, ACNH not only launched the final free content update, but also launched the latest Happy Home Paradise DLC, creating a lot of new content for the game.

The ACNH 2.0 content update will be free to all players, just like the previous update, but Happy Home Paradise is an exception. It is the first paid DLC for the game. IGGM will introduce some information about the new DLC so that players can purchase the version that best suits their needs.

How To Get Happy Home Paradise DLC?

There are 2 ways to get Happy Home Paradise DLC:

* individually

* As part of the new subscription tier for Nintendo Switch Online

The New Horizons expansion can be purchased via eShop for a one-time price of $24.99. You can also purchase it through the Nintendo Switch Online + expansion pack mode that will be released on October 26. There are two pricing options for the NSO+ expansion pack subscription: $49.99 per year for individual and $79.99 for family plan.

Which Happy Home Paradise DLC is the best?

Many ACNH players may already have a base Nintendo Switch Online subscription. If you buy it for 12 months at the same time, the annual fee is $20.

Upgrading to an individual plan that includes Expansion Pack requires an additional $30, while Happy Home Paradise itself costs $25. Obtaining Animal Crossing DLC through NSO will also result in a partial loss of access without an active subscription.

This expansion pack adds some convolutedness to Nintendo's online services, and many fans are not satisfied with the price of the expansion pack. If you are particularly interested in ACNH DLC, you'd better buy Happy Home Paradise directly from the eShop. The value of ACNH's new content is subjective, and $25 is the high end of the DLC, which brings new gameplay features.

Because fans always expect ACNH to introduce more attractive things, this Happy Home Paradise can be said to be a breakthrough worth looking forward to, so many players are already looking forward to the arrival of November.

If it introduces any new ACNH Items, IGGM will also know about them and launch them as soon as possible, so this is convenient for players. In addition, ACNH Bells has always been available on IGGM and has always been a hot-sale, as long as you need them, you can come to IGGM to buy it at any time. Now you can also get ACNH Products coupons at the coupon center, which can also save you a lot of money.

When Will ACNH Receive Another Update?

2021-09-02 15:20:22

The ACNH 1.11.0 update is almost a month old, but players are already looking forward to the next update. The most recent one is only a seasonal update, which is far from what players expected. No Brewster, no quality of life or gameplay updates, which is disappointing.

In addition, in the upcoming announcement of the 1.11.0 update, they also promised to launch another update at the end of the year. Because they just set a deadline, players still want to know when the next update will appear.

Regarding the date of the next update, several important facts need to be noted. First, it was promised to be completed before the end of this year. Secondly, the content of the 1.11.0 update is scheduled to end around the Halloween season, which is to the end of November. This means that Nintendo has 2 months to complete the remaining content so that players can prepare for its arrival. There may be changes in the content, but the status of ACNH Belles seems to be unshakable.

The official announcement about the next update may be released at the end of September or early October. Since it is already September, the wait is not long. The announcement allows players to know about the unknown ventures in advance before entering the game.

In ACNH, it is impossible to add significant content before Halloween. After that, the features of data mined features could arrive, or the next update may be scheduled. In any case, there will be a two-month window period, and the next update will come.

Players have high hopes for this game. There are only 4 months left this year. Players can only wait patiently, hoping that surprises will appear in the game.

No matter what new content or items are added to the game, IGGM will launch new ACNH Items in time. This is great for players who cannot get the items they want in the game because coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items will be the fastest way to solve their troubles. And if you are a new customer of IGGM, before purchasing ACNH products, you can get a 5% off ACNH products coupon at the coupon center.


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