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    Please Access Dodo Airline.Visit NPC,Choose I want visitors.Then you will get a CODE.We Will Visit Your Island then Drop the Item you want in your island.

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  • 3M Bells + 50 Nook Miles Ticket

    3M Bells + 50 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 0.87 / $0.35

  • 6M Bells + 100 Nook Miles Ticket

    6M Bells + 100 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 1.76 / $0.70

  • 12M Bells + 200 Nook Miles Ticket

    12M Bells + 200 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 3.48 / $1.39

  • 15M Bells + 300 Nook Miles Ticket

    15M Bells + 300 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 4.70 / $1.88

  • 30M Bells + 400 Nook Miles Ticket

    30M Bells + 400 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 8.00 / $3.20

  • 60M Bells + 500 Nook Miles Ticket

    60M Bells + 500 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 13.87 / $5.55

  • 90M Bells + 800 Nook Miles Ticket

    90M Bells + 800 Nook Miles Ticket

    - +

    $ 21.17 / $8.47

  • 3 M 3M Bells

    3M Bells

    - +

    $ 0.46 / $0.23

  • 6 M 6M Bells

    6M Bells

    - +

    $ 0.94 / $0.47

  • 9 M 9M Bells

    9M Bells

    - +

    $ 1.40 / $0.70

  • 12 M 12M Bells

    12M Bells

    - +

    $ 1.86 / $0.93

  • 15 M 15M Bells

    15M Bells

    - +

    $ 2.32 / $1.16

  • 30 M 30M Bells

    30M Bells

    - +

    $ 4.65 / $2.33

  • 60 M 60M Bells

    60M Bells

    - +

    $ 9.30 / $4.65

  • 150 M 150M Bells

    150M Bells

    - +

    $ 23.26 / $11.63

  • 180 M 180M Bells

    180M Bells

    - +

    $ 27.91 / $13.96

  • 198 M 198M Bells

    198M Bells

    - +

    $ 30.70 / $15.35

  • 210 M 210M Bells

    210M Bells

    - +

    $ 32.55 / $16.28

  • 240 M 240M Bells

    240M Bells

    - +

    $ 37.22 / $18.61

  • 270 M 270M Bells

    270M Bells

    - +

    $ 41.86 / $20.93

  • 300 M 300M Bells

    300M Bells

    - +

    $ 46.51 / $23.26

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About ACNH Bells

On March 20, 2020, Nintendo released Animal Crossing: New Horizons, also known as ACNH, only allowing to play on Nintendo Switch. As a video game released during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, ACNH has benefited a lot as worldwide players are staying at home more than ever.

ACNH allows players to simulate survival on a desert island, and what they need can only be gained by themselves.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bell is the universal currency and medium in the game to be needed, such as purchasing new clothes, furniture, crafting, catching, etc. Also, you need to participate in various activities to develop the island, all of which are related to Bells. Farming ACNH Bells is time-consuming, taking up too much game time, which is not always desirable.

With this in mind, the best solution to avoid duplication of labor is to Buy Animal Crossing Bells, as a result, you can trade with IGGM to relieve the workload, Benefits for ACNH Buy Bells here:

100% safe - no matter currency or equipment, everything you get from the site is 100% safe, made by real men, including Animal Crossing Bells.

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Ultra-fast- our inventory is always satisfactory, and it can be guaranteed to deliver within 15 minutes.

Refund Policy- once any fault occurred for the order, we would provide refund support to reduce your loss.

More importantly, IGGM.COM insists that long-term customers can bring stable income, so it will not sell above the market price. Anyway, it is indeed the best place for you to Buy Bells Animal Crossing at will. For any doubts, please contact our 24/7 customer service.

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New Things For Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Summer Update 2

Nintendo announced that the Animal Crossing: New Horizon will be launched on July 30. The new version adds many new concepts, and the player's gaming experience will be upgraded. There is always new content you like.1. Fireworks ShowsStarting in August, there will be a Fireworks Show at 7 pm every Sunday. You can participate in the lucky draw at Redd's booth to win holiday prizes. If you want to get more lottery chances, you can buy Animal Crossing bells. You can also give your self-designed fireworks to Isabelle in the square, then you can set off your fireworks in the air. 2. Dreaming: meet LunaIn Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Summer Update 2, When you lie in bed sleeping, you will come to an incredible dreamland. Here you can meet the NPC Luna. Luna is a character who collects people's dreams. Here you can visit other people's islands by dreaming. At the same time, you can also deposit your dreams here and get your own "Dream House Number" so that other players in the world can visit your island in their dreams. You can interact with the islanders as you visit the dream island, or you can use the display cases to get the designs submitted by island owners. In Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Summer Update 2, You can explore the island freely, and nothing you do will affect the reality of the island, so here you can safely deposit your dreams or go to the dreams of others.3. Island Backup&Restoration ServiceAfter the game is updated you can upload the archive to the server via the Internet. When the Switch fails, you can restore the archive from the backup. The archive cannot be arbitrarily restored by the player, you need to contact the Nintendo Service Center. The updated game archives cannot be transferred to other consoles, only as an archive backup. If you want to have an advantage over others in the new version of Animal Crossing, you'd better go to buy Animal Crossing bells in IGGM. IGGM's products are more than 90% off the market price, it offers a 100% online payment system. It is the most professional game service provider to ensure the security of products.

How To Find Lost Items In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, villagers often walk around or visit others'islands, therefore, they often lose items, it has become a very important skill about how to find the lost items back. When the villagers move on the islands, they may lose some items, but similarly, they will also encounter some ones are discarded on the island by their owner, players can speak to their villagers and return the lost items to the right villager, they might even receive a reward.With this in mind, if you lose something, you can also ask nearby villagers for help, through talking, they will find and return it to you.It added a new feature in Animal Crossing New Horizons, players can insect the item to try and narrow down to whom it might belong. No matter what you lose, a book, a notebook and even a bag, each of which can be found everywhere on the island, and the villagers only need to pick it up to own or return it.If you want to return the lost items, just show them to the villagers and wait for the real owner to confirm. In return, the owner will present the player with a reward, usually a clothing or furniture item. If a player returns the item to the correct villager on the first try, without showing to another villager, he or she will receive a bigger and better reward. Also, if you return the item without being asked about it first, you'll get extra friendship points with the owner.Here is a shop where you can get a lot of Animal Crossing items, IGGM, with only a small expense, you can take them back through an order.This is a top store certified by professional organizations, and it can create a satisfying shopping experience for every consumer from all aspects. So if you lack ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Ticket, this is a good place to trade and play the game better.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Off Event Begins Today

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a game related to agriculture, and catching bugs is the most common entertainment in the game. On July 25, today, there is a Bug Off event in Animal Crossing New Horizons, providing an opportunity to get a lot of rewards, including exclusive bug-themed furniture, clothing and even trophies.From June to September, players living in the northern hemisphere are spending a hot summer, Bug Off will happen on the third Saturday every month, and in the northern hemisphere, it will happen from November to February of the next year.This Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm, Flick will randomly appear in the town's plaza, when meeting him, who could give you three minutes to catch bugs every time, once time elapses, the bugs you caught will be counted and exchanged the points, each bug is worth one point, which can be converted into rewards, including Artisanal Bug Cage, Bug Aloha Shirt, Bug Cage, Bug Wand, etc.Your goal is to get as many bugs and points as possible, so you'd better participate in the Bug Off event with your friends, the accumulated points are allowed to be exchanged for rewards.In addition to bugs, you can also encounter other insects during the event, such as butterflies, stinkbugs, etc. After catching them, you can also get Animal Crossing Bells as a reward, especially in summer.In Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is not difficult to make money, besides bells, there is another virtual currency, Nook Miles Ticket, which can visit Mystery islands.Apart from farming, you can also buy ACNH bells to save more time, because this is not expensive virtual currency, and you can get a large amount from the market with only a little expense.It is hard to find a reliable store to buy safe currency in the market, is a high-quality store that can provide what you need at any time. It has been certified by professional organizations, where you will always be treated well, with friendly service. You are recommended to visit the store to trade to play the game better.

Animal Crossing Summer Guide: How To Set Up You Pool?

Animal Crossing New Horizons is a seasonal game, in July, for players living in the northern hemisphere, summer begins, they started to endure high temperatures and hot climate, so it is a very cool thing to stay under the water, such as swimming or diving.You are able to collect all kinds of sea creatures when swimming and diving near the islands, you can keep them yourself, or donate them to Blathers at the museum.Not only they can have fun swimming in the river, the players of Animal Crossing New Horizons are looking for new ways to create more fun, and their next goal is to set up the pool.Although the pool in Animal Crossing New Horizons is tiny, players are very good at using various decorative objects to improve its visual effects, such as floor tiles and wallpaper.Moreover, players can interact with the items in the pool, such as beach balls, slides and floaties. There is nothing more comfortable than soaking in water throughout the summer, isn't it? So, are you ready to dive into the water, or the pool? Don't forget to put on your wetsuit and shoes.Also, you are able to receive the mermaid-themed DIY recipe set, allowing you to craft the recipes with shells, coral and other items, which can be found on the beach. And then, Pascal will trade you with pearls.In Animal Crossing New Horizons, almost everything can exchange for ACNH Bells, but it can also buy everything. There are multiple ways to make money, such as catching bugs, fishing, planting trees, etc, each of which is very easy to complete. This is also in line with the original intention of the game itself: no one will be required by the game's goal or economic requirements.You can buy Animal Crossing Bells at IGGM, also another virtual currency, Nook Miles Ticket, where you are able to create a perfect shopping experience. In order to make your journey better, why not try the shop soon?