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Animal Crossing: How New Horizons Help Players Through The Pandemic

Posted: Feb 07, 2023

The timing of the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons was great, and I think the developers of this game probably didn't intend to do it at the time. It has been almost three years since it was released on March 20, 2020. For many people, this date is special because it is associated with the time when many countries began to pay serious attention to a virus that was spreading. And for some time after that, the borders of various countries were closed, and the offices of many companies were closed and locked down. But there is a game that can help you a lot during those worrying and difficult days.

Animal Crossing

On Resetera, there's a thread that says Animal Crossing: New Horizons is just too perfect and crazy for the Covid-19 lockdown. This sentence illustrates how this emotion can resonate with players like you. The OP wrote," In this pandemic, no other games in the same way has helped me , only Animal Crossing: New Horizons". As the vision of the real world gets closer and closer to people, the emergence of New Horizons can stimulate people's imagination even more, even for those non-gamers.

One commented, "I remember on social media at that time, I saw many friends would buy Switch or Switch Lite to play AC, but they didn't share any game-related content." Another commented, "My daughter likes this game very much and plays Minecraft or Animal Crossing with her friends every day. In a way, it's not just their hangout, it strengthens her bond with good friends and her niece who lives in Morocco. "

The news articles published during that period are ample evidence of Nintendo's success. In August 2020, a Reuters report stated that as Animal Crossing sold more than 22 million units, Nintendo's profits directly increased by 5 times. This game mainly allows you to build your own house on the island and perform some simple tasks, such as weeding and gardening. And it turns out that the game is very attractive to many people who are locked at home and cannot go out. In 2020, when people were locked down, New Horizons sold 10.6 million units in the first quarter. Although Nintendo Switch was difficult to buy at that time, its sales also surged at that time.

One Resetera user wrote: "Because of covid, I played New Horizons. Because I saw my girlfriend likes to play it, and it seems to be able to meet my needs. In fact, it really does. In fact, it really helped me so much that I'm obsessed with it." However, a surprising comment followed, and many people responded: "It's really unbelievable that Nintendo stopped supporting this game".

In fact, such a popular game lacks updates and DLC support, but many people still like it. So far, its sales have exceeded 40 million. I think you must be very puzzled by this. One user commented on this:"Nintendo no longer supports it, let it die. They say, they have a gold mine there..." On November 5, 2021, Nintendo released the game The last major update for, which includes Happy Home Paradise paid DLC and the 2.0 update. Since then, only minor patches have been updated.

However, not every player will enjoy the game all the time. One netizen wrote: "In my opinion, this game is closely related to the pandemic, so that I always feel sad when I play. So, I can't continue to play". However, there are also many people who are very grateful that New Horizons came out in time. Another netizen wrote: “At that specific time, this game was perfect. In half a year, I spent about 300 hours playing the game with my good friends.”

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