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Animal Crossing: 3 Best Villagers In The Franchise, And Their Rankings

Posted: Feb 09, 2023

In Animal Crossing, there are about 400 villagers. Because of the sheer number of villagers, it's difficult to rank the best characters in the franchise. Fans have loved these villagers since the release of the first Animal Crossing game. Because these villagers are different, they have a unique species, personality type and sense of style. As the most popular game in the series, it's only in recent years that Animal Crossing: New Horizons has allowed villagers to fully capture the attention of fans.

Fans have had a lively debate about which villagers in Animal Crossing series could be called the best characters. From a character like Ankha, who has become popular with fans because of the success of New Horizons, to a character like Cherry, who is very cute, the best character always sparks discussion. Whether they're the cutest, the trendiest, or the smartest, they're the best villagers in Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing

No. 3: Cherry

Cherry from Animal Crossing is a big sister dog villager who is hard to hate and a typical cute sister villager. Although she's one of the more recent villagers added to the game, many players have come to love her after being introduced to New Leaf, and her own charm has given her a unique place in the hearts of fans.

Animal Crossing Cherry

In this colorful and cute village, she not only loves rock music, but also has a sense of gothic fashion, which makes her a breath of fresh hair. In addition, her home is very different from the tidy houses of other villagers. Her home contains many strange elements, but they are very special and avant-garde. Overall, Cherry is not only a cute villager, but also very eccentric, which is why fans love her.

No. 2: Ankha

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has some passive-aggressive lines, and snooty villagers may be responsible for it. But if any snooty villager can be called the best, she is Ankha who is loved by many. Ankha is a cat with an ancient Egyptian theme, but she's not the only cat. In fact, she has been very popular with fans since the release of the first Animal Crossing.

Animal Crossing Ankha

There may be some players who don't like the idea of a villager that's so tied to the theme, but Ankha is the best example of it working well. From her cobra headgear to her pyramid-themed house, they are very stylish. It is precisely because of this unique fashion sense that she is the most fashionable villager in the game. If you want to add some unique flavor to any island or town, Ankha is the best choice for you.

No. 1: Marshal

When Marshal first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, despite being a new villager with an effortlessly smug persona, there was nothing stopping the villagers of Animal Crossing from wanting to befriend him. Marshal has a cotton candy-like appearance, with pink cheeks and an angry expression. If you judge his appearance by the standards of squirrels, he is also very cute.

Animal Crossing Marshal

The smugness that Marshal displays makes him unique in the game. But what fans really love about him is that he not only has lively and cute elements, but also a perfect combination of sweet and sour. Only this one is enough to win over any player on the island he reaches. In Animal Crossing, Marshal is worth anyone's experience, if not considering those unique fashion sense and unique style of the house.

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