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How Did Players Celebrate New Year Holiday in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Posted: Dec 30, 2022

With New Year fast approaching, the gaming community seems to also be getting into the holiday spirit. Online games have already rolled out their seasonal Yuletide events, and fans have been gifting their friends with items from their shared fandoms or decking out their homes with video game-themed decorations. The Animal Crossing: New Horizons community seems to be no exception. Some decided to celebrate the holiday cheer in-game by re-decorating their island home in a holiday theme. Others, such as this fan with the holiday clay ornaments, chose to display their love for Animal Crossing in their own living space.

Animal Crossing Players Celebrate Christmas and New Year Holidays

In-game Content
Winter has begun in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, signified by the snowfall on the ground, and there are a number of activities players can partake in to get ready for the holidays. Through February, players can find snowflakes and make snowflake DIYs like the Ice Wand or the Ice Table. They can also try to make the perfect snowboy by rolling around big balls of snow, or make a disproportionate snowboy for a funny surprise.

But December in Animal Crossing is also time for the annual Toy Day event, taking place on December 24th. To get geared up with the proper decorations around the island, players can decorate the cedar trees with Christmas ornaments between December 15th to January 6th, which is considered the festive season for both Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere folks. After obtaining all red, blue, and gold ornaments, players can also craft 14 different festive DIY recipes.

To find ornaments, first Animal Crossing: New Horizons players will need to look for festive trees around the island, which aren't difficult to spot. They're lined with bright Christmas lights, but this can only happen randomly with cedar trees, so make sure to have some previously planted and fully grown. After locating a festive tree, players will have to shake them to have a chance of a red, blue, or gold ornament falling from them. If it's an ornament-bearing tree, it'll make a unique sound of shaking ornaments when bumped into. It may take a few shakes before an ornament falls from it, though.

Keep in mind, there's no limit to the number of ornaments players can get from a single festive tree, but there will need to be clear space around the tree in order for an ornament to fall. Ornaments can still fall down on customized pathing. If players want to quickly get enough ornaments to make all 14 festive DIY recipes, they'll need to obtain 35 red ornaments, 43 blue ornaments, and 42 gold ornaments. They can also be sold to Tom Nook's kids at Nook's Cranny for 50 bells each.

If it's similar to previous Animal Crossing games, Toy Day means the arrival of Jingle will show up and ask players for help with delivering gifts after their villagers drop sly hints of want they want for the holidays.

Out-game Content
On Reddit, user kinglucent shared a photo of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons ornaments that their wife gave to them as an early Christmas present. In the image, the Redditor is holding three clay ornaments in one hand. Each of the ornaments represents iconic images from the life sim. This includes the Animal Crossing: New Horizons leaf logo and the faces of the famous DJ K.K. Slider and island assistant Isabelle. Avid fans of the Nintendo title will instantly recognize these items, given how accurate and detailed they are, despite seemingly being handmade.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Players Celebrate Christmas and New Year Holidays

Unfortunately, kinglucent did not share how their wife crafted the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Christmas ornaments. So, fans will not be able to replicate the items. There was also no indication from the Redditor that their wife was planning to sell these ornaments in the future. However, this may change if the game's community expresses more support and interest for the Redditor's wife's clay-sculpting endeavors. A comment on the thread said that the ornaments look amazing, and that the Redditor's wife has a lot of talent for being able to make such items.


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