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ACNH: How To Get Custom Fencing?

Posted: Jan 11, 2022

With the latest ACNH update, you can now try out Custom Fencing in a flash via Nook Shop in Resident Services. This allows you to have the ability to try cool fences around your own home and buildings in-game, including industrial styles, bamboo, and more. IGGM will show you what more custom fences can add to the game.

Custom Fencing in a Flash

All the fence types with Custom Fencing in a Flash can be viewed below:

* Park fencing

* Corrugated Iron

* Log Wall

* Log Fencing

* Block Fencing

* Large Lattice fencing

* Green Bamboo fencing

* Bamboo Slats fencing

* Frozen fencing

How to get Custom Fencing?

You can unlock Custom Fencing in a Flash via the Nook Shop in Resident Services.

Opening the Nook Shop menu and redeeming Nook Miles will allow you to choose the type of upgrades and features you want to unlock for your character.

Custom Fencing in the Flash upgrade requires 2500 Nook Mile, the first fence types available should be park Fences and Large Lattice Fencing.

As for other types of fences, you can buy them at the Nook Shop. There will be 2 random ones every day. You can get any type of fence you want, as well as change the color of any fence you choose.

The quicker way to get them is to buy ACNH Items from IGGM, which is more convenient. IGGM provides any resources you need in the game, all to ensure you have a good gaming experience.


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