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ACNH: What Can We Expect For Its Anniversary?

Posted: Mar 06, 2021

ACNH first anniversary will arrive on March 20, and now fans are anxiously waiting for Nintendo to announce how it will celebrate. In the year after its release, the latest installment has sold 31 million copies. One of the main contents of ACNH is a festival designed by Nintendo for players. From Halloween to Carnival, there will always be celebrations you like. Therefore, the one-year anniversary will hold a celebration.

ACNH can plan a standard event according to the pattern it has established. The celebration usually arranges a new NPC to visit your island and have the opportunity to obtain themed items. Nintendo can celebrate by hosting an Animal Crossing party, so this is something to look forward to. Nintendo has made a lot of updates to ACNH, adding new features and interesting items, but players have always hoped that it can improve the overall quality of life of the game's functionality and allow coffee lovers Brewster to return to the game.

Quality of Life

In ACNH, you need to take time to appreciate the little things in life, but some things happen very slowly: you can only make one item at a time, you have to enter the fitting room multiple times to buy items, etc. These will frustrate players. If ACNH's quality of life is updated, it will be a big event and the best way to celebrate the anniversary of the game.


It would be great if Brewster can return at this time. Brewster is a coffee lover, he runs a coffee shop - The Roost. In City Folk and New Leaf, Brewster became the most popular character, so he did not appear in New Horizons, which frustrated many fans. Therefore, if he can return to the game, it means that the players have the opportunity to add a building on their islands. Although the current Able Sisters, Nook’s Cranny, and Blathers’ museum are very good, if more shops can be added, it will also bring players a more interesting game experience.

So the biggest event in March may be the one-year anniversary of ACNH. Fans are looking forward to the arrival of new content. If you want to make some preparations in advance, hoard some ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets is a wise option, you can come to IGGM to buy what you need, and IGGM provides ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets combo packs, which will not only save you time, but also save a lot of money. Buy Animal Crossing Bells now, you will be able to enjoy 30% off, so on IGGM, you will be able to buy the cheapest ACNH Bells.


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