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ACNH: It Would Be Great To Introduce New Weather Types

Posted: Mar 11, 2021

The snow on ACNH island has melted, and you can already see the lush grass and green leaves in spring. The spring events are coming, and the summer of swimming, diving, and fishing ahead, the only severe weather patterns you can encounter are the occasional rainstorms that soak the flowerbeds and fruit trees. In order to get rid of the sun and the soggy drizzles, ACNH should introduce different weather, so that you can muck through while looking for the treasures scattered at homes.

In ACNH, rain is a weather pattern, so adding thunderstorm weather may allow you to experience different types of wet weather. Thick storm clouds, heavy rain and brilliant flashes of lightning will add some excitement to the hot summer. Lightning storms will also bring special treasures. Lightning Fragments can be used to make a series of storm-themed items like Star Fragments in ACNH. You can make shocking furniture, special raincoats and hoodies, and even stormy wallpapers to give your bedroom a special atmosphere. The hail storm in spring will also bring warm weather to ACNH fans.

Chunks of hail may hit the beaches, and you can remove them with a shovel the next day. You may also find some treasures in it, such as DIY recipes or ice fragments. Just like Lightening Fragments, they allow you to craft a series of chilly decorations and outfits, and even new storm-themed wands.

Certain types of weather may have an impact on your island, such as creating opportunities for special flower mutations. Flowers that bloom on the day of special weather events may change depending on the weather pattern of the day. The Sunny Flowers will sparkle in the sunshine, and the rainy flowers will always be covered by dewdrops. On normal days, these flowers also have a small chance of spawning more flowers of the same types with different colors.

The introduction of different weather patterns in ACNH allows you to have more regular events to look forward to, and it can also disrupt the predictable weather in the game. Weather-related DIY recipes allow you to collect new things to help players who have completed all the content available in the game.

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