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News Tag: Buy Animal Crossing Bells

  • ACNH Should Introduce Some New Activities

    Posted: Jun 23, 2021

    Nintendo did not release any major news about any ACNH content at the E3 presentation, which made many fans feel dissatisfied and questioned the future of the game. Although during the COVID-19 period, it successfully became the most popular game for players, over time, the monotonous content seems to be unable to attract players. So now fans are looking forward to Nintendo investing in more content to keep the game fresh.

    ACNH has been improved in many ways because it released seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, Festivale, Wedding Season, Halloween, and Festive Season. In addition to these features, the game can also add more content and expansion of existing features. The president of Nintendo promised fans that ACNH will have new content.

    One of the easiest ways is to introduce cooking and food items. By expanding the existing crafting system and introducing new item categories, players are allowed to obtain a new, regular event to take part in. This will also give Nintendo the chance to bring the Brewster back into the game, or allow players to run their restaurants and exchange food with other villagers. The introduction of craftable food can also make the fruits grown on the island valuable instead of ACNH Bells.

    Villagers of different personalities also have different preferences in terms of food, and making food could be another way to improve the relationship between players and villagers.

    The two most notable features of ACNH are its villagers and the behavior of decorating houses and islands. Nintendo can position villagers as a competitive force in decoration. ACNH has established a decoration-based judging system through Happy Home Academy. Currently, Happy Home Academy evaluates islands based on the decorations, and the results can only be shared through letters and vague conversations with neighbors. Transforming the act of decoration into competition with the player's neighbors will encourage them to improve the current design.

    In any case, ACNH urgently needs new content to retain some players. If ACNH has maintained the status quo, then the future seems to be dull.

    Now that the president of Nintendo said that ACNH will introduce new content, we can only wait. Once there is relevant news, IGGM will update the article in time. And, if other items are introduced, IGGM will launch them as soon as possible.

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  • ACNH Guide: How To Get Purple Hyacinth?

    Posted: Jun 18, 2021

    Having a garden of your own in ACNH will make your island more vibrant, and colorful flowers will make your island look better. Speaking of flowers, purple hyacinth is a rare flower that has a complicated breeding process.

    If you have different types of other hyacinths, flowers with deep purple petals will eventually bloom on your island.

    You can buy yellow and red hyacinth seeds from Nook’s Cranny. If you can't find them in the shop, you can wait until Leif visits your island and provides these flower seeds. In addition, you can also find hyacinths on a Mystery Island Tour.

    How to get Purple Hyacinth?

    If you want to grow orange hyacinths, you need to bury the red and yellow seeds diagonally from each other.

    After the orange hyacinths bloom, you need to plant two of them in a diagonal pattern, so that they will end up with purple hyacinths.

    When planting more purple hyacinths, you should bury the two purple hyacinths next to each other in a diagonal pattern so that the surrounding soil will eventually sprout more purple hyacinths.

    And you can put them in Nook’s Cranny for selling, purple hyacinths can be sold for 240 ACNH Bells.

    Purple hyacinths have many uses. You can use them not only to make hyacinth grass or as decorations in conspicuous places. Together with lilies of the valleys and golden roses, they are considered the rarest flowers in the game.

    Although ACNH still has a lot of players, the monotonous content seems to be starting to make fans feel bored. If the new content still does not appear, then ACNH may lose some fans.

    Earlier this year, due to the datamine in the island parameter, the Animal Crossing islands may get some type of expansion. But they have not yet been implemented into the game. If this is true, ACNH may once again become the most popular game for players.

    IGGM will also pay attention to ACNH related news. If there is really new content added to the game, we will update the article as soon as possible to let you know.

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  • Sweeeeet! ACNH Player Gets Pascal's Help Proposing To Girlfriend

    Posted: May 08, 2021

    Recently, an ACNH player posted a post on Reddit, stating that he used the red otter Pascal in the game to help him pop up questions.

    He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in this way not only because it was very special, but also because he bought an ACNH for his girlfriend on Christmas in December, but recently his girlfriend had some medical issues, and she has been house for 6 months. During this period, ACNH has been with her to make her less lonely.

    The daily ritual between them is that when his girlfriend sees Pascal, she will show him. If they are not together, the girl will take pictures with her phone and send them to him. This has become one of their daily habits.

    So this ACNH player decided to propose to his girlfriend with the help of Pascal. When he posted, many people already expressed support and kindness in the comments and looked forward to the result. After that, the player released an update the next day, because his girlfriend said yes. This once again proves that the game is not only a tool to kill time, but also one of the ways to help players create good memories, and it can also help us find love.

    This may be one of the reasons why ACNH is so popular. It can not only help players spend their lonely time, but also provide comfort. If you are also an ACNH player, you can also use your own creativity to create awesome things and unique memories for people around you. 

    If you need any ACNH items or Bells, you can come to IGGM to buy them. Because with the change of seasons, many players want to decorate their islands to suit the climate vibe, at this time you may need ACNH Bells.

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  • ACNH: Muslim Players Celebrate Second Ramadan On Their Islands

    Posted: Apr 19, 2021

    ACNH has been released for more than a year, and countless real-world events have been staged in the game. Although large gatherings have been banned due to the spread of COVID-19, graduation ceremonies, birthdays, weddings and religious celebrations still need to be carried out.

    Around the world, Muslims are entering the second Ramadan in lockdown. At this celebration, strong Muslims need to fast from sunrise to sunset. However, Iftar is traditionally eaten communally, either with the family or in the Mosque. But for people living alone, this is very difficult.

    So at this time, some people choose to commemorate this moment in ACNH. An ACNH player shared an island area for prayers on social media. There are prayer mats, a fountain, and an impressive building in the background. These buildings are customized from other furniture in the game, like a white pumpkin carriage and two lighthouses.

    Another ACNH fan also shared a mosque created in the game and recreate the unique appearance of this place of worship through a custom design.

    Last year, ACNH became a popular platform to celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which marked the end of Ramadan. Rami Ismail even promoted his celebration. He set up a public eating area on the island and even provided guests with a virtual buffet.

    Fortunately, this may be the last Ramadan and Eid in lockdown and hope the Muslim community will be able to gather safely again next year.

    Ramadan started on April 13 and will end on May 12. It is held every year for 30 days, which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar.

    If you also want to celebrate Ramadan in ACNH, you can also use some furniture to craft some items you need to create a corresponding atmosphere. Or, you can come directly to IGGM to buy ACNH Items.

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  • ACNH: You Can Change Your Life's Theme Music Often With The Soundtrack Set

    Posted: Apr 15, 2021

    Now, a unique soundtrack of ACNH: The limited edition includes 7 CDs, including two independent releases. The first is the main 4-disc soundtrack, which contains all the background music played during the game. This includes hourly music changes, including different schedules when the weather is sunny, rainy, or snowing, and other music played at special events or specific locations, such as the shop, museum or town halls.

    The second is a 3-disc soundtrack - Totakeke Instrumental Music Collection. This contains instrumental versions of all 95 of KK Slider songs in the game, which means you will not hear his strange singing.

    4-disc soundtrack and 3-disc KK Slider series can be purchased separately, you can pre-order on the Japanese MyNintendo Store. The date of its release is April 16.

    And the release of this soundtrack coincides with the 20th anniversary of Animal Crossing. To celebrate this moment, Japan's ACNH Twitter account also released a new message: Thank you to everyone who likes this game, and hope to continue to get everyone's support in the future.

    ACNH has become one of Nintendo’s best-selling games ever. Nintendo announced last month that, one year after its release, this game has become Nintendo’s best-selling game in Europe.

    ACNH is a game that often hosts seasonal events and introduces new items. This is one of its characteristics to retain many old fans. Besides, what attracts fans the most is to bring the purest happiness to players.

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  • ACNH Villagers: More Details About Lucky

    Posted: Apr 08, 2021

    Lucky is an iconic village name in ACNH and is often a poster character for ACNH Halloween events. He has also appeared in ACNH and other games in the series.

    This lazy dog is very popular with players because of its unique design. He was still alive after a fishing accident, so he was named "Lucky". Compared with other vibes of the game, he is always special because he is a bit dark.

    Speculations about Lucky

    There are many speculations about Lucky, and some people guess that it is an immortal version of another villager because Lucky has a glowing eye. In any case, many players are looking for it and are willing to spend a lot of Bells to bring it to their islands.

    According to Lucky's Halloween theme, in past games, his home was like a mummy's tomb, featuring Egyptian architecture. But in ACNH, his home is more Gothic.

    Personality of Lucky

    Lucky is a lazy dog villager in ACNH. Like all lazy villagers, he likes to eat and relax. His hobbies are either for relaxation or for eating, such as fishing. Lucky gets along well with normal, peppy, smug, sister-like villagers, but has difficulty dealing with jock villagers and snooty villagers who don’t understand the lazy lifestyle.

    Hobby of Lucky

    He is a villager with simple taste, and his favorite colors are beige and white. He also likes simple clothing style. If you find him eating, chances are he is eating a lollipop. If he is reading, he may be reading a comic.

    Constellation of Lucky

    Lucky's birthday is November 4th, a few days after Halloween. So he is a Scorpio. His previous default clothing was the No. 23 T-shirt, so fans have been guessing that this is related to the 23 enigma, which symbolizes misfortune.

    If you are also interested in Lucky, you can try to invite him to be a villager on your island. To get him appearing on your island faster, you can come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items.

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  • ACNH: For Celebrating Prom Night Season, There Will Be Special Items Appearing

    Posted: Apr 05, 2021

    In ACNH, spring has arrived, and many spring events are also being staged, such as Bunny Day and Cherry Blossom season. In addition, many new items will appear in the game, including new Prom Night items and outfits. This allows you to celebrate the prom, but will there be an official Prom Night that will appear in ACNH?

    From April 1st to 30th, you can purchase Prom Night exclusive items through the Nook Shopping APP service. These items include clothes, masks, themed wallpaper, and confetti-covered flooring. These items seem to be impossible to craft, so if you want to get them, you can only buy them before the end of the event.

    Relevant news stated that despite these new decorations and party costumes, it seems that there will not be a real Prom Night event with special NPC interactions. Just like the New Year celebration items and Shamrock Day, Prom Night seems to be a seasonal Nook Shopping event. If you are looking forward to a new event this spring, then this may disappoint you.

    Although there may not be an official Prom Night event, you can choose to host your own Prom Party on your island. You can use Prom Night Items and some of the previous decorations, you can create interesting dance floors, tables full of food, and splendor lights to decorate your island, use your favorite way to celebrate the Prom Night season. You can create a good memory with your friends.

    For players, Prom Night may be a way to make April more interesting. If you are also interested in this, you can start to make use of your creativity to decorate your island. It is a cool thing to organize a unique Prom Party according to your wishes.

    If you don't have enough ACNH Bells to get your favorite items, you can come to IGGM to buy Animal Crossing Bells.

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  • ACNH: How To Get Bunny Day Set Items?

    Posted: Mar 31, 2021

    Bunny Day has arrived. It has many similarities to last year's event, but there are some new features and collectibles that are exclusive to 2021. Nintendo has made some changes to the egg hunting mechanism to prevent players from constantly pulling too many eggs when looking for other materials. Besides, to bring players a fresh game experience, the developer has added new products to the Bunny Day furniture set.

    Most of Bunny Day's furniture is DIY recipes. You need to pop a balloon, look for information in a bottle, pick up a specific amount of each type of egg, and talk to Zipper and the villagers. However, the 5 new items are not DIYs, you have to buy them with ACNH Bells.

    There are 23 time-limited items, 5 of which can only be purchased from the upgraded version of Nook’s Cranny. Like other collection items, you can also spend bells to collect these new seasonal items. In the event, only one of the seasonal times of the day is available, so if you want to collect all 5, you need to check back every day.

    * Bunny Day Candy: 1,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Garden Flag: 1,500 Bells

    * Bunny Day Topiary: 2,000 Bells

    * Bunny Day Planter Box: 2,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Tree: 3,800 Bells

    To get new items, you need to download ACNH's free update version 1.9.0.

    For other items, you can find them in Egg balloon presents, Egg bottles washed up on the beach, or find DIY recipes by talking with villagers. They all need different kinds of eggs to craft. So you have to collect 6 types of eggs before April 4th: Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky, Water. After the collection is completed, you will unlock various egg-themed costumes.

    If you need ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets that can be used at the event, you can come to IGGM to purchase.

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  • ACNH Guide: The Way To Get The Cool Globe Item

    Posted: Mar 23, 2021

    The Cool Globe is an upcoming item of ACNH. This article will show you how to collect this special seasonal item. Animal Crossing is celebrating its 1st anniversary and is preparing to collect some special items.

    First, you can collect a special 1st anniversary cake to celebrate. The game has seasonal events throughout the year, and you can find items within a limited time. Especially for those players who want to gather all the items, these are the rarest. Now, the Cool Globe item is coming to the players’ island. If you want to get it, you can refer to this article.

    The cool globe is part of the upcoming Nature Day event in April. If you like to travel around the world and other islands, then you should also like the Cool Globe. If you interact with it, it will rotate to show the rest of the world. It can only be used for a limited time, so you need to get it as soon as possible.

    How to get the Cool Globe?

    Nature Day will start on April 22. If you want to get the cool globe, you need to take action from April 15th to 22nd. You can get it from the Nook Shopping APP, and it will arrive in your mailbox on the next day in-game day. The best place to put this globe is on the shelf or the table. But the exact location still depends on your design.

    This year, Nature Day made its debut, so players can continue to pay attention to this game. And in the next few months, ACNH will introduce more events, which means you can collect more items. In order to get more items, you can prepare as many ACNH Bells in advance.

    If you are a loyal ACNH player, you can follow IGGM. As a website that offers cheap Animal Crossing Bells, IGGM is completely legit. And IGGM will often update ACNH-related articles and guides, which may be very helpful for ACNH players.

  • ACNH Guide: You Can Without Slingshots!

    Posted: Mar 18, 2021

    In ACNH, balloon hunting is also one of the players' favorite pastimes because it is a way to obtain items and bells. However, balloons only appear occasionally. If your slingshot breaks when the balloon appears, then this is a pity.

    If you enter a building, the balloon will disappear, and it will reset the balloon spawn rate again. However, there is a very useful trick, you can use it to pop those balloons instead of with a slingshot, so you won't want to miss the method.

    Pop balloons with the bug net

    If you don't have a slingshot, don't worry. As long as you have a building permit APP and a ladder, you can still get the balloon. 

    First, use the cliff construction permit tool to build a cliff pillar in front of the balloon's directional path.

    After that, take out your ladder, climb up your newly built cliff, and then switch to your bug catcher net. Now you just need to stay there and wait for the balloon to come to you. Once it is within your reach, you can hit it with your bug net.

    Once you popped the first balloon, you can then remove your cliff pillar and get your prize.

    How often do balloons spawn?

    The balloon spawns every 10 minutes. They will appear in the 4th or 9th minute of each hour. Simply put, if a balloon does not appear at 10:14, then it will appear at 10:19.

    The balloon will only switch after 12 hours of spawning from one side of the island, and then it will reach the other side of the island.

    The best way to find balloons is to determine which side of the island they spawn on, and then search on the beach at XX: X4 and XX: X9.

    This is the way to pop the balloon without using a slingshot, and IGGM will also update the relevant ACNH guides frequently. If you are an ACNH player, you can choose to subscribe to IGGM.

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