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  • Animal Crossing: November Is Coming! What New Critters Will Appear?

    Oct 30, 2020

    November is coming, which means that there will be new fish, bugs, and sea creatures in Animal Crossing. One of the most noticeable is the return of pier fish, so players who are eager to catch these fish should pay attention. You can only catch these fish at the pier.

    We have made a list of new critters that are about to arrive in the northern and southern hemispheres, with detailed information about these critters, including their selling prices, locations and shadow sizes. As usual, you can sell the critters you catch to C.J. or Flick.

    In November, there will be spooky arrivals, so you need to carefully check the list below.

    Northern Hemisphere


    The most valuable fish is the pier fish. Although this is very exciting, don't forget to pay attention to other fish, don't miss them! The football fish sounds weird, you can also try to catch it.

    Sea Creatures

    In November, you will also find many crabs.

    New Bugs

    The tarantula is returning to the northern hemisphere, so players who are afraid of spiders need to watch out. If you can face them bravely and catch them, you will get rich rewards.

    Southern Hemisphere


    Like the northern hemisphere, the pier fish in the southern hemisphere have also returned. If you want to find fish of higher value elsewhere, I suggest you go to the river and take a look.

    Sea Creatures

    The Hard-to-catch but lucrative Gigas Giant Clam is also back, so players who want to catch them this time should not miss it.You can also donate one to Blather.

    New Bugs

    There are many bugs in the southern hemisphere, cause Southern Hemisphere is in summer. This is the royal, Egyptian theme, and of course, there are also high-value bugs!

    Animal Crossing, which welcomes new critters every month, can make many players addicted to it, because it reflects reality to some extent. And, I bet that more and more people will participate in the game. For more news and guides, stay tuned to IGGM.

    If you need to buy Animal Crossing Bells or other ACNH Items, you can also buy them on IGGM.

  • Animal Crossing: Do You Know What Jack Will Do To You On Halloween?

    Oct 29, 2020

    Halloween is around the corner, Animal Crossing players are constantly decorating their islands and preparing costumes for spooky events. The czar of Halloween, Jack is expected to arrive in time at sunset, and he will enjoy the candy that players hoarded in October.

    In the past Animal Crossing games, Jack has always brought exciting things, so for this time, New Horizons players also look forward to him as always.

    This pumpkin-headed specter has become a fixed character on every Halloween night. In the past games, Jack would ask you for candy, and then give you some spooky furniture and items. If he fails to ask for candy from you, you will prepare to be teased by him. He may turn your beautiful clothes into moldy clothes, or he will steal your precious items, so remember, when he shows up near you, you'd better not wear some items that you cherish.

    Because you may receive rare seasonal items on Halloween, you should pay special attention to the candy you receive on the 31st, because this is vital if you want to complete your list. Jack will arrive on your island between 5 PM and 12 PM.

    You can get candy from Nook's Cranny on your island, or you can go to your friend's island to get some for 120 Bells. Be careful not to put the candy on the ground, or the ants will swarm and gobble it up.

    If you still want more candy, you can buy them from your friend's Nook's Cranny, as long as you have enough Animal Crossing Bells, a pocket full of candy will ensure that you will not be teased by Jack!

    By the way, if you need Halloween themed ACNH Items, you can also buy them at IGGM. Spooky Items, Pumpkin Items, and Mage Items are all sold on IGGM. As long as you need it, we have it!

  • Animal Crossing: Before October Ends, These Critters Still Can Be Caught

    Oct 28, 2020

    October is about to an end. For Animal Crossing, it means that some critters will have to say goodbye for a while. So these days is the last chance to seize them, we made a list of things to fill up the museum.

    If you want to catch fish, you can use the manila clams dug up on the beach to craft bait, to quickly spawn fish in the desired location. This only requires you to simply make bait at your crafting table and throw it into the water.

    As the temperature in the Northern Hemisphere continues to drop, tropical fish and dragonflies have gradually disappeared, but in the Southern Hemisphere, on the contrary, not many creatures have disappeared in the warmer Southern Hemisphere. But it is worth noting that Scorpions and Tarantulas are also about to appear.

    Northern Hemisphere

    Southern Hemisphere

    This is all the creatures that can be caught in the northern and southern hemispheres before the end of October. If you have time to spend on Animal Crossing, try to catch these critters. If you want to learn more about Animal Crossing, stay tuned to IGGM - A good place to buy Animal Crossing Bells, ACNH Bells on IGGM are not only cheap but also safe. Because all ACNH Bells For Sale are made by real people, you don't have to worry about the risks at all, we will guarantee the safety of the products.