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Sweeeeet! ACNH Player Gets Pascal's Help Proposing To Girlfriend

Posted: May 08, 2021

Recently, an ACNH player posted a post on Reddit, stating that he used the red otter Pascal in the game to help him pop up questions.

He wanted to propose to his girlfriend in this way not only because it was very special, but also because he bought an ACNH for his girlfriend on Christmas in December, but recently his girlfriend had some medical issues, and she has been house for 6 months. During this period, ACNH has been with her to make her less lonely.

The daily ritual between them is that when his girlfriend sees Pascal, she will show him. If they are not together, the girl will take pictures with her phone and send them to him. This has become one of their daily habits.

So this ACNH player decided to propose to his girlfriend with the help of Pascal. When he posted, many people already expressed support and kindness in the comments and looked forward to the result. After that, the player released an update the next day, because his girlfriend said yes. This once again proves that the game is not only a tool to kill time, but also one of the ways to help players create good memories, and it can also help us find love.

This may be one of the reasons why ACNH is so popular. It can not only help players spend their lonely time, but also provide comfort. If you are also an ACNH player, you can also use your own creativity to create awesome things and unique memories for people around you. 

If you need any ACNH items or Bells, you can come to IGGM to buy them. Because with the change of seasons, many players want to decorate their islands to suit the climate vibe, at this time you may need ACNH Bells.

Or you did not collect the DIY Recipes of the corresponding theme in the previous event, but it is very difficult to wait until the next event comes. You can also come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items you like.


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