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ACNH Villagers: More Details About Lucky

Posted: Apr 08, 2021

Lucky is an iconic village name in ACNH and is often a poster character for ACNH Halloween events. He has also appeared in ACNH and other games in the series.

This lazy dog is very popular with players because of its unique design. He was still alive after a fishing accident, so he was named "Lucky". Compared with other vibes of the game, he is always special because he is a bit dark.

Speculations about Lucky

There are many speculations about Lucky, and some people guess that it is an immortal version of another villager because Lucky has a glowing eye. In any case, many players are looking for it and are willing to spend a lot of Bells to bring it to their islands.

According to Lucky's Halloween theme, in past games, his home was like a mummy's tomb, featuring Egyptian architecture. But in ACNH, his home is more Gothic.

Personality of Lucky

Lucky is a lazy dog villager in ACNH. Like all lazy villagers, he likes to eat and relax. His hobbies are either for relaxation or for eating, such as fishing. Lucky gets along well with normal, peppy, smug, sister-like villagers, but has difficulty dealing with jock villagers and snooty villagers who don’t understand the lazy lifestyle.

Hobby of Lucky

He is a villager with simple taste, and his favorite colors are beige and white. He also likes simple clothing style. If you find him eating, chances are he is eating a lollipop. If he is reading, he may be reading a comic.

Constellation of Lucky

Lucky's birthday is November 4th, a few days after Halloween. So he is a Scorpio. His previous default clothing was the No. 23 T-shirt, so fans have been guessing that this is related to the 23 enigma, which symbolizes misfortune.

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