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ACNH Should Introduce Some New Activities

Posted: Jun 23, 2021

Nintendo did not release any major news about any ACNH content at the E3 presentation, which made many fans feel dissatisfied and questioned the future of the game. Although during the COVID-19 period, it successfully became the most popular game for players, over time, the monotonous content seems to be unable to attract players. So now fans are looking forward to Nintendo investing in more content to keep the game fresh.

ACNH has been improved in many ways because it released seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, Festivale, Wedding Season, Halloween, and Festive Season. In addition to these features, the game can also add more content and expansion of existing features. The president of Nintendo promised fans that ACNH will have new content.

One of the easiest ways is to introduce cooking and food items. By expanding the existing crafting system and introducing new item categories, players are allowed to obtain a new, regular event to take part in. This will also give Nintendo the chance to bring the Brewster back into the game, or allow players to run their restaurants and exchange food with other villagers. The introduction of craftable food can also make the fruits grown on the island valuable instead of ACNH Bells.

Villagers of different personalities also have different preferences in terms of food, and making food could be another way to improve the relationship between players and villagers.

The two most notable features of ACNH are its villagers and the behavior of decorating houses and islands. Nintendo can position villagers as a competitive force in decoration. ACNH has established a decoration-based judging system through Happy Home Academy. Currently, Happy Home Academy evaluates islands based on the decorations, and the results can only be shared through letters and vague conversations with neighbors. Transforming the act of decoration into competition with the player's neighbors will encourage them to improve the current design.

In any case, ACNH urgently needs new content to retain some players. If ACNH has maintained the status quo, then the future seems to be dull.

Now that the president of Nintendo said that ACNH will introduce new content, we can only wait. Once there is relevant news, IGGM will update the article in time. And, if other items are introduced, IGGM will launch them as soon as possible.

As for now, IGGM provides cheap Animal Crossing Bells, which are the most used items in the game. As for other ACNH Items, they are also available on IGGM.


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