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News Tag: ACNH Bells

  • When Will ACNH Receive Another Update?

    Posted: Sep 02, 2021

    The ACNH 1.11.0 update is almost a month old, but players are already looking forward to the next update. The most recent one is only a seasonal update, which is far from what players expected. No Brewster, no quality of life or gameplay updates, which is disappointing.

    In addition, in the upcoming announcement of the 1.11.0 update, they also promised to launch another update at the end of the year. Because they just set a deadline, players still want to know when the next update will appear.

    Regarding the date of the next update, several important facts need to be noted. First, it was promised to be completed before the end of this year. Secondly, the content of the 1.11.0 update is scheduled to end around the Halloween season, which is to the end of November. This means that Nintendo has 2 months to complete the remaining content so that players can prepare for its arrival. There may be changes in the content, but the status of ACNH Belles seems to be unshakable.

    The official announcement about the next update may be released at the end of September or early October. Since it is already September, the wait is not long. The announcement allows players to know about the unknown ventures in advance before entering the game.

    In ACNH, it is impossible to add significant content before Halloween. After that, the features of data mined features could arrive, or the next update may be scheduled. In any case, there will be a two-month window period, and the next update will come.

    Players have high hopes for this game. There are only 4 months left this year. Players can only wait patiently, hoping that surprises will appear in the game.

    No matter what new content or items are added to the game, IGGM will launch new ACNH Items in time. This is great for players who cannot get the items they want in the game because coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items will be the fastest way to solve their troubles. And if you are a new customer of IGGM, before purchasing ACNH products, you can get a 5% off ACNH products coupon at the coupon center.

  • ACNH: How To Make Your Island More Welcoming To Visitors and Villagers?

    Posted: Aug 21, 2021

    One of the highlights of ACNH is island customization, which introduces a large number of options for terraforming options and DIY recipes, allowing you to be more flexible with your creativity. Therefore, there are many ways to make the island look more popular with tourists and villagers. IGGM will give some suggestions to help you build a more popular town.

    ACNH currently allows up to 8 players to be on one island at the same time. In addition, you can also have 10 villagers on your island. In addition, there are related leaks indicate that the island may be expanded to a larger size in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in island design, which can make everything more orderly.

    Create an easily understandable island layout

    One way is to make the city easy to navigate. Buildings can be placed and moved directly in New Horizons, grid-like streets are allowed, and directional signs can be used to emphasize specific buildings. This is very helpful for tourists.

    Dot the island with sitting areas

    It would be very attractive to place a lot of rest areas around the island, especially in summer, swimming pools, parks, and fountain plazas will make visitors feel happy. As for the autumn, cafes shops, orchards, and farms are suitable. There are also elements like outdoor concert halls that are also a good way to encourage players to interact in ACNH.

    Hold island giveaways with extra items

    Holding giveaways will also make your island look more friendly. You can put some useless repetitive items in the designated area for visitors to take away. Villagers will not use them, which means that they can be safely saved and given to friends from other islands. Rare flowers can also be planted in a designated "take-home" area, and if visitors need hybrids, they can dig them up. If you put these giveaway areas at the entrance of the town’s airport, it will be very conspicuous, and any tourist will see them.

    If you have any favorite items or villagers in the game, you can come to IGGM. We provide almost all ACNH Items in the game, so come to buy ACNH Items will undoubtedly help you get what you want faster. And the base currency in the game, such as ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is also available on IGGM, they can help you achieve your goals faster and make the game go smoother.

  • ACNH: New Bugs, Fish, and Seasonal Items In July

    Posted: Jul 09, 2021

    ACNH released a series of new content in July 2021, so new fish, bugs, and seasonal items will appear. In ACNH, players will be very focused on filling their museums with more content, or trade the rarest creatures for a large number of ACNH Bells. Now that the new month has arrived, there are more new critters for you to capture.

    What you can expect for July?

    21 New Bugs

    Brown Cicadas, Grasshppers, Robust Cicadas, Giant Cicadas

    Evening Cicadas, Cicada Shells, Blue Weevil Beetle, Earth-Boring Dung Beetle

    Scarab Beetle, Saw Stag, Miyama Stag, Giant Stag, Cyclommatus Stag

    Golden Stag, Giraffe Stag, Horned Dynastid, Horned Atlas

    Horned Elephant, Horned Hercules, Walking Stick, Walking and the Walking Leaf

    5 New Fish

    Sweetfish, Napoleonfish, Puffer Fish, Blue Marlin, and, Ocean Sunfish

    3 New Sea Creatures

    Giant Isopod, Horseshoe Crab, and Moon Jellyfish


    You can obtain Bamboo Grass items from the shop.

    Cowboy Festival

    This event will be available from July 15th to August 15th. You will be able to get a Rodeo-style Springy Ride-On item.

    Bug Off Event

    This will happen on July 24 and is a return event. You need to help Flick catch bugs in a limited time.

    Marine Day

    This is a new event available from July 8th to 22nd. You will be able to get the Ship-wheel Door Decoration.

    La 14 Juillet

    A new event will be available from July 10th to 20th. You will be able to get new Phrygian Caps in different colors.

    ACNH seems to be trying to add new content to attract more fans, which seems to be useful because players are always unable to say 'NO' to new content. IGGM will continue to update more news, if you don’t want to miss the relevant information, you can pay more attention to IGGM.

    In addition, you can also buy ACNH Items from IGGM, from Villagers to Critters. To be honest, buying ACNH Items will be the fastest way, because if you want to get your favorite items in the game step by step, it will not only require you to spend time but also Animal Crossing Bells or Nook Miles Tickets. This process seems to be very suffering.

  • ACNH Should Introduce Some New Activities

    Posted: Jun 23, 2021

    Nintendo did not release any major news about any ACNH content at the E3 presentation, which made many fans feel dissatisfied and questioned the future of the game. Although during the COVID-19 period, it successfully became the most popular game for players, over time, the monotonous content seems to be unable to attract players. So now fans are looking forward to Nintendo investing in more content to keep the game fresh.

    ACNH has been improved in many ways because it released seasonal events, such as Bunny Day, Festivale, Wedding Season, Halloween, and Festive Season. In addition to these features, the game can also add more content and expansion of existing features. The president of Nintendo promised fans that ACNH will have new content.

    One of the easiest ways is to introduce cooking and food items. By expanding the existing crafting system and introducing new item categories, players are allowed to obtain a new, regular event to take part in. This will also give Nintendo the chance to bring the Brewster back into the game, or allow players to run their restaurants and exchange food with other villagers. The introduction of craftable food can also make the fruits grown on the island valuable instead of ACNH Bells.

    Villagers of different personalities also have different preferences in terms of food, and making food could be another way to improve the relationship between players and villagers.

    The two most notable features of ACNH are its villagers and the behavior of decorating houses and islands. Nintendo can position villagers as a competitive force in decoration. ACNH has established a decoration-based judging system through Happy Home Academy. Currently, Happy Home Academy evaluates islands based on the decorations, and the results can only be shared through letters and vague conversations with neighbors. Transforming the act of decoration into competition with the player's neighbors will encourage them to improve the current design.

    In any case, ACNH urgently needs new content to retain some players. If ACNH has maintained the status quo, then the future seems to be dull.

    Now that the president of Nintendo said that ACNH will introduce new content, we can only wait. Once there is relevant news, IGGM will update the article in time. And, if other items are introduced, IGGM will launch them as soon as possible.

    As for now, IGGM provides cheap Animal Crossing Bells, which are the most used items in the game. As for other ACNH Items, they are also available on IGGM.

  • ACNH: How To Get Bunny Day Set Items?

    Posted: Mar 31, 2021

    Bunny Day has arrived. It has many similarities to last year's event, but there are some new features and collectibles that are exclusive to 2021. Nintendo has made some changes to the egg hunting mechanism to prevent players from constantly pulling too many eggs when looking for other materials. Besides, to bring players a fresh game experience, the developer has added new products to the Bunny Day furniture set.

    Most of Bunny Day's furniture is DIY recipes. You need to pop a balloon, look for information in a bottle, pick up a specific amount of each type of egg, and talk to Zipper and the villagers. However, the 5 new items are not DIYs, you have to buy them with ACNH Bells.

    There are 23 time-limited items, 5 of which can only be purchased from the upgraded version of Nook’s Cranny. Like other collection items, you can also spend bells to collect these new seasonal items. In the event, only one of the seasonal times of the day is available, so if you want to collect all 5, you need to check back every day.

    * Bunny Day Candy: 1,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Garden Flag: 1,500 Bells

    * Bunny Day Topiary: 2,000 Bells

    * Bunny Day Planter Box: 2,300 Bells

    * Bunny Day Tree: 3,800 Bells

    To get new items, you need to download ACNH's free update version 1.9.0.

    For other items, you can find them in Egg balloon presents, Egg bottles washed up on the beach, or find DIY recipes by talking with villagers. They all need different kinds of eggs to craft. So you have to collect 6 types of eggs before April 4th: Earth, Stone, Leaf, Wood, Sky, Water. After the collection is completed, you will unlock various egg-themed costumes.

    If you need ACNH Bells or Nook Miles Tickets that can be used at the event, you can come to IGGM to purchase.

    If you come to IGGM to buy Animal Crossing Bells now, you can immediately enjoy 30% off, which means that you can get as many Bells as possible with the least amount of money.

  • ACNH: It Would Be Great To Introduce New Weather Types

    Posted: Mar 11, 2021

    The snow on ACNH island has melted, and you can already see the lush grass and green leaves in spring. The spring events are coming, and the summer of swimming, diving, and fishing ahead, the only severe weather patterns you can encounter are the occasional rainstorms that soak the flowerbeds and fruit trees. In order to get rid of the sun and the soggy drizzles, ACNH should introduce different weather, so that you can muck through while looking for the treasures scattered at homes.

    In ACNH, rain is a weather pattern, so adding thunderstorm weather may allow you to experience different types of wet weather. Thick storm clouds, heavy rain and brilliant flashes of lightning will add some excitement to the hot summer. Lightning storms will also bring special treasures. Lightning Fragments can be used to make a series of storm-themed items like Star Fragments in ACNH. You can make shocking furniture, special raincoats and hoodies, and even stormy wallpapers to give your bedroom a special atmosphere. The hail storm in spring will also bring warm weather to ACNH fans.

    Chunks of hail may hit the beaches, and you can remove them with a shovel the next day. You may also find some treasures in it, such as DIY recipes or ice fragments. Just like Lightening Fragments, they allow you to craft a series of chilly decorations and outfits, and even new storm-themed wands.

    Certain types of weather may have an impact on your island, such as creating opportunities for special flower mutations. Flowers that bloom on the day of special weather events may change depending on the weather pattern of the day. The Sunny Flowers will sparkle in the sunshine, and the rainy flowers will always be covered by dewdrops. On normal days, these flowers also have a small chance of spawning more flowers of the same types with different colors.

    The introduction of different weather patterns in ACNH allows you to have more regular events to look forward to, and it can also disrupt the predictable weather in the game. Weather-related DIY recipes allow you to collect new things to help players who have completed all the content available in the game.

    March 20th will be the first anniversary of ACNH. It is still unknown what kind of surprise ACNH will bring to fans. But preparing some ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets in advance must be a wise choice.

    And Pi Day on March 14 is coming soon, you can use ACNH Bells to buy the items you need.

    Now buy Animal Crossing Bells from IGGM, you can also enjoy 30% off.

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