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ACNH: How To Make Your Island More Welcoming To Visitors and Villagers?

Posted: Aug 21, 2021

One of the highlights of ACNH is island customization, which introduces a large number of options for terraforming options and DIY recipes, allowing you to be more flexible with your creativity. Therefore, there are many ways to make the island look more popular with tourists and villagers. IGGM will give some suggestions to help you build a more popular town.

ACNH currently allows up to 8 players to be on one island at the same time. In addition, you can also have 10 villagers on your island. In addition, there are related leaks indicate that the island may be expanded to a larger size in the future. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in island design, which can make everything more orderly.

Create an easily understandable island layout

One way is to make the city easy to navigate. Buildings can be placed and moved directly in New Horizons, grid-like streets are allowed, and directional signs can be used to emphasize specific buildings. This is very helpful for tourists.

Dot the island with sitting areas

It would be very attractive to place a lot of rest areas around the island, especially in summer, swimming pools, parks, and fountain plazas will make visitors feel happy. As for the autumn, cafes shops, orchards, and farms are suitable. There are also elements like outdoor concert halls that are also a good way to encourage players to interact in ACNH.

Hold island giveaways with extra items

Holding giveaways will also make your island look more friendly. You can put some useless repetitive items in the designated area for visitors to take away. Villagers will not use them, which means that they can be safely saved and given to friends from other islands. Rare flowers can also be planted in a designated "take-home" area, and if visitors need hybrids, they can dig them up. If you put these giveaway areas at the entrance of the town’s airport, it will be very conspicuous, and any tourist will see them.

If you have any favorite items or villagers in the game, you can come to IGGM. We provide almost all ACNH Items in the game, so come to buy ACNH Items will undoubtedly help you get what you want faster. And the base currency in the game, such as ACNH Bells and ACNH Nook Miles Tickets is also available on IGGM, they can help you achieve your goals faster and make the game go smoother.


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