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ACNH: What Can We Expect In August?

Posted: Jul 29, 2021

There are seasonal changes in the ACNH world, which means that different bugs, fish, and collectible items can only be found at certain times of the year. So, in the upcoming August, what new content will players see? Based on the previous update, IGGM will give a detailed introduction.

Last summer, the content of New Horizons updates was very extensive. Both the first wave and the second wave add major long-term features to the game, such as allowing players to swim. However, as players' interest diminishes, the demand for long-term features is getting higher and higher. Wet suits and diving, new characters and new events have helped restore Animal Crossing fans, so players have high expectations for this summer's content.

Although it is still unclear when ACNH’s next update will be, the previous release model indicates that it may be released before the 2021 holiday season, that is, before the end of the summer, new content will appear. This seems possible because Nintendo previously claimed that new content will be added to ACNH. According to last year’s update, August seems to be an ideal release window, so players have more expectations for August.

Fireworks show

The first notable major event is the August Fireworks Show in New Horizons. In 2020, this event will be held every Sunday throughout the month. On Fireworks Nights, you can talk to Isabelle in Resident Services to get a wearable accessory and win one of Redd's 13 raffle prizes through that evening. Although the fireworks show may not be as interactive as other events, it is a fun opportunity to invite friends to the island to celebrate the end of summer. ACNH usually improves after returning to last year’s events, which means that the August fireworks show may introduce something new.

New Nook Shopping Items

New ACNH Items may also appear in August, because some events will appear in the game again, such as Grape Harvest Festival and Moon Viewing Day. As August approaches, some bugs and fish will come or leave the game.

No matter what new items ACNH will introduce, IGGM will keep up with the trend and offer them in time. Although you can get items in the game, for those players who missed out or have no time to grind, coming to IGGM to buy ACNH Items is the fastest way.

However, if you have enough time, grinding is also good in the game, and you can have some fun during the process.


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