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ACNH Guide: How To Get A Dungeness Crab?

Posted: Jul 22, 2021

Swimming in open waters can be a kind of relaxation, especially when one takes the time to enjoy nature's beautiful creatures in all their aquatic forms. This is an interesting activity that players can perform in ACNH, which can bring some great collection opportunities.

Through diving, while swimming in the ocean, you can capture deep-sea creatures and donate them to the museum, but this adventure will take a while to complete. One of the trickiest is to capture Dungeness Crab because of its elusive nature and ability to hide in the sand. The best way to find them is to understand their environment, and at the same time, it takes some good luck during diving.

Dungeness Crab Shadow Size

Underwater, this crustacean looks like a medium-sized shadow and moves relatively slowly, so you should be able to catch it easily.

Dungeness Crab Seasonality

From November to May, you can find this violet creature in the northern waters, however, for the rest of the year, the Dungeness Crab can only be found in the southern waters of the area.

Dungeness Crab Active Hours

It is active at all times of the day, so no matter when you dive, as long as you show up in the right area, you have a chance to find this Crab.

How to catch a Dungeness Crab?

You need to put on a wetsuit, jump into the sea, and look for northern or southern waters before diving. Pay attention to the medium-sized shadows that move at a moderate speed, because they are most likely Dungeness Crabs.

These violet crustaceans are active at any time of the day, and you can keep looking for them.

What to do with a Dungeness Crab after catching it?

After you have captured a Dungeness Crab and other critters, you can donate them to the museum to increase the collection and build a trophy room.

Of course, if you still lack some fish or bugs, you can directly come to IGGM to buy ACNH Items. This is the fastest way to complete the collection, because some critters will not appear in the summer, which requires you to wait patiently, which is also very time-wasting.

IGGM also provides ACNH Bells. If you want to repay Tom Nook’s loan as soon as possible, you can directly buy Animal Crossing Bells here. In short, everything you want in the game can be found on IGGM, so when you can't get them in the game, coming to IGGM can definitely help you out of the predicament.


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