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  • Hurry Up! It's A Great Chance To Become A Billionaire! Animal Crossing Ask You To Sell Turnips, For 1,000 Bells Each

    Oct 26, 2020

    In Animal Crossing New Horizons, customizing your island and expanding your house is not the most affordable, because all kinds of decorations require a lot of Animal Crossing Bells, so now many players are more willing to buy and sell turnips, which is a quick way to get Bells.

    Of course, this also takes certain risks, because you cannot predict at what price Nooks will buy them from you.

    However, fortunately, in the next limited period of time, you don't have to worry about losing money at all, because new promotion cooperation with Ally Bank guarantees that you can get 1000 Bells for each turnip.

    In order to attract more players, Ally Bank opened its own island named Ally Island. You can visit this island by lying on the bed and talking to Luna. The code of the island is DA-9350-9609-6289.

    But if you want to net the purchase price of 1000 Bells, you need to fly to Ally Island. You can visit Ally Island from October 23 - November 6.

    but the price (and Dodo Code) will only be available from October 23 - October 27

    Monday to Friday: 5PM - 11 PM ET

    Saturday and Sunday: Noon - 6 PM ET

    In addition, Ally promised that there will be another big event on October 29.

    Normally, if you want to know when is the best time to sell turnips, you need to use Animal Crossing New Horizons turnip calculators. However, 1000 ACNH Bells per turnip is a very high price, and this situation may won't happen for a long time, so if you see this news, don't miss it!

    We still don't know what Ally is talking about on October 29th. Maybe it will be related to Halloween? If there is the latest news, IGGM will update it in time to let you know.

    Halloween is only a few days away. If you haven't decorated your island yet, you can buy Halloween-themed items directly on IGGM. IGGM has all the ACNH Items you need.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons- How To Use Dream Bell Exchange Tickets

    Aug 27, 2020

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons adds a new dreaming feature to the game, allowing you to visit other players' islands in a dream.

    Once you try the dreaming function, you may get some free "Dream Bell Exchange Tickets" from Luna. Luna is a friendly tapir who will guide you through dreams. These tickets will be in the form of a letter sent by Luna to your mailbox, so don't be alarmed if you don't receive the ticket immediately after waking up from your dream.

    So, what is the use of these Dream Bell Exchange Tickets?

    As its name implies, you can exchange them for bells by selling them to Timmy and Tommy in Nook's Cranny.

    Each Dream Bell Exchange Ticket can be sold 5,000 Animal Crossing Bells. You can sell these items or in bulk just like you would any other item. Just tell Timmy or Tommy that you want to sell something, and then select these tickets in your inventory.

    These Dream Bell Exchange Tickets are very similar to the Animal Crossing Bells Vouchers you can buy with Nook Miles. However, Bell Vouchers are only worth 3,000 Bells each, so Dream Bell Exchange Tickets are more valuable, but also more limited.

    By the way, if you need Animal Crossing Bells, you can buy them on IGGM.

    IGGM has a vast supply of Animal Crossing Bells to guarantee ultrafast delivery. We will try our best to complete your orders as soon as possible after we received and verified your payment.And IGGM has Animal Crossing Bells that are lower than the market price.

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  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons- How To Time Travel

    Aug 26, 2020

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game thisyears. It will throw you into a world full of personality and practically let you do whatever you want, which almost everyone enjoys. One of its characteristics is that it follows real-time, which means you have to wait for a period of time for things to take effect. It reflects the local time, so if you live at 8 am, the time in the game is 8 am. But some players want to get rewards immediately, so they choose to skip the wait.

    But how to do this?

    The answer is time travel!

    It includes changing your system's internal clock to manipulating it in the game, this is a very controversial approach. Some people think it will make the game uninteresting, while others will use it in-game sessions.

    Why should you time travel?

    In fact, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, time travel is unnecessary. Most players use the game to wait for changes to occur in real-time. But some people's work arrangements only allow them to play at night, after the game store closes. But with time travel, this trouble will disappear, which lets you take control of the game's clock.

    Time travel can be used for almost anything. Maybe you are waiting for a villager to request to leave your island. You can speed up the process by jumping to a new day, because you can check in the game whether the villager is ready to leave.

    Time travel also allows you to change the date to Sunday, which is when Daisy Mae sells turnips- this gives you a way to get rich quickly by using the game's stalk market. Time travel will also accelerate the growth of flowers and trees

    But time travel also has some disadvantages, such as breaking your Nook Miles bonus streak at the Nook Stop, and your island will quickly become overgrown with weeds (but you can sell them for a small profit). One of the biggest disadvantages is that your turnips may rot if you go backward in time, rendering them useless when attempting to sell.

    How to time travel?

    Step 1-Go into settings

    Closeout of your game, from the system's main screen, scroll over or click the gear icon at the bottom right (to the left of the power icon) to enter the settings menu.

    Step 2-Open the system settings menu

    Find System, it has a list of options that you can change, such as language, region and time.

    Step 3- Click on date and time

    You have to turn off the ability to clock synchronize the clock via the internet.

    Step 4- Change the time

    At this point, you can modify the date and time at will. When you finish saving the settings, make sure to click OK.

    Step 5- Jump back into the game

    Now you can go back to the game, and you can still play online with others, even if your system is not synchronized with the Internet to verify the time.

    If this helps you, don't forget to bookmark the IGGM news page and we will post some game guides and news. If you are looking for a platform to buy Animal Crossing Bells, don't forget to check IGGM. If you come to our website for the first time, you can check the feedback given to us by many customers who have purchased items, and you will know that IGGM is definitely a reliable seller you can trust. We have the most secure online payment system, so you don't have to worry about the leakage of private information. And the price of Animal Crossing Bells on IGGM is lower than the market price, which undoubtedly saves players a lot of money.

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons- Fish Prices And Locations In September

    Aug 24, 2020

    Whether you are a perfectionist or just fishing to make a quick buck, it is important to know what fish are available, because we are about to cross over the new month in Animal Crossing. The article will introduce the new fish in September, their selling prices, shadow size, and when and where players can find them.

    In the Northern Hemisphere

    8 new fish species will appear in September: Pike, Cherry Salmon, Char, Golden trout, Salmon, King Salmon, Mitten Crab and Sturgeon.

    These fishes live conveniently in rivers, clifftop rivers and heir ponds, and estuaries that flow into the sea.


    It is located in the river like a huge shadow all day, and sells for 1,800 Animal Crossing bells.

    Mitten Crab

    It is also located in the rivers from 4 pm to 9 am, but as a small shadow, and sells for 2000 bells.

    The Golden trout, Char, and Cherry salmon

    They are located on clifftop rivers (with the Char and Cherry Salmon appearing in the ponds of these rivers), as a small and medium-sized shadow from 4pm to 9am.

    The Golden trout sells for a whopping 15,000 bells, the Char sells for 3,800 bells, and the Cherry salmon sells for 1,000 bells.


    It has a big shadow at the mouth of the river all day. This popular fish is worth 10,000 bells.

    King Salmon and Regular Salmon

    The two fishes are also available in river mouths all day. King Salmon is characterized by its very large shadow, worth 1,800 bells. At the same time, the Salmon is a "medium-large" sized shadow worth 700 bells.

    In the Southern Hemisphere

    There are 6 fish available starting in September: the Tadpole, Loach, Golden trout, Cherry salmon, Char, and the Barred knifejaw.


    It is the only new fish found in ponds. Its shadow is very small in size and is available all day, but it only sells for 100 bells.


    It is worth 400 bells, and can be found in rivers as a small-sized shadow all day.

    Barred knifejaw

    It is the only new fish found in the ocean this month. Worth 5,000 Animal Crossing Bells, the knifejaw appears all day as a small-medium-sized shadow.

    I hope this would help you start your fishing journey. If so, please share it with your friends. And don't forget to check out IGGM, a reliable website where you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells with fast delivery.

  • New Features In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Aug 20, 2020

    Animal Crossing New Horizons' second summer update has arrived, and it adds some new features to the game, including a weekly summer firework festival, the ability to fall on your face, and save backups. However, this is not the whole content of the game.

    New Fishes& Bugs

    In addition to the new seasonal items, August brings some new fish and bugs, which you can catch in the new game. Those in the northern hemisphere can now catch moray eels, rays and soft-shelled turtles from the oceans and rivers. This month is also the last opportunity for northern Hemisphere players to catch various beetles and other summer insects.

    Decorate your house the way you want

    New Horizons provides you with the opportunity to live in your dream house. You can decorate your house as you wish, including flashing lights, balloons, chairs, and tables. This is not all, you can also choose unique patterns and designs for your furniture.

    These custom designs provide a flair for innovation. Having larger houses on larger islands may be the reason why it stands out.

    DIY Crafting System

    In New Horizons, you can craft items from scratch, which allows you to decompose any items into its components. Then you can use these raw materials to craft other items. Of course, these raw materials need to be purchased with Animal Crossing Bells.

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides players with more playable content and enriches the lives of their characters. Of course, if you want to experience the fun of the game to a greater extent, buying some Animal Crossing Bells must be a good choice. You can use it to buy what you need, and you need it to participate in some activities. If you are looking for a platform where you can buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells, IGGM will be the most suitable choice. The price of items on IGGM is lower than the market price, which must be what players are looking for!

  • Which is the Scariest Island in Animal Crossing?

    Aug 17, 2020

    Due to the global pandemic, what Animal Crossing: New Horizons represents is limited in real life: the ability to travel and find solace outdoors. But in this game, we can do things that we can't do in real life. This game is easy to play and presents a virtual aesthetic that we all look forward to. The best part is that you can't go wrong in the game, it's almost like a Second Life. The game is colorful and vibrant, but there is one ominous space in it, which is Aika's island. Originally it came from Animal Crossing: New Leaf, the island has found its way to the New Horizons.

    An Ominous Space

    You enter Aika's island by dialing a code, and this code redirects you to it. As you can expect, the theme of this scary island is ruinous, and you are welcomed by a huge dinosaur fossil.

    All the houses on the island are designed in a unique way and show what might have transpired. When exploring the island, you will also come across Aika's house. The house is decked in a birthday theme and there is a birthday cake. When her parents are not at home, you can see a picture of the family portrait. This island and Aika's home will give you an ominous feeling that something very dark must have gone down on her birthday. Throughout the island, you will find wrapped gifts that hint at the same things. There are many houses you can visit, and most of them have a sign of a harrowing experience.

    What Does It Mean?

    Aika's island attempts to present a rather terrifying landscape. Although there is no correct answer or correct explanation, there is a notice board on the island with a series of notes that may contain clues. They may have been left by Garakku who designed this island.

    If you want to explore the fun of this game, you can take advantage of Animal Crossing Bells, which is the currency in this game. Buying clothes, furniture, capturing, etc, and you also need to participate in various activities to develop the island, all of which are inseparable from Animal Crossing Bells. If you are looking for a suitable website to buy cheap Animal Crossing Bells, then IGGM will be your most suitable choice. Because the price of animal crossing bells on IGGM is much lower than the market price, which means that at the same price, you can buy more animal Crossing Bells on IGGM. It's definitely worth it!

  • You Are Not Able To See The Sea Bass In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Jul 20, 2020

    There is a common recreational activity in Animal Crossing New Horizons, fishing, the villagers are often seen standing by the river and fishing on the islands, this is also a way to make money. The types of fish are multiple, and among them, the sea bass is infamous, which has been caught by almost everyone, even tired of it. Therefore, a modder named "SmuggestGirl" first decided to eradicate the sea bass from the game through reducing the spawn rate of the fish to zero percent.

    Throughout Animal Crossing New Horizons, people often claimed, "I caught a sea bass!" although this is quite common, it can still sell hundreds of bells. The villagers want to find rarer fish, they hate the sea bass, which often fools the fishermen.

    With the mode, you never had to see another sea bass in Animal Crossing, now it is all quids, olive flounders, and red snappers.

    Why did people hate the sea bass? There are too many sea basses in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but they are extremely low value. People could be given a rough idea of what fish they are going to catch by the size of the shadow the fish make under the water. Generally, larger shadows indicate some rarer and more valuable fish, except for the sea bass having a big shadow, but worth very little, which often confuses the villagers.

    Not just fishing, the villagers of Animal Crossing can make ACNH Bells in various ways, such as catching bugs, planting trees, etc. Also, the Nook Miles Ticket has greater use in visiting the Mystery islands.

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  • Animal Crossing Instagram Account Opened, Sharing Daily Images

    Jul 14, 2020

    Instagram, also known as INS is an American photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, whether it is an individual or a studio, the community or team are accustomed to sharing daily news on the platform, because it is very popular among the crowd.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons was released in March, and quickly became the top one in the games released by Nintendo, next, all the topics about Animal Crossing New Horizons are getting very hot, even the discussions between friends also change into Switch, island, turnips, and more topics related to Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    In addition to continuous updates and content additions, Nintendo opened an Instagram account to share daily images about Animal Crossing New Horizons with fans. Nintendo did it last night by posting a cute little slideshow montage of Twiggy the bird, in just 8 hours, more than 85,000 fans paid attention and followed the INS account in order to know island residents and their everyday life.

    Still don't know how to find it? Search for "Animal Crossing Official" on Instagram, and follow it if you are into the series.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is one of the hottest games at present, which creates an easy way and environment to play. On virtual islands, players can catch bugs, fish, plant trees, swim, etc, but never get required to accomplish any goal. Animal Crossing New Horizons is still only available on Switch.

    There is two main virtual currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons, bells and Nook Miles Ticket, the former is easy to accumulate through daily work, but the tickets needs more time to earn, both of them can be purchased from IGGM, an absolutely reliable online store.

    This is a good place to buy ACNH bells if you want to get cheap and safe products, it can guarantee the delivery within 30 minutes without occupying your game time. You are suggested to try it and create a satisfying shopping experience.

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Update 1.3.1 Fixed Zen Bridges Issue

    Jul 10, 2020

    Since the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons in March, it has always been very popular, proving that this is a game that is well accepted by the public, but among players, someone still reports bugs in the game, such as the zen bridges that are not able to be crossed.

    In Update 1.3.1, it fixed this issue, so that you are no longer trapped on one side of the bridge. The zone bridges are not just the decorations, it connected the land on both sides, priced 22,800 Animal Crossing bells. Next to the river, you could talk with Tortimer and ask for building a bridge, which would appear the next day where Tortimer was standing.

    Beyond that, it also fixed some other issues through Update 1.3.1, such as an issue that prevented wet suits from appearing in Nook's Cranny for sale.

    Also, it addressed issue where hermit crabs would appear in places other than the beach, as well as where a dialogue bubble would improperly appear after speaking with island residents.

    Nintendo did not make more changes in the update, but improved the game experience from every detail reported by the players, which is one of the reasons why Animal Crossing New Horizons is so attractive.

    Whether you need to pay a large bill for Tom Nook, or buy a variety of Animal Crossing items, ACNH Bell is needed, otherwise, you'll become an outsider on the island.

    On the islands, you can get bells through catching bugs, fishing, planting trees, and more ways, or you can also buy millions of Animal Crossing bells directly from online stores through shortcuts with only a little expense.

    We discover a fairly reliable store in the market, IGGM, a platform certified by authoritative institutions, which will sell high-quality bells at an extremely low price, as well as another virtual currency, Nook Miles Tickets.

    Here is the quick access to IGGM, and you can ask the customer service anything you want to know, who will answer you patiently. Hopefully, you can create a satisfying shopping experience here.

  • You Could Plant Cash Tree Priced $1,000 In Animal Crossing New Horizons

    Jul 07, 2020

    If you are still diligently completing the simple task to make money, or you are stuck repaying the debt of Tom Nook, this is definitely good news that you can plant cash tree in Animal Crossing New Horizons, real money prized $1,000, not in-game Animal Crossing Bells.

    Not all players are allowed to plant trees, unless you play Animal Crossing New Horizons on the switch for over 50 hours as required after completing the application.

    Here are the details of getting $1,000, including time, requirements, targets and how it will work.

    As you know, Animal Crossing New Horizons can only be played on Switch, and then only American residents who have reached the age of 18, who have already purchased Animal Crossing may be hired to plant money trees and receive a reward of $1,000.

    The participants will not be asked to do much, except for an internet speed test and information survey, with only the name, age, email and download speed.

    Until August 6, Nintendo will seek out the winner among all applicants, who should accept by August 16, and log 50 hours of Animal Crossing: New Horizons by September 30 for $1,000 payment. That is, you can get $20 in one hour playing the game Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    Animal Crossing New Horizons is the hottest game in the first half of this year, and it has sold 13 million copies of Switch in its first six weeks with 10 million downloads, so this is foreseeable and there will be countless players can't wait to participate in this test.

    Compared to real money, the virtual currency Animal Crossing Bells can only be used in the game, and Animal Crossing New Horizons is a quite fair game, your income or return is related to your labor, such as catching fish, digging up fossils and shaking trees, but this is very time-consuming and boring.

    If you are having trouble paying off Tom Nook's debts, or purchasing dream mansion, you could buy ACNH Bells to get a boost.

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